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Racism has been the most controversial issue from centuries, this is why, when professors want to analyze the writing skills of a student, they ask them to write racism essay. The other reason for assigning racism essay to the students is probably to find out what they think of racism in their minds, are they against it or in favor of it. Now, if you also have been assigned to write essay on racism than keep in mind that it is a very broad topic and you writing and thinking ability will determine where you stand when the racism is concerned therefore. The first step in writing racism essay is to decide a compelling racism essays topic and for this you have to read a lot before deciding topic.  Following are some good racism essay topics that will surely help you to come up with a good piece of writing.

4 Great Racism Essay topic Ideas

1.Racism essay title based on quotes:

Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught.  I have a two-year-old son.  You know what he   hates? Naps! End of list.  ~Dennis Leary

If a white man falls off a chair drunk, it’s just a drunk.  If a Negro does, it’s the whole damn Negro race.  ~Bill Cosby

“Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.”- Abraham J. Herschel

One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings.  ~Franklin Thomas

1.Racism essay title based on books:

The Racist Mind: Portraits of American Neo-Nazis and Klansmen  by Raphael S. Ezekiel

Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement  by Michael Barkun

2.Racism essay title based on laws:

Capitalism vs. Communism

Racial discrimination in United States of America

3.Racism Essay titles based on general ideas:

Racial discrimination among black and whites

Racism in South Africa

Family values increases the racism factor among children

Television increases racism factor.

Racism is the major contributing factor in promoting terrorism.

As racism is a controversial topic, it has been a very frequent assignment  which gives you thousands of topic choices which is good thing at a time and a bad thing as well, for it will make you confuse and nervous. So, it is advisable that you read the above told racism essay topics and consider them for your essay because they are selected and crafted after reading thousands of racism essays over the internet, and the other reason for recommending the above told racism essay topics is that you can easily find a handful of information about them over the internet or from any other resource. Therefore, the above told racism compelling essay topics will help you a lot in writing a good piece of work, write a good essay on racism using the preceding ideas and pass your exam with flying colors.

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A brief piece by a person I frequently pass time with online.

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Music: 009. Sergej Vassiljevitsj Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No. 2 (Op. 18) – Adagio Sostenuto


Will you join with me in a quest to recall racism? Racism is overdue and does not belong in our civilized world. It will take more than a strong resolve to tackle racism. Racism is caused by some and experienced by others. Racism in any shape or form is an unconscionable, inhumane and disgusting way of living your life especially in the global village that is hurting so bad. This economic crisis has underlined the fact that we are all in this together. We are all hurting as a result of the greed of some. We all need to be engulfed by an epidemic of hope, support and camaraderie.

In any nation where racism is thriving, we are all losers whether we are the exploiter-losers or the exploited-losers. In the short term, racism may look like a good thing but in the long run we lose. You cannot reach the goal of a non-racial society if you leave racism, unchecked. You cannot be a coward if you want to tackle racism, head-on. Racism has to be confronted, personally. Racism has to be recalled, by you! Even your de facto majority is not a license to be racist.

Racism refers to certain “superior” attitudes and actions of some people that in some way disadvantage other people on the basis of their deemed to be “inferior” race. This negative value judgment is both morally wrong and indefensible because of its intentions and its consequences. You may have grown up with racism. Racism may have been entrenched by the attitude of your parents, your synagogue, your church, your mosque or your school, your college or your primary system. So much so that racism “happens” subconsciously. You are responsible for your racism.

We need to revisit the way individuals interact with others. Just take a look at the courtesies we bestow, one upon the other. We need to just observe how downright rude we can be to one another especially in public spaces. I have often come away from these observations with the conviction that I could see nothing else at play but racism. When someone literally pushes you out of sequence in a line at a ticket booth or at the grocery store it is appalling, and even more so if that person is from another race. I have had many encounters with racists. One that stands out is what happened on a flight between Charlotte and Phoenix. The gentleman (of another race) took the magazine and placed it between my shoulder and his shoulder and he actually requested that I should not touch him. Wow! Racial categories appear biological but have an impact on social interactions and sanctions. Racial categories in the United States often appear mutually exclusive but may in fact be overlapping. Right now you can be African-American, Native-American, and Caribbean-American.

We need to look at racism in the institutions of our society. The quality of the interactions between people is a good barometer of the racism inherent in society. If you have an organization whose management consists only one race and the workers are comprised of all the other races then something is amiss. Why are minorities not allowed in the power sharing and management of the institution and or organization? We need to look at promotions and career ladders because often racism is the glass ceiling that prevents people from upward mobility. We need to look at the social and institutional structures that disadvantage groups by denying them access because of their race.

We need to look at institutionalized racism or racism that is so entrenched in the way society operates that it becomes normative. Racism has a long history and as such has seemingly benefited some while definitely denying opportunities to others.

No legislation or act of congress can undo what has been done and approved by governments and institutions under the banner of racism. No-one can erase the pain suffered as a result of racism.

We need to do something more than agree that racism is wrong. We need to engage in exploratory dialogues about race. Definitely, a national truth and reconciliation exercise can lead the nation to understanding and forgiveness en route to reconciliation and national rebuilding efforts.

We need to resolve to not allow people to make racist jokes or remarks in our presence. If there is not an ear to listen; there will not be a tongue to whisper. We need to be aware of our own racism, prejudice and stereotyping. We need to unlearn old habitual ways of interacting with other races and if needs be seek counseling to learn new ways of interaction. Do something about the recall of racism, now.

After all is said and done, more is said than done. God forbid.

Please send me an email stating your willingness to work on this project to come up with solutions to eradicate this social problem.

I am in the process of publishing my first book containing my memories of childhood and the conflicting images in the nuanced reality of apartheid in South Africa: Flatline to Change.

LA Times story alleging racism by Torrance PD including Garver from this video.
Here are what other members of the community have to say…
From Yelp, reviews of Torrance Police Department.
1. “One of the worst police departments I have ever seen. A hideous, militaristic organization that specializes in terrorizing the children of its community.”
2. “Seriously? You had not an ounce of compassion for anyone and instead, brought shame to yourself and your department. That man and the accident victim deserved better.”
3. “Yeah, i’ve seen these boys in blue beat people untill they’re black and blue in Wilmington, Gardena, Hawthorne, Redondo Beach and El Camino Village. the cops tell(black) people to stay out of Torrance but they force themselves on every surrounding city.”
4. “Seriously TPD? …these police officers that approached the “suspicious” vehicle and shot first and asked questions later! These police officers really graduated from the police academy? Wow! This is unacceptable for any police department to do this.”
5. ” I don’t trust the Torrance Police Department aka Gestapo! Once upon a time I use to feel safe however, that has gone and it is a shame to our community. You are here to help the community not harass those that live in it. Our youth do not respect you and have great reasons for that.”
6. ” I didn’t do anything wrong but he came at me with a really negative, angry, aggressive attitude and I was surprised by that being a female.”(lucky if you were not sexually assaulted)
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Terrell Jermaine Starr

Feeling unsafe on campus, minority groups have rallied together to protest a racially hostile environment at the University of Missouri. In response the president of the college has resigned. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Should the president have resigned? Let us know in the comments below.

Read more here:

“Mizzou football scored their greatest victory ever on Monday, effectively sacking the school’s president.

Tim Wolfe resigned as head of the University of Missouri following criticism of how he responded—or didn’t—to racist attacks on students over the past few months.”


The Young Turks November 9, 2015 Hour 2

Cops Beat And Taser Students For Noise Complaint (VIDEO)

University of Missouri President Resigns Over Racism

Christians Very Offended By Starbucks Holiday Cups

SeaWorld To Stop Killer Whale Shows

Cops Shoot Autistic Boy In Truck


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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)


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Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

Deray Mckesson, twitter activist #BlackLivesMatter

Johnetta Elzia, twitter activist #BlackLivesMatter

Shaun King, blogger

Feminista Jones, blogger

Elon James White, This Week In Blackness #TWIB

Franchesca Ramsey, YouTube activist
Shit white girls say to black girls:

Sometimes you’re a caterpillar:

Akilah Hughes, YouTube activist
Meet your first black girlfriend:

On intersectionality, feminism, and pizza:

Tim Wise, white anti-racist activist



Housing discrimination report

The racist housing policy that made your neighborhood

A battle for fair housing is raging but mostly forgotten

Race & income inequality

Racial disparities in lending


Data snapshot: school discipline

Status and trends in black education


Racial bias in hiring

Whiter jobs, higher wages – EPI Report


Racial trends

Is prison the new Jim Crow?

International prison population trends

US has largest prison population in the world

Racism in the prison industrial complex

Criminal justice fact sheet


Race & the drug war (coke vs cocaine info)

Show me your papers

Blacks suffer under stop & frisk – man stopped 258 times

Disproportionate minority contact – Report

Racial gaps in arrests – a staggering disparity


Police militarization

Police brutality statistics

Twice a week white officers shoot black suspects

In this video, Laci Green talks about the nature of racism in 2015. She begins by challenging commonly held ideas about what racism is. She highlights how racist attitudes have created a racist system…which have created more racist attitudes. In order to stop the cycle, she illustrates 6 common ways that racism is institutionalized. Wealth disparities and housing, education, employment, mass incarceration, racial profiling, and police brutality are all touched upon. She ends by calling white America to stop making excuses that enable the past to continue and instead acknowledge the injustice right in front of us.
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In which John talks about racism in the United States.

The playlist: If you have suggestions for additions, let me know!


On average, black men’s prison sentences are 20% longer than white men’s for comparable crimes:

Black people and white people use illegal drugs at similar rates, but black people are far more likely to be arrested for drug use:

African Americans are far more likely to be stopped and searched (although the contraband hit rate is higher among white people) in California:

And in New York (where the data isn’t quite as good but appears to be comparable to CA):

Those wrongfully convicted and later exonerated by DNA are disproportionately African American:

Black kids are far more likely to be tried as adults and more likely to receive life sentences:

Black former convicts get fewer employer callbacks than white former convicts:

Emily and Brendan are more hirable than Lakisha and Jamal:

On that front, this study is also interesting: and similar results have been found in the UK: and also in Australia:

Also, this news story has some great analysis:

High schools with mostly African American and Latino students are less likely to offer courses in Algebra II or Chemistry than high schools with mostly white students:

This article explores many of the other ways that increasingly segregated schools have negatively affected African American students:

And this story discusses the fact that African American students are more than twice as likely to be suspended as white students–even in preschool.

The ACP report on racial disparities in U.S. health care:
This (dated) study is also damning: and there’s lot of good info here:

More info on increasing disparities in life expectancy between black and white people in the US:

The most recent polls show fewer white people thinking racism is not a problem than the ones I used in this video (although still a huge divide): and and

Racial wealth disparity and the role that inheritance plays:
Related wikipedia article:

The widening of the wealth gap:

Nonvideo recommendations: I really like Roxane Gay’s work in Slate and The Butter; this story in the NYT; Chris Rock’s recent interview at, and Ashley Ford’s commentary and analysis: Also Kiese Laymon’s wriitng is great, including

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This video is a part of a series produced by Race Forward to highlight the impact of systemic racism on our everyday lives. And Yes, it’s really a thing. For more information visit

Video stars Jay Smooth and is directed & edited by Kat Lazo.

Have you ever wondered why, even though undocumented people come to the US from all over the world, the face of undocumented persons is always assumed to be from Central America or South America? And our heavy-handed enforcement policies, that ruin lives and tear families apart every day, are focused almost entirely on the Southern US border, and the Hispanic people of color who cross that border?

Race Forward advances racial justice through research, media and practice. Founded in 1981, Race Forward brings systematic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity. Race Forward publishes the daily news site Colorlines and presents Facing Race, the country’s largest multiracial conference on racial justice.