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Making use of persuasive techniques could be the make or break factor of whether someone likes you, trusts you and wants to do things for you. Life can be much easier if you are persuasive and can get other people to do things for you without conflict. Knowing the contrast principle will help in this.

We all perceive things differently because we are unique in our own way. More so the way we interpret two separate objects while looking at them changes depending on the object. The contrast principle can be an excellent technique to use while persuading those who object to your way of thinking. In this article I will show you the contrast technique and how it can help you in your persuasion.

The contrast principle affects the way we see the difference between two things that are presented one after another. If the second item is fairly different from the first, we will tend to see it as more different than it actually is. For example if we are at a party and a gorgeous model walks by followed by a overweight average looking women, we will perceive the average looking women as much uglier than she really is. This is the power of the contrast technique.

How can you apply the contrast technique in your daily life?

This persuasive technique can be applied to your business life. For example if you are selling a product to a customer and your plan is to get a 5% additional mark up on the price than you would first mention that the product is going to go up 10% at this season and then later mention that the product will go up 5%. The contrast is very powerful and the customer will be more persuaded to accept your offer at the 5% increase in fear of getting the 10% increase.

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Persuasive techniques are an important aspect of life. If we cannot persuade, people will often look at us as weak and prone to be easily influenced. Nobody likes to be another sheep, however by applying persuasive techniques we can gain more control in our lives with others and ourselves. In this article I will reveal how finding similarities in each other can help increase your persuasive power dramatically.

Everywhere you look people hang out in groups, be it social groups, business groups. We are pack animals by nature. Have you noticed a common trend in these groups? The business people dressed in suits all hang out together, the people who wear ripped jeans and t shirts all hang out together. People like people who are like them. Even though you are unique in this article I will show you how finding similarities in others can increase your persuasive power dramatically.

Find similarities from the start

When you first meet someone you only have one chance to make a first impression so it’s important to make it outstanding. The first thing you should do is look for similarities. We instinctively find people who are similar to us more likeable than those who are not. This is an automated response deep within us that we cannot control.

One study has shown that we literally move closer to people who we perceive as similar to us. To increase your persuasive power use this technique and make it a habit to find similarities when you first encounter someone, be it a potential customer, co worker or colleague. By finding similarities at the beginning of the relationship the other person will automatically feel relaxed in your presence and be more open to persuade this person. As a result it will be much easier to persuade this person to use your product, agree to your proposal or go on a date with you.

Finding similarities creates trust early on and trust is the cornerstone of persuasion. The more people trust you the more likely it is you can influence them to do whatever you want.

Tired of others moving up around you? Putting in all the hard work but not getting any results? Learn how to persuade in order to instantly put your life on the guaranteed fast track to an increased income more power and control from your life by learning persuasive techniques

One of the most under used and perhaps under rated techniques that all sales reps have in their bag is the power of reverse psychology. When I refer to this, I do not mean the art of manipulating a customer, but rather the ability to help a customer see a bigger picture that will lead you to a sale and a long lasting customer relationship.

Let me use an example to illustrate what I mean. I work for a company that sells a product to their customers for a 3 year term. After the 3 year term, we go back into that customer and try and get them to sign up for another 3 years. Typically we do quite well and have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% renewal rate.

We had a big customer that was neglected for a whole three years. They had 4 different reps over that period of time, none of which spent much time with them. And to make matters worse, our company had just bought a company that competed with a subset of their product offering. I was given the job of going in and “fixing” the mess as it was called and renewing this contract.

The first meeting I had with them, did not start out very well. I had just begun my presentation about the 2 options that they had for renewal, when I was cut off and told in no uncertain terms that they would not be renewing their contract. They then began to spend the next 10 minutes telling me everything that was wrong with my company and why they would begin to migrate to our competitors’ products and services. I remember sitting there and thinking to myself, “oh boy if I don’t find a way to get them beyond this, we are in a whole heap of trouble”.

After I listened intently, I began the process of reverse psychology. “Listen, I understand that my company has not treated you how you deserve and if I were you I would do the same thing. It is for this reason that I will present you with Option 3, the do nothing Option. You have the rights to our current product set, I suggest you stay at that level for the next 2 or 3 years and we can re-evaluate your technology needs in the future. This way you do not continue to pay us money, for something that we are not helping you use or get the most out of. I only want to ensure that you are able to utilize our products and services and get a return for your business. If we cannot do that, we do not deserve your business.”

You should have seen the reaction to this in the room. My colleague who was in the room and who was counting on his renewal commissions was about ready to jump across the table and choke me, but for me the most important thing to watch was the customer. There were 4 representatives from them in the room. I’m sure they had prepared for this meeting, they were prepared with who was going to play which role and what they were going to tell us about why they would not renew. When we entered the room their body language was hostile, they were all on edge and not one of them had a warm look on their face. As soon as I said this, I watched their reactions. They all sat back in their chairs, they relaxed, they had won after all. I had as much as admitted defeat.

This is when I used the following line. “I only ask one thing for option 3 and one thing only. We may not have treated you like one, but you have been a good customer to us for the last 3 years. I ask that you spend a little time with me over the next couple of weeks and allow me to go through the financials of the decision to do nothing. I want to make sure that your business case for not renewing is solid, so that no one can come back to you in the future and say that you made a bad decision, that you cost your company more money in the long run. Is that fair to ask?”

There was not one of them in the room that did not feel that was a fair ask by me. So over the next 4 to 6 weeks, I spent time with them, not telling them why they should renew, but telling them why they shouldn’t renew. You want to know the amazing part? They actually began attacking and finding flaws in my reasons for them not to renew. And after this time, the discussions turned from not renewing, to renewing only if they saved at least 10% over what they were spending in the past. The final result was that we not only resigned this customer, but we found a way to partner with them, we helped them grow their business and they signed a new contract with us that was double what their old one was.

Some people will say that I did manipulate them. I do not think that personally. I used an old trick that my parents used to use on me when I was a kid. Tell me what I wanted to hear and then use reasoning to convince me that what I wanted to hear wasn’t right. They never told me that it was wrong, as I never told my customer that it was wrong. They would lead the horse to water and allow me to make my own conclusions. It’s a powerful trick that when employed correctly can lead to great results. Oh yeah and that customer, their 3 year renewal just passed again. This time our conversation was a lot better, and we renewed them again.

Mike Austin is a sales professional who has successful negotiating with many of the fortune 500 companies. He has a proven track record of delighting his customers, growing sales in new and existing territories and is a co-founder of

If you own a laptop computer, chances are very very good that it is probably powered by a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. This battery type has found application in a wide variety of consumer electronics, including PDAs and cell phones. They have gained widespread popularity due to economic and technical reasons, particularly their high charge to weight ratio.

Lithium-ion batteries have replaced the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries that were first used to power laptop computers and the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that superseded the NiCd laptop battery technology. They have dominated today’s rechargeable battery market for laptop computers because they are much lighter than the other types of laptop batteries, they retain their charge longer than the other technologies and because they do not suffer from the memory effect phenomenon. A typical lithium-ion battery has two times the energy density of a standard nickel cadmium battery. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries have a single cell voltage of 3.6 volts as compared to 1.2 volts per cell of nickel-cadmium batteries.

However, the disadvantages associated with lithium-ion batteries include: the possibility that a failed battery pack can ignite under adverse conditions, they are more sensitive to high temperature environments than the other battery technologies in their ability to retain their charge, they may fail if they are completely discharged, and the inherit chemistry of the battery leads to degradation with age as opposed to the stronger correlation between battery failures and charge/discharge cycles of the older battery chemistries. Lithium-ion computer batteries also require that protection circuitry be incorporated into the battery pack to monitor the battery charge and to provide safe voltage and current levels, as well as ensuring that the temperature of the battery remains in a safe operating range.

Cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells are generally tubular in shape, much like the shape of standard alkaline batteries. Several cells are enclosed in a plastic housing and the individual cells are connected in a manner to provide the proper output voltage and to maximize storage capacity (rated in milliamp-hours). Prismatic shaped lithium-ion cells are also available, but they are much smaller and are typically used in devices such as cell phones where weight and space is a prime consideration.

There are several things that affect the life of a lithium-ion laptop battery. Battery degradation is hastened by heat, so storing the battery in a cool environment will prolong its life. Manufacturers typically recommend a storage temperature of approximately 60°F for the long-term storage of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries, as stated previously, do not retain a memory from partial discharge cycles, so full discharge cycles are not required. In fact, partial cycling of the battery will help extend its life. Lithium-ion batteries do have a limited lifetime like the older battery technologies, but this is relatively independent of their charging cycles and is chiefly related to their age. A typical battery will last only 2 to 3 years. This is true even if the battery remains unused so it is important not to purchase a replacement laptop battery until it is ready to be put into service.

The author has established a website for replacement laptop batteries that provides tips and buying advice regarding cheap laptop batteries. An in-depth article on laptop battery ratings discusses the voltage and milliamp-hours specifications that are two of the chief considerations in the choice of a replacement laptop battery.

We enjoy technology so much that we often do not see what we trade for the things we enjoy. The thrill, the comfort and even the joy of living the way we do takes a toll on our planet and we either are ignorant about it or totally ignore it.

Most of the gadgets that we use nowadays are all electric powered devices and contraptions. The problem is that we depend mostly on the use of fossil fuel and coal to produce the electricity needed to power these things. Sure, there are other sources of this electricity as well like hydro electric power plants, geothermal power plants and others but the most common are fuel based or coal based power plants.

This dependence on coal is problematic for us because it not only pollutes the environment it also contributes to the depletion of resources that we use on our everyday lives. What we need is to find a solution to create a sustainable lifestyle with the use of sustainable and renewable energy.

Solar Powered Lights, although these are small gadgets, contribute to the promotion of this kind of lifestyle.

It may not significantly reduce man’s consumption of electricity and the dependence on coal and fossil fuel just yet but it paves a way for the idea that using harnessing the power of the sun to provide electricity for homes is a possibility.

The products powered by solar energy like the Solar Powered Lights are still imperfect and simple but these products could be further improved to create a more efficient and effective product that uses solar energy.

In the future, if this technology is improved, it could be possible for people to enjoy the same things we enjoy now without depleting this planet’s resources and thus enjoying a sustainable lifestyle. But for now, we just need to learn appreciating innovative products like solar powered lights and continue improving these gadgets.

If America changes one American law to accommodate those who immigrate here illegally, America may as well prepare to change many more laws to suit an unruly populous. Weve all seen and heard the numerous stories about millions of migrants defiantly entering the country to avoid a timely naturalization process.

Undocumented and Illegal Immigrants do have a Road Map to U.S. Citizenship, they just don’t choose to follow it. Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, “Improper Entry by Alien,” any citizen of any country other than the United States; who enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime. Such entry is a misdemeanor and, if repeated, becomes punishable as a felony. (

There are hundreds of news stories about identity theft, boldly driving without licenses and car insurance, using fake identification and social security cards, and breaking several other laws that land them in already overwhelmed court and prison systems. Weve all heard the stories about illegal immigrants, typically gang bangers, who murder American citizens. And, of course, there are the notorious drug cartels infiltrating border communities and committing heinous crimes against people and humanity. No other country in the world has allowed such an atrocity.

Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B) says: Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable. (US Dept. of Justice) Apologists for illegal immigration like to paint it as a victimless crime. But in fact, illegal immigration causes substantial harm to American citizens and legal immigrants, particularly those in the most vulnerable sectors of our population–the poor, minorities, and children. (

The cost to government is staggering. Most of the cost for immigration is paid by the states and municipalities, but a lot is paid for by the federal government too. Our 2010 study, “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers,” found a burden of $ 28.795 billion annually at the federal level overshadowed by outlays of $ 84.211 billion at the state and local level. The illegal aliens contribute some taxes, but not as much as would be collected if Americans and other legal workers were doing those jobs. (

Power in Numbers

How did we allow this to happen? Why are we politically, socially, and structurally at risk for allowing illegal immigration to get out of hand? More than 30 years of amnesty and looking the other way have created a problem so huge that government is at odds trying to figure out how to handle more than 13 million people living here against the laws of the land. In a coercive manner, and in great numbers, millions of illegal immigrants, their so-called American Citizen offspring, and their supporters justify their presence and insist that laws change to excuse them for breaking the law.

People who immigrated here illegally in the past are now deeply rooted and they are in positions of power; they are the authorities, especially in border states/cities. Many have become successful. It is their wealth, education, knowledge, and success that support those (family, friends, and associates) who are here illegally. Powerful, wealthy groups such as MALDEF, and organizations such as La Raza, have gathered in support of those already here illegally. In solidarity, these organizations covertly invite more illegal immigrants to come.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is a non-profit and non-partisan advocacy group in the United States. It is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States and serves all Hispanic subgroups in all regions of the country. NCLR serves its constituency by means of its Affiliates, nearly 300 community-based organizations. The NCLR is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and maintains eight regional offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.” (

The Catholic Church functions as a super highway for illegal immigrants, catering to their needs and offering advice that teaches how to get pass the roadblocks that hamper their presence. When Cardinal Roger Mahony proclaimed that he would order archdiocesan priests and others to ignore the law with respect to illegal aliens, he raised more than just a few eyebrows; in fact, he threw down a gauntlet. If estimates are correct and indeed some 40 percent of immigrants are Catholic, it stands to reason that the Catholic Church must show a vested interest in protecting these newcomers. (Yahoo Contributor Network, Sylvia Cochran, Commentary)

Is there a Trojan Horse in the midst? Similar to the events that occurred in the famous tale of the Trojan War, the Greeks pretended to sail away from the great city of Troy and left behind a Trojan Horse. The Trojans pulled the great wooden horse into their city only to find that it was Greek soldiers who took control of government. The United States is similar to the City of Troy. Its Trojan Horse is the power of illegal immigration that came from the shadows to take control and coerce changing laws that have worked fine, naturalizing more citizens than any other country in the world.

Compassion and Sympathy

Is illegal immigration a national issue? Illegal immigration has become a flashpoint in political debate as it impacts on jobs for Americans, adds to the fiscal burden on U.S. taxpayers, and impacts school systems, neighborhoods and quality of life issues. Illegal Alien Population (2008 FAIR est.) 13,000,000 Cost of Illegal Immigration (2010 FAIR est.) $ 113,006,000,000 Projected Population – 2025 (2006 FAIR) 460,685,000 ( It reasons to say that this is a national problem.

Why? Compassion! Despite the judgment of other countries, America is the beautiful, land of the free; O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee; and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea! We care! There is no other country that cares about this issue more than America. Even though Mexico and other South American countries show concern, they promote illegal immigration, providing a means and a way, rather than helping to seal a porous border.

America is compassionate to the children of illegal immigrants born here hoisted into the debate. Legislation such as the Dream Act – The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act – caters to the children of illegal immigrants. Surely, America has gone above and beyond to understanding and empathizes; for more than 30 years, American government has exemplified love and charity, turning a cheek to the continued illegalities that have created a divided government. Numerous issues have risen created by and associated to illegal immigration.

If every undocumented worker and illegal immigrant would adhere to the current immigration laws on the books, though lethargic and confusing, there wouldnt be a problem. What makes this whole debate so ugly is that there are children involved. Children are used as pawns to justify a continued and growing population that defy laws of this land, breaking laws, ordinances, codes, rules, principles, mandates and other American legislation on an as needed basis.

When children and economic deprivation are at issue, sensitivities and emotions are heightened. Civil unrest, city and government dysfunction, and violence permeate the issue. It is unreasonable to say that approximately 14 million people should be deported. Then, what is America to do? Are the children of illegal immigrants really legal citizens? Should those here illegally pay some type of dues? Is America doomed to fail its citizenry here legally and/or illegally?

Government Must Govern

Albeit uncomfortable, the U.S. government must govern with authority and direction. Both sides of this issue must be considerate of one other. Those here illegally must answer to the laws they have broken until those laws are changed. Illegal immigrants and there followers must see past themselves to consider the affects illegal immigration have had on American citizens, especially those in poor communities who have lost jobs, housing, goods, benefits, and services due to an influx of people vying for space and income.

African American citizens who were already struggling to make ends meet have been denied housing and jobs in what was once their communities. The power in numbers and the force of illegal immigration has taken control. In competition there is hostility and racism against blacks prevails as employment is awarded to immigrant friends and families first and foremost. Additionally, there have been years of racial tensions brewing in overcrowded prison systems populated by Latino gang members who openly boast their hate and disdain for blacks.

If there were a Latino president in office, you can bet any amount that such a person would take his own race into careful consideration, first. Unfortunately, most black politicians and city officials do not take into consideration the affects continued illegal immigration has on impoverished black communities. Absolutely nothing is said or done to address this issue by any Latino organizations or the federal government. Even blacks are silent and fearful of repercussions.

Where is comprehensive government and reform when it doesnt take all its citizens into consideration? Lost behind the power of Hispanic congress, wealthy special interest groups coerce government to make changes to existing immigration protocol that has made America a melting pot of people from all over the world. In a warning shot to the next Congress, Obama signaled that he would vocally oppose any legislation that would be seen as violating our values both as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants …” (

Get in the back of the line is not comprehensive immigration reform. It is letting millions of people get away with breaking several laws. The answer is to enforce the current laws. States such as Arizona and Kentucky, for example, have created stiffer penalties for those breaking laws, and consequences to companies that hire cheap labor. Anyone that has immigrated to the U.S. illegally with the last 10 years should be provided guidance to adhering to the laws of the land.

A house divided will fall American government and its people. A house overcrowded will fall unemployment, poverty, and crime. A house socially torn will wither away Americas illegal immigration. If one house rule is broken to reward wrong, several other broken rules will follow.

Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn’t. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let men label you as they may. ~Mark Twain

Greetings, my name is Michel R. Baylor, I am an aspiring freelance writer with a few writing credits to boast. I use the pen name, Writer M or Writer01M as motivational muses. I enjoy writing immensely! I find great peace and solace, enjoyment and pleasure in taking words and ideas and creating articles and essays of interest. I write out of sensitivity and compassion. Humbling to that compassion, today I gratefully wear the title freelance Writer, Essayist, and Poet. Words are powerful!

Hello and thank you for visiting this Green Energy article. My name is Joshua Mintz and my partner’s and I have begun a campaign for green energy use and things like home built wind generator power. Nothing is better than seeing so many people show such interest in alternative energy.

1 of the first thing’s I love to say, is that no matter what you decide to do, as long as you continue to keep your mind open and constantly search for an alternative energy source for your home and your family, you are doing your part.

You see, so many people, whether it be celebrities, athletes and even politicians, love to TALK about what needs to be done. Its always people like you and me that make the real difference. So again, I thank you for showing interest. And what I will do now is describe why home built wind generator’s are worth building, how they can pay off immediately and where you can go to get started right away.

Why Should You Create Your Own Wind Powered Generator?

I usually assume that most of us realize how much money we can save by creating our own energy source. Thats pretty obvious, and I know that its the main reason why so many people are shifting to the do it yourself power generator’s. So I want to discuss some other reasons, like why it’s so awesome to “get off the grid”.

The Grid being “normal” electricity , provided by our local energy companies. Providing yourself with off the grid energy will give you a certain independence that cannot be fully described. Its something that we never really understand until we are standing there next to our wind generator after we have completed the project. Lets just say that you will never look at things in the same light again.

If anything were to every go wrong or if energy prices were to ever spike dramatically, we will not be affected in any way. Thankfully there are no laws against providing yourself with free energy.

Another benefit of using your own energy generator is the fact that, if you were to ever lose your job, your family will be SAFE. How many time’s have we seen or known about someone that had to live in the dark after losing a job or getting laid off. I mean, many times, especially now, things happen that we have no control over.

So why should we be at the mercy of “Big Energy”?

Not to mention the actually money you can save along the way. Think about Christmas. ALL the light’s you want without even thinking about it. I don’t know about you, but I cant help but imagine the electric bill when putting up thousand’s of those little light bulbs at Christmas time.

But it is the little thing’s like unlimited Christmas light’s and extra peace of mind that make home built wind generator power so great. Not to mention the fact that we can now get PAID to use alternative energy sources.

As most of us now know,, the IRS will provide us with a “kickback” for home built wind generator power and all the other green energy sources. Think about that- do you think the government would actually PAY us to use these energy sources if they weren’t great for our earth? I usually like to go into the entire explanation on the global impact of green energy generator’s, but for the sake of time and article space, I will just leave it to the fact that we get a paycheck from our government for using alternative energy.

So please, keep on looking to create your own home built energy generator’s. There is a link for anyone that would like to see the actually wind generator plans that many of us have already used to build our own green energy sources. Along with the wind powered generator planes, you will find other green energy resources as well.

Again, we THANK YOU for your interest. You should be proud of yourself for stepping out from the ordinary and thinking for yourself and your family.

HomeBuilt Wind Generator Information and Plans to help you discover how easy it really is to create energy Independence.

Ever since the first humans turned their eyes to the heavens and wondered who or what might share the vast universe with them, mankind has been fascinated with the question of life on other worlds. Although in recent years scientists have expended considerable resources to answer the question once and for all, science fiction writers have traditionally led the way in positing the state of life beyond our own small planet.

Although many credit Jules Verne with being the “father” of science fiction and there is no doubt that his contribution was significant, through books like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1869), From the Earth to the Moon (1865), and The Mysterious Island (1875), that does not mean that he was the first to venture into that milieu. The first known scifi story appears to be True History, an account of a fascinating journey that includes a trip to the Moon and a war between the King of the Moon and the King of the Sun, each side employing vast armies, including the Puppycorns, ‘five thousand dog faced men who fight on the back of winged acorns,’ cloud centaurs, and warriors who use mushrooms for shields and asparagus stalks for spears.

The rest of the story – written in the second century CE by Lucian of Samosata – recounts equally bizarre adventures on Earth, including the discovery of an entire city in the belly of an enormous whale “fully one hundred and fifty miles long.” Travel to the moon was also a part of the now-lost story entitled Of the Wonderful Things Beyond Thule, by Antonius Diogenes, which was roughly contemporary with True History. Of course, some would suggest that the Book of Revelations, with its descriptions of a massive apocalypse and “wheels within wheels is a proto-science fiction text. But that is a controversy better left on the table for now.

As for science fiction writing, the floodgates truly opened in the 1920s, with the publication of the pulp magazines. Cheaply printed on wood-pulp paper, these publications provided fast paced, outrageous fiction to a public hungry for adventure. Of all the genres covered by these dime novels, none was more popular than science fiction, which could transport the reader across time and space for the bargain price of ten cents. Edgar Rice Burroughs explored Mars and Venus in the pages of his John Carter and his Carson of Venus stories, Paul Ernst took us to the ‘Red Hell of Jupiter,’ while Murray Leinster revealed the secret of the ‘Pipeline to Pluto,’ to name just a few.

But scifi writers weren’t confined to the nine planets that make up our home solar system. The best of them felt free to create strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no writer had gone before.

Foremost among those who saw the universe as their playground was prolific fictioneer L. Ron Hubbard, who, although he wrote in virtually every pulp genre imaginable, is particularly remembered for his classic tales of science fiction. One of Hubbard’s most intriguing and thought-provoking tales, ‘The Great Secret,’ tells the story of Fanner Marston, an explorer on a far-flung world who has gambled everything to find The Great Secret that he believes will make him the ruler of the universe. Of course, the problem with a secret is that you can’t know what it is until it’s revealed, and then it’s too late.

Hubbard returned to the theme of interplanetary travel and life on other worlds again and again. In ‘A Matter of Matter,’ Chuck Lambert doesn’t want to discover a new planet, he wants to buy one. Unfortunately, he quickly discovers that crooked real estate dealers exist everywhere, and that his new purchase isn’t all it was cracked up to be. ‘The Planet Makers’ tells the story of a terra forming crew working on a world set for colonization, and the sabotage efforts that threaten to derail their project permanently.

All of these tales, and so many others, show Hubbards incredible skill with language and depth of characterization. Far from being mere fantasy stories, Hubbard breathes life into each and every one of his characters, proving that, no matter how far from home they may be, people are people wherever and whenever they are.

Now, years after their initial publication, these stories from the golden age are available online as audio books on cd’s.

Science fiction fans will covet the many stories in that genre, but don’t miss Hubbards Westerns, air adventures, jungle epics, tales from the Orient, and all the rest as well. If you want to ensure receipt of each and every volume, Galaxy offers a convenient subscription service. Truly, this is the best of times for pulp fiction fans!

Frederick Hail is an active online marketer and a huge fan of science fiction audio book on cd collections.

Benjamin Tarasewicz, a high-schooler with autism, provides inspirational stories and tips for reaching out to people with “differences;” also highlighted are talents that can go along with “disability.” Benjamin is an award-winning public speaker, musician, and actor; he was honored with the 2013 Temple Grandin Award and is the subject of a prize-winning book titled, “Benjamin Breaking Barriers: Autism – A Journey of Hope.”

Since age 17, Benjamin has been regularly giving lectures about living with autism; he speaks at conferences, at universities and colleges, at middle-schools and high-schools, and at community venues. He has been featured in various news articles and on TV, has spoken for Talented and Gifted conferences and Autism symposia, and was a keynote speaker at the 2014 national conference of the US Autism & Asperger Association.
Benjamin loves performing in choir and musical theater productions, and he is passionate about the great outdoors. He also enjoys creative writing, and collaborates with his mother in posting to “Benjamin Breaking Barriers: Autism Blog.”

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

This is a reply to the “articles of understanding” exchanged between Autism Speaks and GRASP, in which both sides pretty much ignored the existence of autistic self-advocates who do not speak and do not want to be cured, reducing us to old cliches. It primarily addresses the assumptions made by Alison Tepper Singer in her article and some of her other work.
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