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Today, I am going to continue where I had left off and look at more advantages of natural one-way inbound links that is obtained through article submission.

The Number of Backlinks to Your Website Will Multiply Quickly.

Article submission directories allow both webmasters and search engine crawlers access to an avalanche of high-quality articles. This will mean with a single article, you can generate traffic over and over again. Web masters are allowed to republish articles from these article directories for free with the condition that they need to include everything that is contained in the original article’s author resource box including the link in your anchor text. In addition, your search engine page ranking will also be boosted. All this leads to traffic for your website or blog. Article sites exist for a reason – to provide other webmasters with access to free, quality content.

It Is Fast.

Ir is only logic for you to want to build upon the links and ultimately, traffic and page ranking of your website or blog You want to build traffic and page rank as rapidly as possible. Compared to link exchanges and two-way linking requests, one-way links are much faster. While reciprocal and two-way linking can prove to be effective long-term SEO strategies, they require a lot of time and effort. Article submission will result in fast organic one-way links for you. Therefore, by writing articles today, you can start experiencing increase in traffic to your website in no time.

You Can Maximize Your Home Based Business Time.

Either by personally writing or outsourcing your article writing, you can save a lot of time and that is basically all you need to invest. Wouldn’t it be great if your articles are generating traffic for you while you concentrate your efforts on other aspects of your business?

Your Articles Can Create A Viral Effect.

If and when your articles are well-written and contain what is termed as value information, your readers will recommend it to others on their own and thus creating a viral effect in return on its own resulting in even more traffic for you.

I hope you have had a clear picture on how article submission to article directories will benefit your home based business. Until next time..

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In this tutorial; you will learn about –

– How to find the best article directories.
– How to construct your articles to get approved.

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While using an article submission service, it is important to use a well established and skilled service provider to meet the needs. This service requires enormous amount of skill and strategy to get the website into top rankings in various search engines.

Article submission services mainly encourage manually submitted works. Well written articles are submitted to various directories manually. Submitting an article to the directory might consume a lot of time and hence submitting the articles through a good submission services takes less time of the user. The problems like acceptance and denials will be handled by them by editing and re-submitting them.

The service is pretty cheap for if you are an internet marketing professional having tons of work. Duplicate articles are not encouraged at all and software are used in order to check ‘copy-paste’ duplications. Most of the services are user friendly and do not involve much complications. They do not ask for an advance or a subscription. However there are some sites which do so.

Most article submission services employ experts who know how to manage the language well and also are experienced in the field. The submission, like other strategies of SEOs increase traffic to the website and thereby causes an increase in sales. This can increase the reputation of the company, trust and other important factors that can help with the smooth and healthy functioning of the company.

At the end of the article that gives information about a particular thing, there will be a link to divert the user to the website. This does the job for the owner of the website because majority of the clicks result in a sale. This method is very efficient and will get you long term benefits. Even though article writing services prefer native speakers of English, people who are good in English are also taken in to write articles according to the customer’s needs.

Article submission service is one of the most important steps in optimizing your website for maximum visibility. Click here to see a recommended  Article submission service

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Affiliate marketing is a super simple way to make money from home without even having your own website. You can promote other people’s products by writing articles and submitting them to article websites, this is called Article Marketing.

I have recently been using a product called Profit Miracle that is an Article Writing and Submission Automation Software tool. The power of article writing is that it will allow you to quickly build yourself an extremely huge amount of passive and even residual income. The wonderful thing about using the Profit Miracle Software is that it makes the whole process very simple and completely automated. You don’t have to know how to write a great article and you don’t have to spend hours and hours or days and days learning something new. This software will write the articles for you and give you a list of sites to submit them to. It also gives you lots of different profitable niches to promote. The products you will be promoting are all in high demand and always stay in demand so it makes it simple to make money with your own home business.

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Free SEO Tool - Simple Article Submission Tips – free seo tool that allows you to speed up your article submission.
Video Rating: / 5 Everyone wants his online business to grow and grow. If you want to take a huge step in that direction, you simply need to harness the two most important article wizards: Article submission services and SEO. Traffic will not only grow, but explode, and your rankings on search engines will put a huge smile on your face.

What is Unique Article Wizard all about?

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What kind of content does Article Builder produce?

Excellent question! Article Builder produces high quality articles built around the topics and keywords that you give it. It’s different from the old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, though.

The old PLR gives every member the EXACT SAME ARTICLES. Even if they are high quality, they’re not different at all! That’s not good for ranking in the search engines — even if you’re only using the articles to build backlinks to your site.

Article Builder is different. Each article is built by weaving together snippets to build an article based on your category and subtopic choices. Since we have tens of thousands of categorized snippets in the database, every time you generate an article, it’s different!

But what do we mean by “high quality”?

See video, examples and complete details here:
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In the world of Internet today, it has become so much easier to make your work get noticeable. And like every other kind of service and product, the internet is also an excellent way to publish your written materials. Online publication has not only benefited those who are interested in serious writing projects, but also those who want to submit their articles daily on any topic that they write on. So if you have any seo services firm that you wish to launch, or want a larger section of users to notice it, then you may write an article on it, explaining its function, characteristics and advantages. It may be said that it is a more elaborate form of advertising. Then when it is published online, a user who is looking for information on that particular kind of product reads it and is benefited.

So how is the person writing the article benefited? He or she has to submit there articles to particular agencies and companies who will publish their articles on their site, under the category that the topic of discussion of your article belongs to. This again can be done in 3 ways.

Either you yourself choose to write on any particular topic and sell your article to the companies. Or, you have a previous tie- up with the company, which agrees to accept and publish your articles regularly, promoting your brand in the process and both are benefited. Or the company specifically instructs you regarding the kind of articles that they wish to publish on their sites, and you write tem accordingly.

It is up to you to decide that which form of Link building services would you like to work on.

Many people wonder that how come their articles would be read among the hundreds of thousands of articles written and published everyday. This is done by the use of keywords. The keywords that you choose for the article have to be Search Engine friendly. That is, whenever a particular user types the topic for which he is looking for information, your article would be the one to come in the first few hits that the engine throws back. The more user-friendly the keywords, the more are the chances of your articles figuring near the top of the list. And that obviously means more readerships of your articles.

Writing for article submission can be a very rewarding full and part time profession. It is convenient as it can be done from home and also has flexible hours, which means its perfect if you want to do it along with following another vocation. It offers the potential for variety as you will find yourself dealing with subjects as wide ranging as pond solutions and realty to escorts and Nintendo games. It is a great way to utilize your English or media degree while waiting to land the plum job as it is to keep your creative juices flowing while trying your hand at an alternative profession.

When writing for article submission, the guidelines are both commonsensical and simple. Here are a couple of easy pointers to start you of.

Remember that you are writing to audiences who have specifically tried to find the subject that you are writing about. These readers know what they want from your article and so it is very important to let them know that you have it. This means clearly stating what the article is about in the first paragraph.

Make sure the subject or the keyword is mentioned at least once in the first five lines and make sure you have a perspective on the subject. So if you are writing about Cape Town real estate dont start with a touristy description of the Capes sights but rather use the first paragraph to give your view point on Cape Town real estate.

Another good point is to keep it simple. A fellow article writer once told me that you should write as if you are trying to reach out to a reader from the tenth grade. Use simple sentences where possible, stick to short concise paragraphs and start a new paragraph at the end of every point. Each paragraph is best kept at three or four sentences.
Writing for article submission sites is a rewarding job if you stick to the rules. Keep it simple, know yours subject and give anecdotes wherever you can to engage with your audience.
Remember to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation thoroughly. Proof-check your article multiple times and get a second opinion if possible. Also make sure the most interesting bits in the article are in the beginning to help your editors trim if needed. Lastly summarize your points in a neat succinct manner thus ensuring that you have managed what you set out to do in the first question or statement.

Find more information relating to Street Articles, and article directory here.

Are you one of those article marketers who spend so much time manually submitting your copies to directories? Do you wish you can cut your submission time without sacrificing quality? Well then, here are some tips on how you can make the whole process organized:

First thing to do is to create an excel file that contains all the links of all the directories where you would like your articles to be published. Prioritize those sites that have high page ranking and those that are usually visited by online users. Clicking on the links instead of manually typing the name of the sites will surely help you save some time. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to submit your articles to all existing article directories in the online arena. You can just ignore those that are not indexed by major search engines as they cannot help you get the kind of exposure you need.

Organize your articles. List down all the requirements of article directories that you plan to use and use these as your guide when writing your articles.

If you want to get your articles published on ezinearticles for example, you would want to start your articles with a summary followed by the title. You can then continue writing your article content. After that, list down the keywords that you’re targeting followed by your resource box. Doing this will help you avoid from going back and forth. Instead of typing the same information over and over again, you can just copy and paste.

Read the terms of service of article directories. The last thing that you would like to happen is to get your articles rejected. You surely don’t want to waste your time revising and resubmitting them, right? So, do the process right the first time. Before you start manually distributing your articles, read and understand the requirements of different directories and make sure that you follow them religiously. What I did when I was just starting out is I made quick notes of the do’s and don’ts of major directories. This really helped.

Submit your articles to specific, most appropriate categories. Publish your articles under the most appropriate categories so they’ll become much easier to find online. For example, if you’re writing about ice cube diet, you should place your articles under health and fitness: Diets instead of just health and fitness.

Check your articles. Before you click that submit button, make sure that your articles are free from grammar and spelling errors. Also, ensure that they do not contain links or blatant ads. They must also be well-written and not copied from other online or offline resources. Your articles must contain at least 300 words and they must not contain unacceptable content such as terrorism, gambling, etc.

Always check the email that you’re using on article directories. These sites usually send confirmation email once your articles have been published. They also send email if your articles were rejected and will advice you on how to your revise your articles so they’ll meet their requirements.

By the way, do you want to learn more? If so, go here to begin learning: how to write an effective email commerce city roofing