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In this lesson, you can learn how to do the Cambridge FCE reading and use of English exam.
You’ll see what to expect during the FCE reading and use of English exam, how to answer the different use of English questions, and some common problems which FCE students have, and what you can do to avoid them.

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1. How to Answer Multiple-choice Cloze Questions 0:36
2. How to Answer Open Cloze Questions 4:05
3. How to Answer Word Formation Questions 7:36
4. Key Word Transformation 11:12

This lesson will help you:
– Understand which words can be correct answers in part one of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
– Feel more comfortable answering non-multiple choice questions in part two of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
– Understand ways to fill the gaps correctly in part three of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
– Learn about key word transformation and how it can help you in part four of the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.

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Let’s meet the personal pronouns!

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Journalism lecture on parts of a newspaper story.

Part of a copy editing lecture from Jamie Lynn Gilbert’s JOU 217 Feature/Editorial Writing class at Durham Technical Community College.

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