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This is the foundation for a competition obedience exercise in which the dog has to retrieve one metal article among five identical ones. The correct one is the one with the owner’s fresh scent on it. We are using metal canning rings. Dragon will bring back the correct one nearly 100% of the time. The “tasting” and picking up of the incorrect articles is quickly fading as he figures out the fastest way to identify the correct one.
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Portuguese Water Dog -  Scent Articles using mat

Pongo Boy & I working on Utility articles using a tie down mat I made from a yoga mat. The video is two sessions, a morning and evening session. In the morning we struggled with first retrieve for a couple of reasons: (1) Not sure I did a good enough job scenting article. (2) the transition into the exercise was very sloppy. We got through it but it wasn’t pretty. The second retrieve I made very easy for him by scenting the heck out of it and placing at very front of mat. I did this so he would not fail and we could end session on a positive.

The evening session went very well as I did an effective job of transitioning him into the exercise. His energy and focus improved greatly and he got both retrieves correct.
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