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A person has to face certain situations in his/her life that he/she cannot control. These situations are called calamities. In simple language they are referred to as catastrophes and disasters. Catastrophes and disasters may be of different kind. It can either be a volcano eruption, an earthquake, landslide, mud flow (torrent), tsunami, forest fires, flood, tornado, etc. In all these cases a person has to know exactly the way to behave oneself facing the difficult situation. The rules are pretty simple:

Staying calm and patient. Many people start running from the danger that causes them. It is a wrong thing to be doing. A person is to fully analyze the situation he/she is dealing with and understand its most important concepts. Running and big crowds of people make people very nervous. Pretty often it leads to many people being trampled down. Unfortunately, many individuals resort to panic in difficult situations when they should not do it.
The disasters may not be as serious as people consider them to be. ‘Being safe is better than being sorry,’ the saying says. However, government officials also must take into account the fact that curfews only need to be resorted to when the situation itself is very serious. The same concerns opposite side of the catastrophes seriousness. Pretty often government is too careless, not taking into account the incidents seriously, when human lives are at stake.
Possessing certain knowledge helps people doing certain things other people may not be able to accomplish. During a flood certain individuals may be able to swim when there is nothing left for others other than to drown. The same concerns heavy snow falls (using a truck if the person has one), earthquakes (standing in the door apertures), landslide (contacting the multi frequency network to send helicopters if there is such a possibility), etc.

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