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After the blissful graduation in High school, majority of the graduates tend not to go to college anymore. Since the stressful lecture in high school is already paid off with a diploma, the youth will choose finding a job rather than attaining a degree and graduate college. It is acceptable why youth is viewing this way. Who says college life is easy? By just imagining how freaky can the professor be. The piled books you have to read, looks as if reading from alpha to omega. How stressful you life can be? But, oops, don’t get discouraged immediately. Hardships in college can be heartrending but somehow it can be funniest. Enjoy as you go through reading this article.

This article basically discusses the pitiful hardships encountered in college and the hilarious things you will be experiencing at this stage. Reserve your tears; I am not doing drama works here.

There is a saying that a situation will get worst at the worst possible time. This is true and often encountered in college life.

Situation 1
Just say for example the instructor announced an examination, you prepared and studied it diligently. You consume numerous sleepless nights for that examination. An hour before examination day you didn’t fight your sleeping eagerness and your classmate who also happened to be your board mate woke you up and told you how hard the exam is. Shocks! How sad could it be? Then you immediately went to the school without even washing your face. You apologized to the instructor and gave you another chance. He said that you should take the examinations now. You are so confident since you have studied and mastered the lesson. But, you don’t have your pen with you, oh come on. You have no other choice but to borrow a pen from your instructor. You can see the annoyed face of your instructor.

Situation 2
It is a common situation wherein you have a shorted budget. It is primarily due to a limited allowance either from your parents or from scholarship grants. Budgeting of the money should be done and don’t spend beyond the allowance you have. You have no money eft in your wallet, and you can’t even buy your self a lunch. Thank God for your friendliness. You happened to have a friend who doesn’t consume all his lunch. Aha! You eat along with him. It’s a sad scenario, but here you got to get along with your friend wherein you can share your problems, and you can laugh out on things together.

Situation 3
When the examinations are over, the left problem is your grades. This is the toughest part of college. If you fail from the subject, this can affect whatever scholarship grants you have. You applied really hard to get the grants, and you can just enjoy it for a short time? You won’t let this happen. The instructor told you that the passers will be posted, just be attentive. You didn’t see your name in the postings. You did not pass. It’s like tearing your heart. You requested the teacher to have removal exams. You are still experiencing sleepless nights again. And then you passed.

College life may be tough but it can be more fun depending on how you view the situation. A successful college student is someone who works and study hard but never forget to be socialize.

This article was written by Ian Watson who is a passionate writer and author. You may view more of his articles on this subject by going to his website located at garants for Adults. Ian Watson also writes about many other subjects and is a published writer with almost a dozen websites.

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