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I'm Sick with the Man Flu + Some Real Estate Articles

Some people have been wondering why I haven’t uploaded lately. Well, I have the flu. I am starting to feel better and have more videos on the way. (I included some Real Estate Articles to make the video more Real Estatey).

Here is the link that will prove to your wife or girlfriend how much you really suffer when you have the flu:

Here is the ThinkPol Article:

Here is the Remax Prediction Article:


Is it important to have a flyer in your house when youre selling?
Short answer Yes.

A tried and true fact; having attractive flyers with the right information works.
There are different types of flyers with different information. You need at least two flyers.

Flyers get pertinent information to your potential buyers and to brokers.

A guest book is an often overlooked companion to flyers.
You want buyers and Brokers to register so you have a record of visitors to your house, wether youre selling by owner or listing with a Realtor, a guest sign book is essential.
I recommend placing a guest book near the front door, ask Brokers and buyers to sign in.

If youre cooping with Brokers, youll want a record of which ones showed your house.
If youre selling by owner youll have the names of buyers who viewed the house and you can do a follow up call.

Where should you put your flyers?

1.Obviously youll want to have flyers on display in the house. Place your flyers next to the guest book in a highly visible location.
2. Youll most likely have a for sale sign in the yard so buy a flyer box and put flyers outside so that people driving by can pick up your information.
A tip on flyer boxes – kids love to grab all the flyers and take off with them, Im not sure why thats so much fun, but it happens.
Limit to 5 or10 flyers, then if they disappear, youve not lost all of your flyers.
3. If youre selling by owner and cooping with brokers, take flyers to each office and distribute them. This lets the Brokers know youre willing to work with them.

Information for the flyers

1. For a photo feature flyer I recommend two photos. Dont over kill with 6 or 8 photos. Thats too much. Definitely one photo of the exterior; one of the rear yard if it is attractively landscaped, or the kitchen or the living room. Do not try to display a photo of every room.
You can create a virtual tour or have one created. Put a link on your flyer.
A buyer can go to the web site and view everything. There is not enough room on a flyer to do that.
2. A features flyer lists the best five to ten features of the house.
What makes this house special? Dont try to list every feature, just the top five to ten.
3. Buyers love floor plans, so if possible put a floor plan on the back of your photo feature flyer.
A floor plan flyer should include room sizes, then the buyer can mentally start moving in. Theyll start visualizing where their furniture will go.
4. Get Free financial flyers. Call one or two lenders and ask them to prepare a financing flyer for you. This gives the buyer a picture of how they might finance the purchase.
Its a great free service for you and the lender gets free advertising. Its a win-win.
5. A really nice touch is to provide an area services list.
List the names and phone numbers of local services such as cable TV, utilities, phone etc.
Help your buyer to mentally move in.

How to get flyers

1. You can make them yourself or there are lots of online services that will create professional flyers for you. The fees vary but are usually reasonable.
2. There are local services that specialize in that type of advertising. Check around.
3. Many title companies will provide free flyers; they get advertising and expect you to do the closing through them.
4. Most lenders will be happy to provide a financial flyer. Many will incorporate an information flyer. Check around for one who provides this service.


Its imperative that you put the right information on the flyers. Flyers are important to your sale.
Its a fact, FSBOS who do their homework by preparing for the market, sell houses faster than those who dont. Flyers are a part of preparation.

Provide your buyer with take-away information that continues selling your house long after the showing.

Flyers help sell quickly

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Stress is the classic ailment of the 21st century and accepted as part of our working lives. In fact, stress is generally perceived as a barometer of success. Dynamic professionals seem keen to publicise the fact that their lives are blighted by this modern anguish.

In contrast to socially acceptable moaning about minor stresses and strains, The Day I Snapped investigates what happens when the stress of working life causes a major meltdown. Linda, Elinor, Simon, Justin and Linn were pushed to the point where they were ready to ‘snap’. This is a very human account of what happens when anxiety gets too much to cope with. The story of a GP, a teacher, a social worker, a farmer and a businessman whose stress levels rendered them unable to function. How did the situation reach breaking point in the first place? How did they deal with it? How have their lives changed since?

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With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior might be carried to the whole world! How soon might the end come–the end of suffering and sorrow and sin! How soon, in place of a possession here, with its blight of sin and pain, our children might receive their inheritance where “the righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein forever;” where “the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick,” and “the voice of weeping shall be no more heard.” Psalm 37:29; Isaiah 33:24; 65:19. {Education, page 271.2}
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“Current Affairs” is the most sought after discipline not only by students but also by various professionals. Learning Space tracks Current Affairs in a most comprehensive way week after week starting from 1st January 2015.

Every week in our videos, we discuss “the chronology of important events with details” in a Main Events Format,
“detailed narration of science & technology, health & environment “ issues in a “S&T, Health & Environment” format, “in-depth analysis of important events” in a News Analysis Format, “accurate and deep understanding” in an Insight Format, “General and Banking Awareness Events” in a Question and Answer Format and
“News at a Glance” with a brief explanation. Hence, every week Current Affairs will have six modules.

This video is the “S&T, Health & Environment” for the period of 21st Mar to 27th Mar, 2016.
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Is dog depression real? You bet it is! You may at some point note that your dog is not behaving normally and he may in fact be offering you what seem like classic symptoms of depression.

Depression, strangely enough, is not so different in humans than it is in animals. It is possible that your pet may be a victim of canine depression. It’s possible of course that your pet may be suffering from something else. The condition may in fact be medical or physical. As a result, it is prudent to check with your veterinarian to assure that there is no problem with the way that your pet is feeling.

When you first notice your dog behaving as though he or she is depressed, really consider what has happened that may have impacted their moods. Pets, just like humans, can have temporary or short term depression – or they may also have a longer term depression.

The loss of a litter, the family moving, or even the being moved to a different home can have a vast impact on an animal. One family who moved said that their cocker spaniel was not herself for many months afterward, exhibiting all the classic signs of depression.

If nothing has happened that may have impacted your dog in a negative way, then perhaps a veterinary checkup is in order.

Dogs, like people, remarkably can have bad days and good days. They can be in bad moods or good moods. One day they may appear to be unusually moody and the next day is very happy and upbeat. In addition, female dogs that have not been spayed can exhibit mood swings during their heat cycle.

Canine depression can last for an extended period, just like human depression.

Some symptoms that you may see of canine depression will also be similar to human ones.
The signs that you will most likely note:

Poor appetite
Weight Loss
Lower interest in play
Slow or lethargic movements
Excessive Shedding

The environment around your dog can make a great deal of difference to his or her mood. Just as environmental or personal changes will impact you, they will also impact your dog.

Having a close human relationship change can trigger canine depression. For instance, if their human companion gets ill, dies, moves out, or goes back to school it can cause loneliness in your pet and lead to dog depression.
Believe it or not, pets can also suffer from a chemical depression that is from an imbalance in their bodies. Your dog can be diagnosed as clinically depressed and may be given an antidepressant medication by your vet.

Try to recall the events that preceded the depression and attempt to compensate for them. Try to give the dog more attention and make them feel less alone or lonely during the daytime. Bring in a neighbor dog that the animal gets along with and take them out for the evening together.

As with humans, depression is very treatable once properly diagnosed and treated. The result? A happy member of your family!

Dana Zarcone is a National Certified Counselor. She created to provide information, tools and support to those suffering with depression. Learn more about dog depression by going to her website.

The real estate offerings in the area of Mount Pleasant in South Carolina have gradually boomed as one of the most happening and most in demand.  It is not only the verdant and temperate climate that is so inviting about this place, it is also the historical old world charms of the city that draws many a people to settle down or buy vacation homes here.

The traditional Southern charm coupled with the beautifully set up homes and colonies by the real estate developers have made the Mount Pleasant real estate market a flourishing one. Some of the stately homes of this region which are now on sale as old properties have been adorning the area since the beginning of the Civil War. For those who want it all new and chic, for those modern home seekers too, Mt. Pleasant is all set to please with its innovative built homes.

Just a few 15 years back, the Mount Pleasant area was almost unknown and the price, with which you can settle for a home here, just proves that. The residences dotting the area are plentiful and the best thing about them is, these properties come comparatively cheap. In fact, a home in the same area some 20 years ago would have cost you anything around $ 80,000 on an average. Today, though the average rate has shot up to something around $ 250,000, it still remains much cheaper when compared to homes elsewhere. The housing projects here are doing remarkably good and there is a home to fit every budget.

So what are the factors that have contributed to the growth of the housing economy here? The factors can be summed as follows:

· Temperate climate

· Nearness of the beaches

· Strong job market

· Affordable living

Thus, Mount Pleasant has already become a popular destination, be it for the retirees who want to spend the rest of their remaining years here or the families and business people who come here for a brighter future.

For more info visit : Mount Pleasant Real Estate

The Real Narcissists article: I Disagree

There was an article published in a Psychology Magazine about how Narcissism is an overused label and I disagree with this article in part so wanted to share it.

Psychology Today, Sept 5, 2017, Webber, R.
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In this episode of SciShow, we’re going to investigate a murder. But first, we’re going to have to learn all about forensics, the use of science in criminal law — and the real-life version is a little different from what you might see on TV.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Stop Believing TV’s Lies: The Real Truth About "Enhancing" Images

Today we are talking about 3 scientists who, through their collective inventions and discoveries, have saved millions of lives.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

How Measles Made a Comeback
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5 People Who Literally Saved the World
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