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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

With that incredible sentence Jane Austen draws the reader into her story. Is she serious we ask? ‘A truth universally acknowledged’ is the language of mathematics, of science, of logic; it is like saying: “we are dealing with self-evident truths–axioms.”

How does this statement apply to society? to families? to manners? From the beginning Jane tells us that a little teasing doesn’t hurt anyone –lighten up, dear readers– don’t tighten your seat belts; we’re in for a smooth enjoyable ride.

Although I have read many articles and reviews on Pride and Prejudice, its perennial enchantment has eluded me until now. What makes this novel a favorite of so many readers after so many years?

The title to begin with, is provocative. Both terms pride and prejudice are applicable to Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy. But prejudice is directed more towards Darcy than Elizabeth. I would have like Jane Austen to use the word ‘Prejudgement’ as opposed to prejudice because the former word is laden with situational biases such as when Darcy prejudges Elizabeth: “She is tolerable; but not hadsome enough to tempt me.”

Ah, the title is also alliterative; and it would have also worked with prejudgement. Which tells us that Jane was a student of rhetoric. In fact, Mary –the pedantic sister– alludes to Hugh Blair’s, the then much-in-vogue Lectures on Rhetoric.

Not wanting to walk along the trodden path I want to propose a few personal impressions.

First, it is a syntactically flawless–British English at its best– narrative which is never boring; perhaps due to Austen’s adroit handling of the Indirect Free Speech. Although scholars generally attribute the invention to french writers, the brit lady Jane Austen had already been employing the technique in all her her fiction.

Second, the characters are diverse: some attractive (Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Jane and Bingley) and others picturesque (Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins, Mrs. Bennet, and Lady Catherine de Bourgh). Given the superb characterization of Mr. Collins, I would throw him into the circle where The Wife of Bath, Falstaff, and Sancho reside.

Third, that Pride and Prejudice is a moral work in which not only good manners and judicious decisions are privileged, but also virtue. To sin on the side of virtue I will predict that at the end of this century, readers will still be delighting in the pride, prejudice, and prejudgments of Jane Austen’s lovable characters. If someone asked me to choose between Pride and Prejudice and the DaVinci Code, I would say in horror: “You’re asking me to choose between a pure-breed race horse, and a jackass–with all due respect to jackasses.”

When the divine Plato cast poets and artists out of his utopian Republic, little did he realize that one can learn virtue from literature as well as from philosophy. And that is a ‘truth universally acknowledged.’

So, for now, I will say “keep your breath to cool your porridge–and I shall keep mine to swell my song.”

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This video used to be unlisted but many people have privately asked me to make it public so here it is 🙂 I hope that’s ok. It’s been shot with just my camera mic and in my kitchen so you might hear my fridge humming.
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Reading 100 Night article​ 12/07/2016 | Khmer political news daily 2016

Reading 100 Night article​ 12/07/2016
Khmer political news daily 2016,
Khmer news daily 2016,

Hi friends,
Here we are competitive gk ( )going to memorise you some general knowledge by using mnemonic technique.Mnemonic is a world wide famous technique which is used to remember different things . in this technique we connect the things that we know to the things that we have to remember. It’s a technique of making relation between two things .If the connection is more powerful we can retain it in our mind for a longer time. Human brain has tendency to forget things that is not revised but when things are revised it becomes true knowledge and the brain retain it for whole life .You should revise it regularly in order to remember it for longer time .in this TRICK we are using the technique in education that has never been used. These information that we are peoviding are very very useful for examination

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WRITING B1 - U7 - Write a short article giving advice  about exercise

Reading economic articles is one way of informing yourself on how the economy is fairing. There are many places where you can read economic articles from and they include newspapers, business journals and the internet. The reason for this is for you to be informed and be able get a good perspective on the economy. Economic articles will enable you make informed decisions like on whether it’s the right time to buy or sell shares on the stock exchange, get into real estate business when it is on the upward trajectory and even new job openings that are coming up if you are looking for one or you want to quit your current job

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Get into the habit of reading economic Articles to give you an edge over your peers. Be it in investing, understanding the new trends in business or equipping yourself with new skills that are needed by an emerging industry or sector. For businessmen and women, it is imperative that you always read economic articles. The reason being in business you need to be informed in order to be at the top of your game and ahead of the competition and can be able to create a niche for your business.

Economic articles information will be useful to your business in a couple of ways. One of them is getting information when the government has lowered lending rates to banks, translating to banks lowering their lending rates for you to get a loan at a competitive rate to expand your business or to give a life line to your business to meet your operational expenses before things start looking up in this times of recession. The knowledge you can get by reading these articles will take you to a completely new level as far as business and the economy in general is concerned.

Usually in these economic articles, you will get economic professionals giving you a break down on different issues afflicting the economy and how this will affect you and me be it on the short term or long-term basis. With the way things are right now globally with uncertainty every where from Europe, Asia and the United States, being informed by reading economic articles is the best way of having that small leverage that every one is looking for.

The economy is growing at a slow rate globally and for it to pick up it will take time. Economic experts say it will take time for the economy to recover. If you read economic articles, you will know this and you will surely know when the tide is changing in your favor or not.

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Preterite is the past tense, defined as events that happened in the past and are finished. Here you will practice reading as news that most of the time are in past or preterite as it is called in Spanish.

As medicine relies increasingly on mathematics, no clinician can afford to leave the statistical aspects of a paper to the “experts.” Many scholarly articles published in medical journals present findings in the form of numerical summaries, tables, and graphs. The goal of this presentation is to explain statistical terms which are frequently used in describing study’s design, statistical analysis, and presentation of the results. These include basic summary measures used to describe patient cohort, statistical hypothesis testing procedures and techniques used to establish the association between the outcome and certain patient’s characteristics. Recently published articles will be used to illustrate the usage, presentation, and interpretation of a broad range of statistical concepts.
By: Ruta Brazauskas, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin, Division of Biostatistics
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