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You might know a lot about your field but if you want to be an expert in article marketing, then you need to feel the pulse of your target. An expert physician knows the patient’s disease by just feeling the pulse for a minute. Here are some tips to help you develop this expertise.

• Timing: It is important to know the people’s problems and to give solutions in the articles, but it is far more important to time your articles at the right moment. For instance, if you are writing about keeping your garden free from snow and publishing it in the summer season, your article is not going to be read by many. Time is very crucial and you should consider whether your article is timely. For instance, if you are a medical practitioner, you can write on how to take precautions against swine flu and expect a wide readership for your article.

• Community: Forums and message boards are great places to know what people are discussing. Someday, you will find a specific topic being discussed by many people. That gives you the opportunity to write an article on it and share it with the community. Strike when the iron is hot. Many times, discussion topics change several times during the same day. If you are able to find some common pattern, then you can write one article on that too. Speed is of utmost importance. The same article might not be hot topic tomorrow. However, it depends on the topic and you will be able to make a wise judgment on that.

• Fads and Trends: People always get attracted to what is latest. Fads and fashions have a great power to seduce people because they promise something new from the ordinary. If you are able to latch on to these fads and write something on them, then you are be rest assured that people will read your article like hot cakes. You must therefore keep track of the trends by reading more about your subject from current books and periodicals.

• Past Queries: Sometimes, digging into the past can give you some gems. Keep a note of all the queries you have received from your business through site, email or phone. Try to see if there are some issues that might be of current interest and address them through an article. There are always those who are new to the field and giving basic information is very useful, not just the cutting edge information for advanced users.

Finally, tweak your articles for better search engine optimization. Include relevant keywords, make the title stand out and use good examples.

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