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Second, interpretation industry hot topics; (Keyword 1: Export tax rebates, keyword 2: Union prices, Keywords 3: Investment, Keyword 4: China’s famous, Keywords 5: ceramic Marketing, Keyword 6 : industrial transfer);

Three of next year, industry trends;

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen Hello, everybody, thank you all for attending this forum, the forum’s theme is “Shanghai home inventory of the ceramic industry in 2007 article,” is to introduce the ceramics market in Shanghai, please Allow me first to introduce the guests arrived at the scene today. China Building Ceramic Association director Xia Gaosheng, summer teacher Siweiciye Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chu-wen, Hui Zuo Wei 10000 Marketing Manager, Shanghai Dongpeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Manager Huang Shu-sheng.

Our forum today is divided into three parts, the total is estimated at 2 hours, please ladies and gentlemen, the first part of this year combined with the operations of their enterprises in Shanghai this year to talk about the overall operation of the ceramic industry; the second part of us looking at this occurred in the ceramic industry events and hot topics; the third section we briefly look ahead with Shanghai ceramic industry in 2008;

First of all China Building Ceramic Association, director of summer teacher gave us a taste of Shanghai’s overall operation of the ceramic industry. I think we can talk about in several ways, is the market supply and demand, price fluctuations, the situation in Shanghai is how competition in the market like? There are some in the industry what kind of outstanding problems, and so on.

Xia Gaosheng: Today we just came to the chairman of four-dimensional, we have just participated in the ceramic Assembly, as China’s ceramic industry is now clear, now that China is the first market ceramics, is also the first consumer, In absolute terms we have 50% of global consumption, production also accounted for 50% of global production, from an export point of view, we ranked second in the world, per capita consumption is ranked third, up very quickly. Shanghai is also, like other second, because the Chinese people have money, China’s development of the national economy and real estate development, led the construction ceramics industry, be it tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom has a big development. Foreigners asked us how to sell the Chinese tiles? Year and 3.8 billion square meters, we answer, you come to China to take a look around and know that China’s spending power is how come. First, China’s shortage of wood, ceramic tile is the best alternative, the second, China is the invention of pottery country, there are deep feelings of ceramics. Ceramic material in any timber other irreplaceable material, it a good clean and damp, landscaping decoration family, so people in the elections to choose to feel that ceramic is the best, most expensive and unique preferred materials. Third, the vast rural market and urban market, large wide increases in domestic growth, including the rural outskirts of Shanghai is the same as almost every household in the rural home had no toilet to use the toilet now, not the original tile, Now use a lot. Therefore, the development of cities around Shanghai have spurred the development of building ceramic sanitary ceramics.

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