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How to write a scientific paper

Do you want to write and publish an academic or scientific paper? To get a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal is not difficult. This video will provide you with insights into what to include in each section of the paper and talk you through some of the best practices for writing. This video deals mostly with how to write up the results of quantitative research. The principles, however, apply to qualitative research too (with slightly different content in the methods section). You’ve done a study, you’ve collected and analysed the data. Now it’s time to write it up and get it published.

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Images communicate better than text — they integrate a lot of concepts and background in a few seconds. A figure is more than just a simple image — it has a lot of meaning behind it and takes time to produce. The figures are what the reader first notices, and if they are not appealing the reader will move on to another paper instead.

This video is from a Scientific Writing workshop given by Dr Eric Lichtfouse at the Postgraduate School at the University of the Free State (, South Africa, November 2013.
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