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Hurricanes are deadly acts of nature that can cause enormous damage to property and immense loss of life. Hurricanes, which occur in the warmer months from June to November, are severe tropical storms with winds of more than 100 miles an hour and water surges of over 20 feet. When it comes to hurricanes, preparedness is the key, and households should make every effort to protect themselves and their property with hurricane windows and disaster evacuation plans. The rule of thumb is to be prepared for the worst and be ready to evacuate quickly. Here are some tips for preparing for hurricane season.

1. Install hurricane windows – Even minor storms can easily shatter regular glass windows, even when they’re taped up. And of course, once your building’s windows are shattered, the contents of your home are at risk of being damaged. Impact windows can withstand debris and high winds, and also offer UV and sound protection. Hurricane windows look just like regular windows, and are designed according to strict standards; as a minimum, hurricane windows are guaranteed not to shatter when hit with a 9-pound wooden stud traveling at 35 miles an hour. Shutters can also be installed to protect the outside of the hurricane windows.

2. Clean up your back yard – Before the hurricane season starts, clean up your back yard to reduce the amount of dangerous debris that could fly into your hurricane windows in a severe storm. Keep your trees and shrubbery well trimmed to reduce the changes of branches breaking off and causing injury or damage to your rooftop, and clean out your gutters and drains to prevent them from overflowing when heavy rains hit. Make a list of all those outdoor items that you need to bring in during a hurricane watch, such as lawn furniture, tables and chairs, household equipment, umbrellas, and pot plants.

3. Develop an evacuation plan – Make sure your household has a plan about where to go if an evacuation is required. For help establishing your evacuation destination and route, contact your local emergency management service or the American Red Cross. If you’re headed to a hotel or motel, try to make reservations before you leave, because reservations will fill quickly in an evacuation situation. If you can’t stay in a hotel with impact resistant windows or with family and friends, head to a shelter.

4. Prepare a disaster supply kit – It’s essential to prepare a disaster supply kit that you can pick up and take with you if an evacuation from your home with hurricane windows is required. The National Hurricane Center recommends that any kit should be equipped with 1 gallon of water per person per day and non-perishable packaged or canned food for 3 to 7 days, plastic eating utensils, cooking tools, blankets, pillows, first aid kit, toiletries, flash light, cash, toys, books and games, insurance documents in a watertight bag, and spare clothing.

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Creating content articles in the first person appears to worry numerous internet marketers. There could be a belief that first person articles or blog posts are improper or perhaps inadequate. Writing business marketing articles in first person can certainly end up being really successful.

The First Person Article

First person articles published by someone who provides direct understanding of some sort of service or item is really a competent tactic to engage in promoting with articles. Though some online marketing experts consider this specific type of publishing as usually best for short testimonies, you ought to integrate this specific technique to your marketing with articles technique.

Clients currently have countless choices any time it comes to services and products and also the starting point of those products and providers. Typically many people may perhaps be looking for a reason to decide on one of these over some other. The chance to recognize someone in the exactly the same predicament as them can certainly help cause them to choose your corporation.

Identifying With The Particular Article Writer

The consumer who identifies with the actual author of the article may come to feel far more comfortable with regards to precisely what these are studying. There can be a greater connection between any writer and his or her customers when the target audience identifies with what exactly is certainly being revealed.

First person articles or blog posts are usually written specifically for this reason. Their aim ought to be to talk about an experience that guests can readily fully grasp. If they’ve previously shared much the same encounter these individuals will certainly become more inclined to have confidence in your guidelines produced in the article.

The Reliability Factor

Articles or blog posts must be valid. Though very good writers can easily carry out the voice of man men and women and produce in the first-person, lots of individuals are unable to accomplish this efficiently. Articles composed in the first person must come across as authentic or else you will hurt rather than helping your promoting attempts.
The greatest mistake authors make when writing in the first person is certainly that they exaggerate or pick out phrases that just the business might make use of to explain their unique goods and services. If you are composing in the first person it’s best to definitely not get caught in these traps.

What Is Important Pertaining To First Person Articles

The final thought is that first person articles can unquestionably be extremely productive when they are executed the right way. For essentially the most part you should shy away from this sort of publishing unless of course you are or hire a seasoned article writer who is able to produce in this style and appear reliable to your audience.

Supposing you can actually produce in an actual bona fide style first person posts are generally the most successful form of article promotion.

Paul Smith has been internet marketing since 2004. He keeps a site on learning all aspects of successful online marketing.

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