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Learn about where to place the indefinite article in this video lesson

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The Pocket app organizes articles from any source in one place for easier access.

You can find and save articles from major publications and social media and access them anytime. With pocket, you can save any online content and read it later.

It also has functionality to read some articles to you out loud.

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Need Articles? Here's a Place to Look

Where to go for free online teacher professional development:

Smithsonian Tween Tribune is a fantastic online resource for teachers and students. With articles for students of all ages, you’re bound to find something for your classroom. This website lets users manipulate Lexile levels to find an article that is the right level for readers. You can also search by topic and use the discussion questions that accompany each article.

Locating Articles on Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Do you think you can write professionally but don’t know where to sell your article then this is the write place where you can sell it..

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