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Looking in to human being history, we can find that the civilization begins with the development of agriculture. our ancestors settled when the began to grow food. When we talk about agriculture, it refers the growing of plants, animals and other life on the land. According to the latest data, there is one third of world’s population is employed by agriculture. Agriculture is not only refers to food providing, it also provides raw materials such as sugar, jute, vegetable oil and tobacco for industries. Besides, agriculture is also a way of living. If we count the festivals in the world, we can find that a number of those holidays are associating with agriculture or food.

While, with the development of industry, abundance of food is owing to technological growing, transporting and storage. Then people even neglect the original agriculture. And some even said that we do not need agriculture any more, because industry and technology can provide what we human beings want. But in fact, though the power of industry is strong, there are still many other benefits that only agriculture could offer. Here are some benefits:

First of all is the water, as agricultural crops are the largest user of fresh water and forests maintain the groundwater people use everyday. The agriculture provides people the basic resource.

Secondly, people could get energy form agriculture. For example, wood is the major source of fuel and energy, and people can also get oil from plants. As modern biomass plants are fast growing around the world, they provide clean energy to the society.

Then human beings could get nutrition from the plants. People need to eat meat, milk, grains, fruits and vegetables everyday. Without those materials, how can we build strong body.

Besides the nutrition, agriculture brings biodiversity to the plant world. Agriculture can change, destroy or maintain the ecological balances. The development and health of our planet is sustained by agriculture. Moreover, the climate can also be influenced be agricultural growth. Extreme events and ecological dysfunction will ultimately affect our planet and the human race.

But now, the degradation of environment actually is affecting the agricultural productivity. To it is very hasty to conclude agricultural science and technology. And the aim of developing agriculture is to reduce hunger, improve livelihood and increase the growth of economic.

The author of this article is an environmentalist who pays much attention on the green plants. As the industry develops rapidly, the author also want to call on people’s attention on traditional agriculture.