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A convincing introduction starts out by looking at general/global (e.g. social or economic) issues, before becoming more specific and moving to local/conceptual issues.

This video is from a Scientific Writing workshop given by Dr Eric Lichtfouse at the Postgraduate School at the University of the Free State (, South Africa, November 2013.
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Articles – A, An, The Examples and use in sentences | Learn English in Hindi .What are Articles ? Learn English grammar in Hindi.

9ª Clase para la preparación del First Certificate of English de Cambridge. Hoy, Writing (part 2)

እንኩዋን በሰላም ወደ Tatti Tube መጣችሁ ፥ በዚህ ቻናል ጥሩ በሆነ መንገድ እንግሊዝኛ እና ስፓኒሽ ቋንቋ አስተምራለሁ፣ ተከታተሉኝ ፣ትጠቀማላችሁ።

Welcome to week 2, day 1. Today is writing day.
FCE/CAE/Matura Advanced English exam preparation

Please watch my video explanation of the writing exercises for today and then try a writing question (or two) from the list below.

Here are the links to the websites that I looked at in the video:
FCE Article:

CAE Proposal:

Here are the exercises for today:

FCE / First – Writing Part 2, Article:
• Internet exercise:
• Gold First: p34
• First Expert: p54/55
• Ready For First: p27

CAE / Advanced – Writing Part 2, Proposal:
• Internet exercise: (Proposal – Q3)
• Gold Advanced: p24
• Advanced Expert: p68/69
• Ready For Advanced: p66/67 has now shut down, you’ll find my teaching videos for the coursebooks on my Youtube channel.

Subject to the few legal restrictions, articles govern the appointment of directors. The provisions of Table A or the new model articles are very widely adopted but many variations are possible and sometimes encountered. …

Articles Explanation Quick and in easy way Part -1

This video is useful for all the aspirants who wants use good english in daily life as well as important for the aspirants who are looking for government jobs.
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In this lesson, you can learn how to do the Cambridge FCE reading and use of English exam.
You’ll see what to expect during the FCE reading and use of English exam, how to answer the different use of English questions, and some common problems which FCE students have, and what you can do to avoid them.

You can see the full version of this free lesson here: .

1. How to Answer Multiple-choice Cloze Questions 0:36
2. How to Answer Open Cloze Questions 4:05
3. How to Answer Word Formation Questions 7:36
4. Key Word Transformation 11:12

This lesson will help you:
– Understand which words can be correct answers in part one of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
– Feel more comfortable answering non-multiple choice questions in part two of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
– Understand ways to fill the gaps correctly in part three of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
– Learn about key word transformation and how it can help you in part four of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.

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In this Video, I have shared all the rules which describe the usage of Definite Article “The”. This Video is” A Must Watch Video” and is The Last Video in the series of Videos on Articles.
*I have also discussed :
1.Why Articles ??
2. How the rules of Articles can be used in different situations or in different ways.
3. How to Actually Use All the rules.
4. How Articles help you overall.
…………And Much more…………

Articles make up one of the most important and confusing grammatical topics in the English language. In the course of three lessons we are going to cover all the basic rules and principles. In part 1 we will focus of articles in general and the indefinite artcle a (an).
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