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Learning Mnemonics: Can You Really Hack Your Memory?

There are lots of strategies to remember information when you need it most. These are shortcuts called mnemonics.

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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Can walking around catching Pokémon really be considered exercise? What about different consoles? Can you plug one in and skip the gym?

How Exercise Improves Your Memory –
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Gotta catch’em all! Pokémon GO and physical activity among young adults: difference in differences study
“Games that incentivise exercise might have the potential to promote and sustain physical activity habits. Because walking is encouraged while playing, Pokémon GO has been suggested to increase physical activity and improve public health, but these claims have been based on anecdotal evidence.”

How Many Steps a Day Should You Really Walk?
“If you pluck someone off the street, whether in New York or Wichita or Seattle or Sacramento, and ask them how many steps people should aim for per day in order to get enough physical activity, they’ll probably tell you 10,000.”

Using Avatars to Model Weight Loss Behaviors: Participant Attitudes and Technology Development
“Virtual reality and other avatar-based technologies are potential methods for demonstrating and modeling weight loss behaviors. This study examined avatar-based technology as a tool for modeling weight loss behaviors.”


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Written By: Donna Foronda

Article marketing is a great way to drive a ton of targeted traffic to your website in a short amount of time. Article marketing has been around since the beginning of the internet and will continue to be around for many more years. The problem with article marketing is that it takes time. A lot of time. People get bored and frustrated and they just stop. But don’t stop, if you keep going the financial rewards will be great. Here are a few things you can do that will help you write your articles much faster.

Write all your titles out first – For me figuring out a title can sometimes be the hardest part. So what I started doing is writing out all my titles in advance. For instance, if I know I want to write 25 articles that day, I will sit down and write out 25 different article titles. This saves me a lot of time and I can focus more on writing the articles.

Write out 5 objections and answer each one – For every product you promote there will be common objections that people will have. For instance, they might think its too expensive or they might think the product is just like all the other products and it won’t work. It is important that you address an objection or two in every article you write. I say write out 5 so you can have a variety of objections you can use in all of your articles. Addressing objections in your articles will help with your conversion rates.

Write out 5 benefits – What can your product do for your potential customers? You need to address those benefits in your articles. Again I say write out 5 so you can switch it up in you articles. Just put one or two benefits in each of your articles. Showing the benefits will also help with your conversions.

You might have to write 30 or more articles before you start bringing in any sales. That’s why its important to have a strategy to your article marketing. Take the time to write out your titles, objections and benefits. It will save you a lot of time. As you write more articles they will get better and better and you will get better results.

For more articles about article marketing visit Learn how the economy really works in under three minutes.

Is the Flu Shot Really Effective ~ Health Tips

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The Ocean on Enceladus is Really Big

This week on SciShow Space News, Saturn’s moon Enceladus probably has a giant ocean covering the entire world. And the year-long mission to the International Space Station just hit its halfway point!

Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister
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Space Station Live: First 100 Days of the One Year Mission: