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This short Library video will help you cite an Article from a Periodical in APA style.
Let’s use this example of an article that we found online.
To create a reference, we need to make sure that we have all of the information that is required for an article to be cited in APA style.
This includes Author, Year, Article Title, Journal Title, Volume, Issue and page numbers. This is the standard format.
First let’s find the author’s name.
Next, we need the year of publication.
Next, we need the article title.
… and the journal title.
Now, for the volume and issue.
Hmmm. Can’t find it? Where else can you look?
Let’s go back to our results where we found the article to see if it gives us more information.
There it is.
The page number is here, too.
When looking for bibliographic information to cite a journal article, check:
– First Page
– Footer
– Search Results Page
Online articles follow the same rules as printed articles. However, you also need to provide either the DOI or the URL so that your reader can find the source.
You can usually find the DOI on the first page of the electronic journal article in the header or footer.
If the electronic journal article doesn’t have a DOI use the URL of the journal homepage.
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This concludes the library video on how to cite an Article from a Periodical in APA style.
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This video explains how to use google scholar to find research papers to use as the background of your experiment and as sources in your paper.

Table of Contents:

00:08 – Types of sources
01:45 – Google Scholar
03:10 – Dowloading PDFs
04:10 – Using reference lists
05:25 – Using the “cited by” link
06:20 – Refining your search terms and using operators
07:50 – Using Wikipedia
08:55 – Using Science Daily