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8 Tips To Article Writing
by Carolyn Collins

If you want your website found, write articles.  It is not
hard to do.  There are people who can just sit down and
start typing and minutes later (it seems) they have an

Since I am not one of those persons who seem to have
articles flowing out of their fingers, here is how I do it:

1. Select a topic I believe people are interested in, that
I know at least a little about. Head for the Library and
research for a bit more information if I feel I need it.

If I am not able to find anything at the Library, I will
scan the net, but I do not want to repeat what everyone else
is saying. I want to give new information as much as I can.

2.  During this research I make two kinds of notes.  Things
about the topic, of course.  But, I also build a second page
of personal notes – new keywords that come to mind, a phrase
I want to use, or a subject I don’t want to overlook.

3. Now, I head for the super market magazine stand. I’m not
necessarily looking for anything on my topic, rather I am
looking at headlines. Magazine people are expert at getting
your attention with their headlines. I want to get good at
that as well, as that is all I have to convince you to read
my article instead of the one next to it.

4.  Back home again, and I organize all these notes and
pick out as many keywords as I can.  Jot my main thoughts
down as these are the paragraphs topics.

And, now for the writing.

5.  I need an inviting title that includes at least one of
my keywords – more is better. Titles that grab attention,
like “Paris Has Pot in Her Purse” are great fun to write,
but if they have nothing to do with your topic, don’t do it.
It would just turn out silly and off base and it doesn’t

6. Write the introduction and use the keywords again. But,
don’t be clumsy just to fit the words in. They should flow
naturally. In the introduction, many people briefly tell
what the article will cover.

7.  Paragraphs are next.  A minimum of 3, 5-6 is better.
But don’t run on and keep repeating yourself just to get
more paragraphs.  Build on the phrases you wrote down.  And
let the whole thing flow easily.  Use more keywords if it
works, but don’t force the use if it makes uncomfortable

8.  Include your main key words in your summary.  Don’t
just abruptly end, tie it all together for your reader.

There it is.  8 points.  It really doesn’t take much time.
And, in your notes from your research you often have enough
for another article. If you have more keywords, good, or you
can write to the same ones again.

Since writing is so important to most internet business you
will be doing quite a bit of it. You will be happy to know
it gets easier and easier.

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You might remember the Weight Loss Twins as the winners of season 4 of the Biggest Loser.  Their names are Bill and Jim Germanakos.  The brothers knew they had a challenge ahead of them but by working closely with the show’s doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and trainers they learned the right way to eat, exercise and think to uncover the secrets to losing weight quickly and safely.

They now inspire others to follow in their path and they have put together a weight loss system based on their experience and education.  Here are some tips they share.

1.  Exercise smart.  Exercising seems like an emphasis on the Biggest Loser but you don’t necessarily have to workout for long hours to lose fast.  The best exercise to burn fat is not slow steady state exercise but instead exercising with short burst of intensity added in.  This boosts your metabolism and helps you lose quicker.

2.  Eat smart.  Diet is of course a concern and to lose in a healthy way you must learn to eat smart.  What the twins learned and now teach is that you must eat smaller portions throughout the day to keep your body constantly working.  This is safe and effective.

3.  Think smart.  The twins understand the importance of not letting your mind get locked on the long journey but instead, focus on the great reward that lies ahead.  This positive attitude can help you when you are faced with a challenge.

Losing weight quickly and safely is what the Weight Loss Twins did and now they are paying their good fortune forward by inspiring and educating others.  I encourage you to learn more about their new weight loss system.

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