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So you have heard about it on the news, read about it in the paper and you still have no idea what all these people are talking about. No problem, I have you covered guys.

What are social networking sites?

All that social networking refers to is people coming together on a website to discuss similar interests. What! That’s it?

Yes, there are lot of ways to put it and spin what this is, but in a nutshell that is it guys. These are a very powerful way to get a group of knowledgeable people to share what they know and how they learned. Not always are these groups about knowledge, but in most cases they are.

The reason that these sites are super powerful as a online marketer is that you can meet people and get to know them. Most people look at selling items like you actually have to sell an item. What I mean by that is that you can become a power seller of any product on these sites, not by trying to tell people to buy, but by making friends. Yes, believe it or not, it has been proven that people are more likely to buy and tell friends about products that are offered by somebody that they feel they know.

Social bookmarking sites are very similar to these network sites, the difference being the focus on sharing links to popular blogs, videos and pictures online. These sites have an amazing power to grow website traffic and raise your Google search engine listings overnight if you have a lot of friends on them!

So quit trying to sell and learn how to make some new friends and get wealthy instead!

This is the first article in the series on Social Networking so make sure to watch for the next articles as they come out.

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What is Social Networking?

Over recent years the world’s media has been full of outlandish stories about internet millionaires and billionaires. Most of these stories are also accompanied by details about how quickly the fortune was amassed. Along with the glut of stories on these topics various buzz words have been used like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “MySpace” and many more. If you don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, or only use it for shopping on Amazon for example, then most likely the names of websites like those previously mentioned will not mean very much to you, but they are all very successful social networking sites that have made their owners many millions of dollars.

At its most basic social networking is the formation of social groups by individuals agreeing to associate together. Due to the internet being an almost completely global phenomenon these links formed between individuals are much easier to keep alive and active. Social networking sites enable a user to easily find and then keep in touch with school friends, workmates or expand their circle of friends by joining new groups arranged by interest.

This last category, groups formed by interest, has recently led to some real political change and interesting local events. An example of this recently was when a Facebook member organised 15,000 bikers to ride through Wootton Bassett, England, in order to support a charity for British troops. Politicians ignore social media at their peril.

The impact of social networking on political life even led British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to open a Facebook page of his own. This was received badly by the general public and led to many spoof sites also claiming to be the “real” Gordon Brown.

Safety and Security Concerns

Due to the massive popularity of social networking sites it is impossible to reserve a name as your own. This fact has unfortunately led to a large number of spoof sites, such as what happened with the British Prime Minister. This lack of authentication has caused a number of concerns, not least the care and protection of children from the interests of predatory paedophiles. It is entirely possible that the person you think you are talking to is someone else entirely.

Providing users are aware of the possible risks there should be no problem however. For the vast majority of member’s networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are a great source of fun and new friends.

Leading Social Networking Sites


Facebook is currently the number one social networking site in the world with an estimated 400 million users. Facebook has shown year on year growth of over 100 percent with that growth currently showing little sign of coming to a halt. It is one of the longest established networking sites.


Twitter is a relative newcomer on the social networking scene but has acquired many millions of users. Twtter has grown by over 900% per annum recently and so may well come to overtake Facebook in terms of absolute numbers of users eventually, but it appears that over 40% of new Twitter accounts fall into disuse and so the growth may slow due to abandonment of accounts.

Dave Felton writes on a variety of subjects through his blog and various websites. His web development activities recently led him to investigate social networking in general and take a deeper look at the social networking software currently available

Child Abuse Between Races! (Social Experiment)

Child Abuse Between Races! (Social Experiment)
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Why do people sometimes do bad things just because someone else told them to? And what does the term Groupthink mean? In today’s episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about the ideas of Social Influence and how it can affect our decisions to act or to not act.

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One of the best sources for easy, hands-on social studies activities is the History Pockets series of books. These books provide many ideas for history activities without much planning or preparation for the teacher. Each title in the series is packed with projects, which are all meant to be photocopied for every student. Best of all, most of the completed projects are flat so they can be stored in the students’ History Notebooks. The series consists of several titles for Grades 1-3, and then more titles for Grades 4-6.

Each book concentrates on one historical theme, and that main topic is then divided into several specific areas, such as Daily Life, Government, Religion, etc. In each of these areas you will find several projects that will fit into a “Pocket” made from folded construction paper. The Pockets are then hole-punched and bound together with string or ribbon to create a Pocket Book.

It is also an option to simply pick out several of the suggested social studies activities without making any pockets. Since the projects are not bulky, students could easily store individual ones in their own History Notebooks. However, even if you make the Pocket Book as instructed, it could still be put in a notebook with the same punched holes that were meant for binding the book together.

To give you a general idea of what each History Pocket book includes, let’s take an in-depth look at the Ancient Greece book for Grades 4-6. The activities start with decorated Facts pages, a Map activity, and a Timeline that is ready to cut out and assemble. The Timeline guides the students with illustrations and captions to add information as they progress. You will also find writing activities, creative booklets to put together and decorate, and plenty of low-fuss crafts. In this book, the crafts include making a Hoplite Shield, an Alexander the Great banner, Mosaic (paper) tiles, a booklet of Olympian gods, Greek coins, and more. The instructions for Knucklebones tells you first how to make the game and then how to play it.

This book is about 100 pages long, and most of those pages are meant to be photocopied for student use, giving you lots of ideas to choose from. The Greek book has instructions for 9 separate Pockets with activities on a different theme of Ancient Greece, including Daily Life, Religion, Military Power, Art & Architecture, Government, Sports & Entertainment, and more.

If you are looking for social studies activities for your classroom, you will want to see all the ideas in the History Pockets books. Your students can be actively engaged in your historical topic by making these creative projects. The books give a wide selection of crafts and save the teacher from excessive preparation time. This is a resource you will want to add to your history lesson plans.

Carol Henderson maintains an eStore of Teacher Resource Books available as downloadable PDF files. She also has a separate website to provide History Resources for social studies teachers.

Social Studies, when a student enters the fifth-grade, provide much focus to American law and importance of several historical figures. Its a more comprehensive approach to what was introduced back in the fourth grade. Studies Weekly engages gradual immersion, so students wont get confused with the subject matter. Moreover, references to fourth grade lessons are provided, giving students a much needed refresher, whenever necessary.

The US Constitution and the Fourth Amendment

Students, after learning the different forms of government back in the fourth grade, are now asked to apply their knowledge on the American government. Studies Weekly provides comprehensive discussions on the US constitution and the Fourth Amendment. Naturally, students will find the legal terms quite confusing and memorizing them is even worse. Our strategy is to make them understand laws and legal concepts, fostering more knowledge than mere memorization.

Historical Personalities and Events

A nation is formed not just by land divisions, but also through the efforts of great men and women. The fourth grade introduces students to some of them. The fifth grade, on the other hand, makes students appreciate their achievements and what they have done to make the world what it is today. This topic is quite comprehensive, touching on other subjects like science and literature. Some schools even require students to interview hometown heroes, and submit a reaction paper after. Our publication has got everything covered.

Timelines on Local and World History

This topic is in preparation for the in-depth discussions on world history in high school. Students are introduced to the different timelines around the globe, starting from the prehistoric ages. School discussions dont go as far as tackling every scenario, personality and human intention that led to the events highlighted compared to high school. Studies Weekly provides a little more, just to make sure students fully comprehend the significance of each event.


For an adult, ancient artifacts are things of beauty, embedded with history and classic grandeur. For an average fifth-grader, however, they might just be old jars, relics and bones. Studies Weekly bridges that gap between the fifth grade and adulthood by stimulating the interest of kids in archaeological finds. Stories and historical backgrounds are provided as well as references to modern times, so students can relate to them.

The American Civil War

The civil war, in spite of the casualties, comes as a defining moment in American history. It ended slavery and stamped the territorial integrity of the nation. Students, at first, will view it as just another long lesson printed on their textbooks. But with our help, they will realize the pros and cons of the event. They will also get familiarized with the colorful personalities who were instrumental in the war. Unlike textbooks, which present lessons in a cold and academic manner, we take a step back and provide entertaining write-ups about the different events that transpired as well as the personalities. Think of the articles as a cross between a textbook and a storybook, without altering any of the facts.

Gesseo is an expert teacher trainer specializing in social studies lesson plans and preparation.

Classical Greek life science had been based upon the Golden Mean geometries associated with the harmonic movement of the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres concept. Celestial movement was also thought to use the forces of harmonic resonance to transmit evolutionary guidance information to the movement of atoms within biological systems. Huang suggested that by observing evolutionary patterning changes to the various Golden Mean designs recorded in the worlds seashell fossil record, it might be possible to deduce the nature of the new life energy physics laws.

During the 1980s the Science-Art Centre had several seashell life energy papers published by Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nouvo Cimento. In 1990 two of them were selected as being amongst the important discoveries of the 20th Century by IEEE in Washington. This institute is dedicated to the betterment of the human condition and is the world’s largest technical professional society. The Centre’s mathematician, generated the simulation of a living seashell creature. By lowering the formula’s harmonic order, he generated the creature’s 20 million year old fossil ancestor. By lowering the order by a lesser harmonic he obtained the simulation of the fossil, Niponites Mirabilis, becoming the first person in the world to link that fossil to any living creature.

In 1995 the seashell mathematics won an internationally peer reviewed first prize in biology for the discovery of new physics laws governing optimum biological growth and development through space time, validating Kun Huang’s original premise. Recently it was discovered that the first bone created in the human embryo is the sphenoid bone and that it was currently changing its shape under the influence of the same physics forces controlling seashell evolution. The sphenoid, known in Alchemy as Golden Mean is in vibrational contact with the sea shell design of the inner ear. Niponites Mirabilis was designed to keep the creature upright in water and the design of the inner ear keeps humans upright on the land. The Science-Art Centre is now working on a project to generate a futuristic human survival simulation in order to deduce the nature of new human survival technologies.

Those corporations that introduce certain concepts and environmental initiatives as part of their day to day workings and budget are said to be engaging in what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). When Corporate Social Responsibility first emerged, people were sceptical that it was simply a case of spending money and not seeing any sort of monetary return and this was against the nature of many business people. As with a lot of new ideas, it took time for individuals and businesses to see the benefits and advantages of undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility and to see they ways in which it could positively affect their bottom line.

Today there are dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility organisations and divisions within both small, medium and large enterprises and the range of initiatives happening across the country in local communities is growing at a fast pace. CSR can mean anything from reducing or offsetting any negative impacts that a corporation may have on the environment and natural world, to educating children and young people about business and the responsibilities that go along with running a successful business. What people have realised is that yes, they have to give back and this is the whole point of CSR, but they can do so in a way that doesn’t cost them money and time but which actually increases profit margins and also allows these businesses to have influence in their local communities and build relationships with their customer base.

Many large businesses now work harder than ever to help their local community to build knowledge and passion for corporate social responsibility among the business community, in schools and amid the population in general. Corporations are much more aware of long term goals, of ensuring that they run a successful ship for many years and not just for the immediate future, they look forwards and keep their eyes open for ways to reduce or prevent any potentially destructive affects that their activities may have on the local community or on the UK as a whole. Those with CSR plans in place often go the extra mile with schemes surrounding everything from recycling, pollution reduction and ensuring that carbon footprints are as small as possible.

CSR has become a part of the makeup of many businesses, small or large and it is absolutely essential that influential businesses continue to promote related environmental initiatives and important work with the community.

Go online to find out more about Corporate Social Responsibility and any related environmental initiatives which are happening in your area.

Students taking social science courses write thesis as part of their class work The instructors give different guidelines for the students to follow when writing social science papers and thesis. The students are supposed to write social science papers according to the guidelines provided. Writing social science papers is not easy as the students face challenges. For example, the students do not have enough time to write social science papers. The students perform other tasks part from reading. This makes it difficulty for the students to write social science papers. Also, the students do not know the writing styles to use when writing social science papers. Students can use various styles like APA, MLA when writing social science papers. Most students find it hard to write papers using the writing styles. Most students get social science papers from custom writing companies. A custom writing company should have various qualities so as to be able to write social science papers.

First, the custom writing company should be able to write social science papers and deliver them on time. Students are required to prepare their social science papers early and submit them. The company should ensure the students get social science papers early. This will help the company guarantee students good performance. The custom writing company should avoid rush orders. So, students should order their social science papers early so as to give the writers enough time to write the social science papers.

In addition, the company should employ qualified writers. The writers in the company should have diverse degrees. For example, the writers should have expertise in law and business. This will enable the writers to provide quality services to the customers. The writers should be able to write social science papers according to the format given by the instructor. Social science papers should have an introduction , body and conclusion like other papers. The writers should first identify the research topic when writing social science papers. The research topic should be easy. It should be related to the course. After identifying the research topic, the writer should identify the thesis. Writing a social science thesis is not easy. The writer should ensure the social science thesis is relevant to the topic. The writer should develop the social science thesis well so as to ensure it meets all the requirement. In the introduction part of the social science papers, the writer should state the main aim of writing the thesis. Students write social science thesis for different reasons. So, the writer should ensure the reason stated meets the students reason. Also, the writer should give background information about the topic of the social science thesis. Giving background information helps the reader understand the paper.

In the body, the writer should state the thesis of the social science paper. Then develop the thesis well. He should use strong points to support the thesis of the social science paper. Students are supposed to use strong points to support their social science thesis, so the writer should use only strong points. The writers should ensure the social science papers have good flow and are not plagiarized. Plagiarism affects the content of the social science papers. This in turn influences students performance.
The custom writing company should have an online support system so as to provide better services. The system will allow the company to offer social science papers 24/7.

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Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept which suggests that commercial corporations must fulfil their duty of providing care to the society. For more information on CSR please visit:

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