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A lot of webmasters struggle with writing high quality content. In this first part of a video series, I’m going to show you how I go about planning a new artcle.

Feel like your writing skills aren’t doing your stories justice?

I hear you, writer. I love crafting characters, plots, settings, and story worlds, but I lack a natural knack for prose. Unsatisfied with my writing, I’ve spent the past several years working day in and day out to level up my writing game, and though I’ll always be improving, I’m proud of where my prose now stands.

The process of improving your writing can certainly be intimidating. In today’s episode, I aim to help you overcome that overwhelm by breaking down the elements of prose you should consider at each step in the writing process: drafting, revising, and editing.

Improving your writing takes time and determination, no doubt, but you are as good a writer as you work to be. Let’s get to work.

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Video Rating: / 5 We have 3 sets of pricing. You can do 300,400 or 500 words articles and within each of those you can choose the amount of articles you want. Very few companies give you this option.

We also want you to know that you may be able to find “cheaper” articles out there but those are NOT written by writers who’s first language is English. We take pride in providing quality articles written by English writers.
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There is a 5 days free trial offer. I use Instant Article Wizard and Answer Analyst (another John Leger creation) when I need a quality article that will be published under my own pen name and I do not know the topic well enough to rely on memory. As you saw in the video one of the best features of Instant Article Wizard is that it automatically breaks down the major topic, based on the keywords you used, into several subtopics. That alone is a huge help in organizing an article into separate paragraphs and really speeds up a stuck project.
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