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—+ Here is the example paragraph shown in the video:

There is also evidence that compulsive buying is negatively correlated with mindfulness. Williams and Grisham (2012) tested this relation by recruiting two community samples in Australia. The first sample consisted of 49 adults who scored above established cut-off scores on two widely-used used compulsive buying questionnaires. The second sample (the “healthy controls”) consisted of 37 adults who scored below the cut-off scores on the same compulsive buying questionnaires. Both groups completed a packet of questionnaires that included a frequently-used measure of mindfulness. As predicted, the compulsive buyer group scored significantly lower in mindfulness than the healthy control group. This research study was limited by a correlational design and modest sample sizes, but had the advantage of using measures that many researchers have tested for reliability and validity.

Here is the paragraph plan shown in the video:

1. Begin with a transition (that’s appropriate for the flow of your paper).
2. Provide a few details about the study method.
3. Clearly and concisely state the finding that is relevant to your paper.
4. To go above and beyond a typical study summary, briefly highlight major strengths and weaknesses of the study.

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Let’s go on a journey and learn about the anatomy, the structure, of a research article. C’mon!!!!!
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Will Stem Cell Research Lead To A Baldness Cure?

In this video I cover the super important potential baldness cure.

Please watch this new documentary showing the amazing results from cord blood stem cells in our son’s life. The clinic we used was the top clinic in the world, the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. **note. The footage at the beginning of the film and throughout Ken was 8 YEARS old, not 2, like mentioned in news articles.
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In this video, Mr Richard Villar teaches healthcare professionals how to write a medical research paper based on his experiences and observations and a published surgeon. He has written many medical research papers on hip arthroscopy and arthroscopy subjects, and is a well known and sought after surgeon.

To view more videos on hip arthroscopy from the 2016 Vail Hip Symposium, visit Education and Evidence at

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What is a scholarly article? How can you tell if an article you’ve found is scholarly?

More info about parts of a scholarly article:

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Is this journal peer-reviewed?
Use Google Scholar to find full-text of articles:
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Using Google, Wikipedia, Google Scholar, and an academic database for research

This video reviews how you can use Google, Wikipedia, Google Scholar, and the GSU library’s academic database for research.

In the video, I refer to connecting to the GSU campus network using VPN. This link will walk through setting this up:

Virtual Private Network

Pros: Good place to start when you are just beginning research on a topic
Cons: Provides you with very broad search results, which can easily overwhelm you with information.

Pros: Really good place to get an overview of a topic or a certain issue. You can often use the sources at the bottom of each article to begin you research.
Cons: Wikipedia usually isn’t accepted as a credible source in most classes. You’ll need to use Wikipedia as a place for idea-generation, then search for more scholarly, academic sources.

Pros: It will gather scholarly articles and resources, while being a little less intimidating than the library’s database.
Cons: You have to be connected to the campus network to open and view some of the articles. It doesn’t offer as many options to refine your search as the library’s database does.

Pros: It has a HUGE body of information you can pull from, and it has access to thousands of journals and other academic resources.
Cons: It can be a bit scary and overwhelming to navigate.
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This video covers concepts related to searching within academic research databases, using EBSCO’s Academic Search Complete and ProQuest Central as examples. Concepts covered are: using the advanced search, limiters, Boolean operators, citing from a database, and more. Concepts related to information literacy and research skills are covered.

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Career Research in the Columbus State Catalog and Research Database.

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In this article, you will read about the nature of Acai berry – what are its benefits? where did it come from? and why is it so popular? If you are already familiar with Acai and its health benefits, you may move on to the next articles on ORACS, Omegas and Anthocyanins.

Acai (enunciated ah-sigh-EE) berry can only grow on Acai Palm trees found in the rainforest of Amazon in Brazil. These dark purple berries are smaller than grapes. Most of acai is seed covered in a thin pulp. In fact ninety percent of the berry is seed. However, it is important to note that its seed can’t be eaten.

What’s with Acai berries that make it special?

Although it is so small, acai berry has proven to have more health benefits compared to most food tenfold its size. The following are facts about this impressive fruit.

In the famous book “The Pericone Promise” written by Dr. Perricone himself, Acai berry was named as the number one Super Food in the world.

You may have also seen the Acai berry featured in the Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah believed that the tiny acai berries are the most powerful and nutritious food in the world.Based on an article from New York Times in 2004, the Acai berry contains antioxidants and amino acids that make it very nutritional. Acai berry may be small but it is known to have double the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries and ten times more compared to grapes.

We won’t profess that Acai berry can cure any disease or affliction known to man unlike what other sites do, but we are certain that it delivers fantastic results on people’s health. Acai berry can be a part of your diet. Our article “Nutritional Make Up of Acai” will give you more understanding about why Acai is the number 1 Super food.

What does Acai berry taste like?

This fruit definitely tastes fantastic. It’s after taste is chocolaty. It tastes sinfully good that it is hard to believe it is very nutritious.

How can I buy my own Acai berry?

It is unfortunate that acai cannot be purchased fresh. This fruit spoils in 24 hours after harvest so getting a fresh one means going to the Amazon forest.

So it can be delivered to the United States, Acai is frozen. It also comes in shakes and smoothies, but these can be very expensive.You can buy capsules with powdered Acai in it. Although it is in concentrated form, freezing or powdering is necessary to keep the nutritional components of Acai.

Is it safe then to buy acai supplements that are sold in the market?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the products sold on the market differ from each other in terms of Acai concentration. You must know that there are some acai products that are processed incorrectly which leaves out most nutritional benefits from the fruit. We did a little experiment and sent some Acai products to lab tests to check how effective they are. The result of this experiment will be presented in our next article.

To sum up:

The following is our review of Acai berry. Getting fresh Acai may not be possible but frozen Acai pulp is made available through processing the fruit. With the processing expenses that it has to go through, these Acai products can be expensive. There are a lot of these supplements out in the market, but most of these are processed in such a manner by which the pure health essence of Acai can’t be maintained.

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