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> Content Creation: Nobody Loves it, But it Pays.

It’s not new that article marketing is an awesome strategy to get extremely targeted traffic from search engines, but the main problem you have to face when using this technique is that article writing involves lot of time (time you could be using to make cash!)

> Some Traditional Ways to Create Content…

1. Do It Yourself: Lot of people waste hours and hours writing articles. This is not bad, but it will be extremely boring and time consuming.

2. Buy Articles from a Ghostwriter: A recommended alternative, but only if you won’t need lots of articles per month. Otherwise, prepare to spend lot of money.

3. Work with Private Label Rights Articles: PLR articles generate lot of duplicate content, that’s why you need to rewrite them to avoid duplicate content problems.

> Automated Alternatives: Content Writing Tools, Rewriters and Spinners.

The best way to become a top marketer is by using automation (aka = software). Almost every top guru or big marketer uses some level of automation and this is the real key to get strong results.

Different Tools: Generators and Rewriters.

Content Generators: They help you easily build content on different subjects from zero. (ex: Instant Article Wizard or SAG).
Content Rewriters: Don’t need description here. The main thing to consider when looking for a rewriter is to get one that works by rewriting phrases, not words. Why? Because those that rewrite words usually don’t generate human readable content.

A final thing to take in consideration: Some tools create spinnable articles. This is really positive if you want to make lots of copies from 1 article (if you use tools that accept spinnable content like Magic Submitter or SeNuke etc, this will be a big time saver for you).

> Top Tools

There are 2 products that will help you automate your content generation: One is “Instant Article Wizard” and the other one is Smart Article Generator.

While IAW is a good tool, it’s only a Content Generator and it’s subscription based. On the other hand, SAG has more features (content generator, rewriter and spinner) and has no monthly fees.

One cool feature of SAG is that (if you want), it will rewrite your articles with spinnable format (so you can use with submission tools that support spinnable format). Highly Recommended.

SAG Url: Article Spinner Tool

When referring to the term wind spinners in my recent conversation with friends, the initial reaction that I got was them associating to wind turbines, wind energy and anything and everything that could be generated by wind energy. If you are reading this article, you and I both know that I am referring to a different one. Something related to outdoors, gardens, children, sheer fun and enjoyment. So someone who is not on the same page might ask, “So what are wind spinners?” Well to put it in the most laymen terms, they are simple garden wind ornaments. Now that might put an image in your head. In fact you might be recollecting how often you have seen a garden spinner and never knew what it was called but it made the place all the more bright and wonderful. You might also get the urge to step out and survey your neighbours garden or lawn to see if you can spot any right off the bat. Go ahead! I am pretty sure this article can wait! These decorations hold a lot more meaning than the simplicity that it portrays. They are whimsical and beautiful. There is no shortage of styles of designs. One little known fact is that these can be made on your own.

The basic concept of how one works is not rocket science. It is as simple as capturing the wind and when it spins, the design and style it is made in reflects something beautiful. They are amazing gift ideas. They are perfect for on the deck, porch or in a window. These are the perfect size for outdoor use as lawn ornaments in a tree branch, hook stand or hanging from a gazebo or arbour. A garden spinner makes a great lawn ornament at and above eye-level because of their beautiful ability to reflect the sun’s light almost anywhere you put them. It brings about this joy and happiness that is well needed to many in a world filled with so much worry and anxiety. One of the most amazing things about a wind spinner is that it captures something very natural to combine it with simple and complex creations and designs to bring out its essence. All it takes is a passion and a urge to bring out the vibrant and colourful side in you.

Now not everyone has the skill to make them. But one thing that we all love doing is enjoying the little pleasures of life. The innocence of little children is a greatly talked about topic. Innocence can be directly associated with a garden spinner. Children love them. Not only do children love them, so do adults. It adorns our gardens and captures the wind with the hope of bringing a smile to the passerby.

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