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Do you ever wonder why hundreds of thousands of internet marketers are now spending so much time, effort, and energy in writing articles? Well, it’s because countless of ebusiness owners and affiliate marketers have proven the effectiveness of this internet marketing tool. They’ve realized that if you write informative, useful articles, people will pay attention to your website and later on to the products or services that you offer. The process of getting them to buy from you will then get a lot easier.

Most people use the internet for research. Some of them are looking for solutions to their problems while others are looking for the answers to their burning questions. There are some who are looking for how to guides while others are looking for in depth information about the things that they find extremely interesting. If you want to capture the attention of these people, you must not only offer them with banner or PPC ads. Instead, strive to address their learning needs. Share with them a slice of your expertise and help them understand their current situation and help them out in solving their issues. If you do this, they will forget about you. They’ll surely read your other articles, pay your site a visit, subscribe to your newsletters, and later on, buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

Writing decent articles that can capture the attention of your potential clients isn’t that difficult. Start by knowing the topics that they’re looking for by conducting surveys and by doing keyword research. Then, gather as much information through thorough research. After that, you may outline the data that you’re going to discuss and present them based on their importance. Don’t forget to write your articles using conversational tone and lay man’s terms. Make it very easy for your audience to understand the message that you’re trying to get across. Also, make sure that your articles will speak volumes about your expertise and your sincere commitment in helping out your audience. Write as many articles not only to share more information to your readers but also to make your website become more visible in the online arena.

After writing your articles, you can start distributing them to hundreds of directories. Yes, this process will take a lot of time but this the only thing that you can do to give your articles the kind of exposure they need. Post them under the best categories and make sure that you use compelling resource box where you can insert your site’s link.

When online users are looking for information related to what you sell and they see your articles on relevant search page results, you have better chances of getting them to pay you a visit. As long as your articles have what it takes to get your readers to like and trust you, you will not have any problem in converting these people from online users to potential clients and then to paying customers.





Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. Here’s one of his best

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One of the common queries or comments I receive when presenting on sustainability is the matter of costs.

“What will it cost me”?

“Is it cost effective”?

“What is the pay back period”?

“It is a waste of money”

“It will cost too much!”

All of these are valid questions and statements, especially as costs are the base for any business.

But there is obviously a lot of fear around the subject.

If sustainability is not cost effective, no one will use it; no person, no company will implement it. Irrespective of how much they are concerned about the environment.
I have good news though.

Sustainability is definitely cost effective.

In order to appeal to the CEO who is concerned about value, about life cycle costings, Return on Investment etc, sustainability must be practical, cost effective and have measurable outcomes.

It is interesting though, when one analyses a business from a sustainable perspective we usually find a massive amount of waste being generated by that business that is uncosted; yet it is an exact measurable cost against the bottom line of that business. Those costs of Natural Capital (Water, Energy, Waste etc) should be on the ledger.
Then we would take more notice of them as a cost
Conversely, quite often, it is the businesses that are concerned about the cost of implementing a sustainable philosophy that are the biggest wasters. And therefore we find outstanding opportunities for improvement, for benefit, for profit, for these businesses that are often the sceptical ones. Not to mention the environmental benefits!!

In all businesses we review there is waste in areas such as power, water, resource management including staff, loss of productivity, inefficient operational practices etc. Most of the business premises are inappropriately designed for their location, function and climate.

Yet these same businesses are run by the same people who will ask the question about cost, detailed above.
“No business makes money if it is inefficient” (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)
Sustainability is about, in broad terms, improving efficiencies.
It is about improving your profitability while at the same time improving your environmental outcomes.

Sustainability is not just about adding a water tank to your premises or changing light globes. It is a science and it needs to be integrated wherever possible right through your business operations, from the management philosophy right through to your built environment.

All businesses do have a connection to the built environmental whether it is through their offices, their production facilities, their operational facilities etc.
The biggest financial investment most businesses make is usually their built environment.
Therefore, it stands to reason that a lot of the inefficiencies that occur with running your business can be found in the built environment.

It is these inefficiencies, whether it be the design, the construction or the operations of your building where, with appropriate sustainable manage expertise, you can make the most improvement to those inefficiencies.
These include reducing wastage, while also at the same time providing the improved profitability opportunity while minimising the environmental loads currently produced by your business.

As we are all aware, the current climate change issues are now being linked to the waste of our Natural Capital. This Natural Capital is currently ridiculously undervalued, especially as it is a resource that we cannot reproduce in any way. We cannot produce water or air or earth or nature. The list goes on. Yet we consume them unabated, propelled by the massive cheapness of these integral components that are necessary for our survival, as well as the rampant belief that these resources will always be there for our use.
In addition we have a core belief that we have a right to use them as we wish, relatively free of charge.

How long can these beliefs sustain us?

But this is not a doom and gloom story.
The application of sustainable practice to your project is relatively cheap and has many benefits.

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) (Cost of Green Buildings 2004) has done significant research on this issue and has found that if there is any cost up front for a sustainable building it is usually around .6% -2% of total project cost. Sometimes there is no increased construction cost.

It has also identified that these costs are usually recoverable 10 times over within 20 years just through reduced energy useage.
Yet there is much more benefit to be found in defining a sustainable outcome from your business. This applies to new or refurbished built projects.
The earlier in a project you identify a sustainable outcome requirement, the greater these outcomes will be.

When deciding to take a sustainable approach, many options and benefits arise.
The design of your structure becomes suited to the local climate; the occupant comfortability is significantly improved, resulting in reduced absenteeism (25%, USGBC) of staff while increasing productivity.
Internal environment quality is greatly improved; resulting in improved occupant and staff health .The EPA (USA) has identified ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ as one of the top 5 health issues facing the world today!

A sustainable approach will significantly reduce that risk.
There is no need to be fearful of a sustainable approach. It is the way of the future.
It will measurably increase your profit while improving your environmental outcomes. These two features have for years been considered mutually exclusive. Sustainability changes all that.

Profit + Environment = Sustainability

John Brodie is a sustainability consultant with over thirty years experience in construction design and project management. He has authored numerous articles on sustainability for a range of magazines and journals.He has presented on sustainability at conferences and universities all around Australia and provides cost effective sustainable solutions to his clients.

If you would like further information on how John can improve your home or business through sustainable practice please visit his website.

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Once I started article marketing as my main focus, I had all kinds of anxiety about
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I would have the basic idea of what I wanted to write about. It all starts with good
intentions, you know. But then the writer’s block would hit me. It didn’t matter
what I was writing about. It didn’t matter how much experience I had with internet
marketing. The only thing that mattered was the fact that I had no personal
experience with the subject at hand. Nothing can crush your motivation more than the
lack of information. It is what creates the blank stare at the screen…

It is so frustrating because it is such a waste of time when you have no idea what
you are doing. Time ticks by as you think of better things that you could do with
your time. You start to question your entire marketing plan, which is never a good

From my experience writing articles and doing research on various subjects, I find
that once you do the research, it isn’t that hard to write a decent article. I’m
sure you could do it without too much effort, with the right instruction. It just
takes time and patience. Anyone can write articles. It is just a skill that anyone
can learn.

If you have a website, blog, or product that you want to promote, and you have not
been using article marketing, you are missing out on a huge

If you want to become a Freelance Article Writer, I don’t want to discourage you in any way. However please be advised that there is a ton of competition currently in this arena. I mean there are tens of thousands of people right now, many with an established reputation that are freelance writing for others. However the demand for this service is also extremely high so if this is something you want to do, let me give you some quick pointers that will help you excel in this area and stay in this business as long as you want. I also suggest not getting into this field unless you have a solid grasp of the english language, can type at a decent rate and are willing to spend a lot of your time doing client work. Okay I’ve said it, lets get into the meat of things now.

The first thing you should do if you want to become a Freelance Writer is get a basic grasp of Search Engine Optimization both from the on-site and off-site perspective. This means you should lead by example and have a website of your own you refer people to. Make some samples, since in most cases you can’t use your client’s content since you’ll be creating it unique for them, and post them on your website. This will go a long way in establishing trust with potential future clients since they will want to see samples of your work which will build essential trust. Also make sure your website is neat and orderly. And spend some time getting links to your new website and keep a contact form on it so clients can contact you right through your website.

Another tip is not to be the cheapest writer out there, but the best. People will easily pay double for your services if you are giving them content that will truly help them dominate their market. The standard rate for a 500 word article is $ 6.00 per article. However why not charge $ 12.00 per article but make their articles around 1000 words with good upper level english implemented in them. If you just wrote 3 articles like this per day for clients you’d make $ 36.00 per day. No that won’t get you rich but it could cover a lot of your bills each month or put cash in your pocket while you’re going to college without having to say “Want fries with that shake?”. Not to mention you’re working for yourself at your house which will save you gas and wear and tear on the car.

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For instance …


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You can achieve first page ranking in Google results almost every single time you write, if you do 2 things right:


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