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With that in mind let’s turn now back to the prevention of medical errors. This is a market that is exploding. A few short weeks ago I wrote an article, my second in this arena, that described nine products of this type. Two days ago I did a new Google search on this topic (okay, I was desperate for an article topic) and I found no fewer than 24 companies now offering these devices in the United States, Canada and England. Many of these devices are now being made in Taiwan and China and installed directly on the flash drives. They are coming in every shape, size and form but unfortunately with little or no functionality.

Yes, they all have some form of password protection and an emergency screen where basic information can be seen without the use of the password. They hold information such as living wills, organ donor cards, healthcare surrogate contracts, past medical histories, allergies, medications and a few hold greater levels of data. Two of them integrate with online personal health records but only one can import and export to electronic medical records.

None of these systems however have one basic piece that is required for credibility in the medical world. It is called change tracking and it is the ability for the healthcare professional reading the portable medical record to look at what changes have been made in the portable medical record and what existed in the record before the change was made. Change tracking is an internal audit of the system and ensures that there has been no tampering that could threaten a patient’s life.

This is truly something new and represents a second generation of portable medical record.

Where will this new medical device find a home?

As the water resistant or splash resistant USB devices these units are already finding a home on the wrists of scuba divers, sky divers, mountain bikers and others who enjoy high fun/ high risk sports.

But I envision a larger market. I envision a day when rather than receiving a flimsy paper wristband at the hospital or nursing home a patient has a portable medical record in a waterproof band around their wrist. When the nurse comes by with their wireless Tablet computer to chart she simply plugs the patient record band in and the records are immediately synchronized. The patient goes nowhere without their chart on their wrist.

When they go home the patient takes the band with them carrying the entire chart in miniature form. The hospital has its copy. The patient has their copy and their copy goes back to the doctor’s office.

In the event of an emergency the patient’s band is on their wrist and it does not matter what emergency room they go into, what EMS service picks them up all the important information is at the fingertips of those there to save their life.

I envision a day when my disaster medical assistance team (MDMS/DMAT-FL3) provides care in a Katrina like event after a natural disaster with subsequent flooding and places a USB flash drive wristband around the wrist of every evacuee. Information on federal assistance, registration for finding lost family members, their own personal information as well as a health record will travel with them from the moment of rescue until their final destination. If they already had a personal medical record on their wrist or in their pocket or around their neck as an independent we in the MDMS/DMAT-FL3 would be able to plug their device into our computers and upload the important information to help them recover their lives and help us treat their injuries.

This second generation of flash drive device holds tremendous promise not only for the transfer of information but even the prevention of medical errors by ensuring that the most basic information is in the hands of those who are making the most important decisions.

I am mohanchen read mathematics at Stanford and remained there for his MS. From 1998-1999 on researched in Evolution and in Animal Behavior in Camrbidge, UK. I was was then a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Biology, New Jersy College, USA. Now teaches at the department of Zoology. Carried out research in several areas of evolutionary biology, particularly in sexual selection and the comparative method.

Global warming is an issue that affects everyone who calls anywhere on earth home. We should each make an effort to do what we can do in order to ensure that we are preventing global warming. Here, you will find an outline of tips that you should use in order to know your part in global warming. Apply the suggestions that are listed here, and send them to your friend, family, and coworkers. Pass it along to everyone you know so that we can all work together to save the world. 1) One of the first steps that you can take in order to prevent it is to make sure that you keep the tires on your vehicles properly inflated. If you allow your tires to be on the road and they are not properly inflated, you could produce hundreds of pounds of greenhouse gases each year. Greenhouse gases lead to the damage that global warming produces.

2) When shopping for groceries, do not allow yourself to walk away with plastic and paper bags. Take a cloth bag to the store in order to carry your merchandise. By doing so, you are reducing the need to throw away the plastic bags and contribute to the global warming crisis.

3) In each of our homes, we should try to find the lights that we use the most and then replace the bulbs with bulbs that are specifically designed to be energy efficient. This may cost more than a standard bulb, but it will prevent the damaging effects of it and reduce the amount that you pay on your electricity bill each month as well.

4) Many farms and farming equipment put harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that lead to global warming. If you would like to prevent it, you should try to buy foods that are organic in nature. You may also consider growing your own food and buying the food that is grown in your area. This reduces the gases that are released into the atmosphere and the gasoline that is required to ship food to your area.

5) You may want to check the filter that your vehicle uses to circulate air every couple of months. If an air filter becomes congested and dirty, it will release nasty gases into the atmosphere that lead to global warming.

6) It is important that you try to use products that are recycled. If you do this, it will reduce the amount of waste in landfills and will also reduce the need to cut down more trees in the environment.

7) You can also prevent global warming by driving your vehicle less. You can carpool with others, or take a public transportation method. You may even consider buying a bicycle or walking to places that you wish to go. This is not only great for the environment, but great for your body as well! [] brings you thought provoking information about global warming. Be sure to check out all the pages and decide for yourself.

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It’s no secret that Cyber Bullying and youth suicide are of growing concern and we are the first generation of parents to have to deal with this new threat to our children.

We watch the nightly news reports with unease as we hear of another child who has committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying and wonder what we can do to protect our children. The current measures which attempt to address bullying in our schools are failing because so many of them have failed to properly addressing the underlying dynamics which cause violence and these are: Shame and to a lesser degree, attachment. In addition to this our current views on bully management, often places the emphasis on punishment instead of prevention, and the reality is that the punishment only serves to enhance feelings of shame and in turn – increases the violent behaviour.

When we face a public health problem, an epidemic that is physically and emotionally harming thousands of young people, we need to rally our forces and do what is required to eliminate the problem. The time has come for us to acknowledge that violence in our schools is an issue that can be and must be addressed, and that it is not by preaching against the evil of violence, any more than by preaching against cancer, that the problem will be cured. It requires the willingness to look realistically at what we know, and to commit to doing what is necessary.

Deep fundamental shifts in our ways of thinking foster visible changes within society – understanding the deeper dynamics of violence such as bullying, leads to development of effective solutions both in the present and for the future.

I have looked at the root causes of violence, which are universal, and studied the most effective ways in which violent offenders are learning new behaviours all over the world. What I have learnt is that the purpose of violence is to force respect from other people. The less self-respect people feel for themselves, the more they are dependent on respect from others; for without a certain minimal amount of respect from others or the self, the self begins to feel dead inside, numb and empty. When people lack self-respect, and feel they are incapable of eliciting respect from others in the form of admiration for their achievements or their personalities, they may see no other way to get respect except in the form of fear, which could be thought of as a kind of substitute for admiration; and bullying does elicit fear, as it is intended to. Bullying in all its forms is intended to do just that, to get respect for those that have none for themselves. For when we feel a certain level of love and respect for ourselves we do not feel the need to get it from others by use of fear or force.

There is an epidemic of a lack of ‘self acceptance’ within our children and this may be where the cure to the problem of cyber bullying lies. When our children are worried about their ‘worth’ and ‘self esteem’ it creates dependence on peer acceptance and dependence on something so fickle, creates fear and anxiety.

If we really want to protect our children from cyber bullies, the only real and lasting protection we can offer them is to help them to learn Self Acceptance and Resilience.

No cyber bully can win against children, young people and adults who enjoy the mental, emotional and social well-being that emerges with simple self acceptance and resilience.

Amanda Robinson is the author of ‘The Silent Crisis – Simple Ways to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse’ and an ex police officer who has worked with both the victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse. In the course of her work, she has developed a deep empathy and compassion for the victims of abuse and an in-depth understanding of the dynamics involved in child sexual abuse including the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds that are inflicted upon its young victims.

Everyone knows the class bully. He has a reputation and wants to keep it that way. Avoiding him seems to be everyone’s answer but there are many other types of bullying that are not as open and easy to deal with. School bullying prevention begins with a good understanding of exactly what the different forms of bullying are. Once you understand that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are just under the influence of bullying, you can put bullying prevention methods in place.

Everyone has a right to be treated with respect, especially at school. Do not be afraid to report an incident of bullying to school staff and give them the opportunity to take the necessary steps to stop the bullying. Many states have passed anti-bullying laws and already have bullying prevention methods in place. If the school staff has been properly brought up to speed on the new laws, they will know what to do. Be ready to explain what type of bullying is taking place and why you feel that it is wrong.

If properly trained, your school official will investigate the allegations and speak privately with the bully or group of bullies to hear their side of the story. They may also watch the behavior of the kids in question, and how they act around you for continuing signs of bullying. Once the staff member has made a good determination of the bullying, punishment should be selected by the administration and handed to the offender.

Unfortunately, not all states have adopted school bullying prevention methods and a teacher may take the wrong approach toward reacting to your complaint for lack of training. Never should a school official place a victim and the bully in the same room to work things out. This will only fuel the bully and make the victim feel humiliated.

If a week has passed and the school staff seems to be ignoring your pleas for help and there seems to be no signs of school bullying prevention, don’t give up! Sit down and write a letter to the school principal or administrator. Be specific in your charges with names, dates, places and the actions of the bully. Make a copy and keep in case your letter does not get a quick response. If you are not contacted after a week, send another letter to the school superintendent. Very seldom will this action be ignored.

Overall, be persistent regarding your rights. Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to bullying that can lead to worse abuse to yourself and others. Involve your parents or an adult that is prominent in your life and don’t give up the fight. The days of ignoring the school bully are over and the offending party or group of bullies needs to realize that there are consequences for not following school bullying prevention methods. You just may be helping out the bully as well. They may be acting out because of their own personal frustrations and your persistence could move them in the right direction to seek professional help.

© By Mandy-Jane Clarke

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To help preschoolers eat healthy, it is important to give them a large variety of food choices. At this age, the amount of any particular food they eat is much less important than having a well rounded diet. There was a time when families are living from agriculture. Everyone, including children, worked hard to survive.


One of the saddest epidemics we face as a nation, and even beyond, is the amount of kids dealing with childhood obesity. Gastric Bypass commonly known as stomach stapling is becoming a common practice by parents and doctors to curb the increasing rise in childhood obesity.


Childhood obesity is a horrible reality in America. The more I think about it the more angry I get. I am constantly hearing that people are wanting to sue the “Fast Food Chains ” or talking about all the fat in the foods at these places however Hello! Aren’t they the ones that take them there?


Children and teens, who are overweight or obese, as a general rule, don’t tend to reverse that trend as they age.  In fact, chances are pretty good that they’ll end up developing high cholesterol,Childhood obesity is on the rise. Today it is estimated that one in three children ages 2-19 is either severely overweight or obese.


If your child, son or daughter, is overweight or obese they are not alone. Today millions of our youth are grossly overweight. Whole foods are more than the sum of their individual parts. The combination of different chemicals, nutrients and fibers all provide greater benefit than if each were taken separately.


A recent Act passed by the Senate of our country with only 30 seconds of floor time will impact the diet of every school age child in this country. I for one cannot eat a meal without a salad first. I’m a firm believer that this is what maintains my overweight sibling’s cholesterol and sugar levels in top condition.


Reports continue to show that American children are continuing to be obese. What is more alarming is what this extra weight is really doing to our children’s bodies.One important piece to childhood obesity prevention is not using food as a reward. This can be harder than it sounds. When you take everyone in the family out for dinner as a treat,


Sadly, in our world, not just in America as you may have been told, we have a serious problem that must be addressed. Research from the Department of Health showed that one in three 10 year olds are obese and a quarter of five years olds are overweight.

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