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With the economy and business environment as it is, news of employee layoffs and cost cutting measures abound. While this is expected behavior during a recession, the danger of cutting too deep in areas that affect customer satisfaction is very real. Such actions would drive away customers and thus further reduce sales in the medium term.

It is important to remember that while sales and employee morale are at all time lows, customer demands for quality, service and value, keep increasing or at minimum remain the same. While actions taken show well on an excel worksheet on how costs structures are being improved, the damage they are doing for the business and its ability to sustain growth when good times return are not equally well represented.

Efforts to reduce costs and stretch budgets should not be done with the end result of making life difficult for the customer. Good performing companies are known to take better care of their customers during difficult times because they recognize the value of loyal customers. Where a choice is to be made, between keeping a good customer versus trying to wow a new customer, the former should be the priority. Customer loyalty should not be put at risk at the expense of short term gain proposals dished out by finance people that simply look at the numbers without understanding the business processes and activities behind them.

Where cutting costs in customer service areas is justified, the organization needs to take time to thoroughly evaluate and plan actions that will be taken to keep the customer from noticing the difference or change. Examples of actions that may be taken include, providing cross training for those expected to cover expanded duties, providing increased empowerment to customer service staff for improved decision making and customer problem solving speed, identifying your strategic customers and ensuring that they are well taken care and seeking out opportunities to incorporate additional services that cost little but provide the customer improved satisfaction.

The customer is arguably the most valuable asset of the organization. Whatever the business situation, changes to operations need to be done keeping the customer and their satisfaction in mind. The costs of not doing this, is to court eventual business failure.

Dr Fernando Kevin Vince is currently the Vice President of Strategy & Human Resources with a global multinational. He is the author of 5 books, regular speaker at regional conferences and a certified trainer with American Management Association. He is the founder of The Association for Strategy & Leadership Professionals. Details can be found on

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1. Make your search keywords – No writer of the article in the world can get your articles or web content to rank well, if the keywords that are based on are too competitive or otherwise inappropriate. You have to give them the best researched set of keywords that can occur. Also note that this is not usually a part of the services of article writing: it is usually more, and you need to be sure who is doing such work for you as it is of vital importance. Keywords are the success or failure of your business, so be sure to assemble their best writers I have!

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3. Get referrals! – You’re not the first person who has looked at outsourcing your Web writing, so you should seek recommendations and opinions on services of article writing that you are considering. Whether trusted friends or colleagues, or board or group to which it belongs, any information you can gather will be of benefit to help you make a decision. Ask things like good quality were delivered in a timely manner, are SEO optimized and supported quality.

4. Outsource as much as possible – Once you are in a position to outsource, not as much as your budget will allow. This gives you the opportunity to scale their business in a way that you would be hard to do!

5. Keep the best! – When you find an article writing service, or better yet, a writer in particular services, hand over them like gold because they are! Good web content writers are hard to find, and when you find someone who understands what you want and delivers quality work on time, have to hold on to them!

Creating Web content for their websites and marketing is no longer an option these days, is a must! Go find someone who can help create a lot of content that will make a difference!

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New Worldwide News

No matter who you are or where you are, what is happening in this world we live in does affect you in one way or another. Article Alley understands this and the need to provide information on international issues and those current within the United States. As an added service support for visitors to its website, they have launched an innovative News Service!

Be Updated and Be Aware

Article Alley is a recognized website with more than a million pages of content read by millions of visitors to the site. We offer our customers the facility to publish informative articles relating to their products or services. Online business owners may submit an article directly or if they are unable to write the promotional material themselves, can make use of our in-house copywriting service. Inter-links contained in the article will direct an interested reader to the customer’s website.

News is being made locally and internationally every minute of every day in one perspective or another! It may relate to currency fluctuations, politics or any other influence that can make a difference in people’s lives. The Internet is now an accepted, integral part of life and is as familiar to business persons and most of the general public as brushing their teeth.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest local and world news is an important part of many lives. If you are a business person, it may be a vital part of your business operations. For those at home or who want to know what is happening in their country or globally it may be a means of keeping in touch.

The Article Alley News Service is making a concerted effort to offer their website visitors effective news presentation. You will be kept updated and offered the wide coverage of news that is easily accessible and structured for the convenience of people in all walks of life.

The time that is taken inter-linking between a particular news medium site and another, or reading a newspaper, watching television or listening to the radio, can sometimes be ill afforded. Yet the latest news may be an influence in certain decision making instances! Article Alley News is new, with a fresh approach and is designed around its website customer base. The world is becoming increasingly inter-connected and open minded people from every environment are seeking alternatives to keep up with events happening on their doorsteps and elsewhere.

In the world of today, knowledge is an extremely important factor. Communication is the principle aspect of any person’s life and news is part of this process.

SEO Summary

Article Alley News will maintain your contact with the ever changing events on a National and Global basis. The happenings in different countries of the world are becoming increasingly relevant and of interest to many people. On a business aspect, even the smallest organizations are able to market their products to an international consumer base

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Article submission online involves writing free content for a popular website, with the intention to benefit from the publicity. Not only do you get a byline and a link back to your site, but you also earn higher rankings by search engines that are looking for the “popularity” factor. So if you have several large websites linking back to you, then surprise! Everyone knows you are one popular person on the web.

Getting publicity for an article submission service is a free option that everyone has. Unfortunately, not every expert who is online has the ability to write such an article, or the proper time for that matter. Not every company who hopes to improve their Internet traffic actually knows where all of these article submission directories are, and which are really worth submitting to, not to mention the time it takes.

This is why these companies might see reason to go to a professional ghostwriting service. A ghostwriting service doesn’t merely provide quality articles, but also submits the crafted articles to directories so that the client’s website popularity will increase and so they will earn higher search rankings for specific keywords. Article submission can really help in attaining higher rankings and in winning over new customers.

Most ghostwriting services don’t do individual articles or directory submissions, but actually package services together. For example, for a small price a ghostwriting company may offer to write and submit to article directories regularly, this is the best way to fee those hungry search engines! Some may offer 20 articles overall, and all of differing lengths. Other packages may include press releases or blogs to create organic traffic.

Shop around to see what each ghostwriting company can offer you. You will find that hiring a ghostwriting service is the most convenient and the most affordable option when it’s time to get serious about publicizing your site.

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You can not write your own articles? Well, do not worry. In article writing is an important aspect of SEO, more and more individuals and companies now offer article writing services. These people will write your articles as needed and you pay them for their service. After paying for the items, please do not hesitate to publish them under your name. This means that you will be able to promote product awareness through the distribution of content without the process.

Tips for finding the right partners

As I said some time ago, now there are countless people offering free article writing that makes the selection of the best somewhat difficult for you. Here are some tips you might consider before signing:

Proven. Go to those freelancers who have proven their worth. Its best if they have been in this business for many years and if they were highly recommended by people they have worked before. Ask for their online portfolio and a list of their previous clients. Do not hesitate to call some of their former clients and ask about their performance and work ethic. Doing this will help you find what you can expect if you decide to work with these people.

Price. How much should you pay your suppliers? Most article writers are supported by freelance article. Those who have just started charging $ 1 – $ 5 each, while those who have already established their reputation in the industry to charge $ 20 per item. Go with freelancers who offer high quality items at reasonable prices.

Customer Service. If you do not want to log on for people who really care about their customers, who go out of their way to make sure you get what you are looking for. Search for suppliers that are easy to contact and who are always ready for questions and clarifications. It is also not a bad idea, if you select those who are very friendly and those that are very easy to work with.

Turnaround time. What would you like to write articles as soon as possible, right? So go for freelance writers who are committed players in the period that you set. Experienced article writers these days can end in 50-10 articles per day, depending on the given theme.

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Article Writing Services: How to Choose a Great Article Writing Service

Offering article writing services like iWriter has become an increasingly lucrative business with many companies, some of which only produce mediocre content, have set up websites claiming to be the best in the business therefore causing confusion and leaving most business owners who wish to increase their website popularity by having great content, wondering how to choose a great article writing service.

4 Vital Tips On Choosing A Great Article Writing Service

Scrutinize The Company’s Website

One of the fastest ways one can know whether or not an article writing service will produce good quality work is through scrutinizing the company website content. Look for grammar as well as spelling mistakes. It is worth noting that one should refrain from using the any contact information for a supposed professional content writer that is posted on a blog before performing extensive research.

Verify The Business Is Legally Providing The Service

A website can claim that a company is registered when in reality, it is not. It is up to you, as the potential client, to find out whether or not a business is registered. By verifying that the business is registered, you will find which service is ran by professionals and that which is not.

Preview Some Samples

A great article writing service always has a couple of content samples which a potential client can go through in order to verify the quality of the content you will receive. Contact the article writing service customer care and request to have some mailed to you if you cannot find any links to the company’s previous work. It is worth noting that you should also take note of how long the content provider takes to respond to emails as well as phone calls. Most scam companies that claim to offer content writing services usually do not have a listed phone number and take a very long time to respond to communication.

Verify The Service Provider Has Plagiarism Protection Measures

A good content writing service provider will have some sort of plagiarism protection that ensures and guarantees that your content will be original. Additionally, it is imperative that you also find out the companies policy on having the content revised if the work does not meet your needs.

Some companies charge you extra to have the content revised which could become a major inconvenience. A good content provider will not charge you extra for revisions and hold client satisfaction paramount. iWriter runs each of its articles through Copyscape before it is delivered to you.

In conclusion, it is important and up to you to scrutinize the company’s website, find out whether or not the business is registered , ask to preview some content samples and verify that the content you will receive. Follow these four vital tips if you are wondering how to choose a great article writing service and keep regret away. After all, you are the one paying for the service and you do not want to waste your money.

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Article Writing Services: the way to opt for an excellent Article Writing Service

Offering article writing services like iWriter has become Associate in Nursing progressively profitable business with several firms, a number of that solely manufacture mediocre content, have originated web sites claiming to be the simplest within the business thus inflicting confusion and effort most business house owners UN agency want to extend their website quality by having nice content, speculative the way to opt for an excellent article writing service.

4 important recommendations on selecting an excellent Article Writing Service

Scrutinize The Company’s web site

One of the quickest ways in which one will recognize whether or not or not a piece of writing writing service can manufacture sensible quality work is thru scrutinizing the corporate web site content. seek for synchronic linguistics yet as orthography mistakes. it’s price noting that one ought to refrain from mistreatment the any contact info for a supposed skilled content author that’s announce on a journal before acting intensive analysis.

Verify The Business Is lawfully Providing The Service

A website will claim that an organization is registered once in point of fact, it is not. it’s up to you, because the potential consumer, to search out out whether or not or not a business is registered. By verificatory that the business is registered, you may notice that service is ran by professionals which that isn’t.

Preview Some Samples

A great article writing service continually includes a number of content samples that a possible consumer will undergo so as to verify the standard of the content you may receive. Contact the article writing service client care and request to own some armoured to you if you can not notice any links to the company’s previous work. it’s price noting that you simply ought to additionally observe of however long the content supplier takes to retort to emails yet as phone calls. Most scam firms that claim to supply content writing services typically don’t have a listed number and take a really long term to retort to communication.

Verify The Service supplier Has Plagiarism Protection Measures

A good content writing service supplier can have some style of plagiarism protection that ensures and guarantees that your content are original. to boot, it’s imperative that you simply additionally establish the businesses policy on having the content revised if the work doesn’t meet your desires.

Some firms charge you additional to own the content revised that may become a serious inconvenience. a decent content supplier won’t charge you additional for revisions and hold consumer satisfaction predominate. iWriter runs every of its articles through Copyscape before it’s delivered to you.

In conclusion, it’s vital and up to you to scrutinize the company’s web site, establish whether or not or not the business is registered , raise to preview some content samples and verify that the content you may receive. Follow these four important tips if you’re speculative the way to opt for an excellent article writing service and keep regret away. After all, you’re the one paying for the service and you are doing not wish to waste your cash.

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