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What if you discovered a simple 3 step system that you can use today to boost your skills for better article marketing? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Attractive titles.

Step 2 – The inverted pyramid arrangement of words.

Step 3 – Cross checking of content.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Attractive titles.

A prospective client’s interest in your article might depend solely on the first impression that he may get from your article’s title. If a client is impressed with the content that you use to describe your article then it is safe to say that half the battle is won. Once the heading part of the article is sorted out we can move on to the structuring of the article.

Step 2 – The inverted pyramid arrangement of words.

The arrangement of words describing your article should follow what many may call the “inverted pyramid structure”. By inverted pyramid structure what we mean is that to start with the first paragraph should consist of much more matter and the amount of words can be reduced for next paragraph. Once the content is completed we need to read through the article.

Step 3 – Cross checking of content.

It’s always advisable to read through the article just to be sure of the quality of the matter that has been entered. Some may feel this step to be time consuming or unnecessary but even for experts of this field it is required for them to proofread to avoid any errors. You will be amazed at the number of mistakes that you can uncover after cross reading of your article and also to avoid any embarrassment that you could have caused to yourself or your business due to them.

It is important to get started using the above information starting today.

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If you’re looking for great ways to generate free and long-term traffic to your website, you should look into the possibilities of Article Marketing. This is a great way to naturally optimize your web pages in terms of getting top rankings in popular search engines. The principle here is simple: the more significant your articles are to the queries, the better they rank in the listings.

Information is a must

While it’s not a bad idea to sprinkle popular keywords in your article, Article Marketing is really more than just sneaky spamming techniques. You should invest your energies in producing top quality articles that actually have significant content. Remember, you’re not just optimizing your pages for search engine crawlers here. You’re essentially trying to impress human readers, first of all.

Catchy Title

It’s not enough that your articles provide necessary information about a chosen topic or product. You should also deliver your articles in the best way you know how, and this delivery prowess should begin from the title. Remember, information travels fast on the internet, and you’d want to come up with competitive ways to catch your readers’ attention. Try to be as original and clever as you can when titling your articles online. Make sure that they’re also optimized for search engines, and that they contain the necessary keywords.

Short and simple

Have you ever listened to someone who took an hour to tell a story which could have been told in five minutes? Well, trying to read a long winded article about a very simple topic on the screen can be doubly irritating. This is because it’s even harder to read on-screen than in-print. As much as possible, you should write short but meaty articles when you’re into Article Marketing. Writing fluid but compact articles on your website make you sound more of an authority on the subject matter too.

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‘Describe your weaknesses please’ or ‘what are your weaknesses?’ is probably one of the most common interview questions and undoubtedly one of the most troubling for most interviewees.

There is common belief that tells that you should never expose a weakness of yours if you want to pass an interview. Moreover, you should be smart and cunning and present a strength in disguise such as ‘perfectionism’ or ‘stubbornness’ or ‘finding it hard to strike a work-life balance -I tend to work too much’ as a weaknesses of yours. That should do the trick.

We all seem to think there is an unwritten code and that in fact the interviewer expects such an answer. Better yet, if we were to actually disclose a weakness, chances are we would be disqualified at that very point in the interview.

If this is indeed the case, then what is the point of asking this question in the first place? Is it written in some ‘interviewer protocol’? If both the interviewer and interviewee no the ‘correct’ answer to this question what is the point?

The fact of the matter is that this question is in fact a key interview question and there is no agenda behind it. When the interviewer asks ‘can you describe your weaknesses?’, they mean exactly that.

So does this mean you have to tell him/her that you are intolerant and at times suffer from panic attacks? Or you have serious trouble accepting any sort of criticism? Or you find it hard to sit down and get to work every morning? Or that you have a nasty habit of daydreaming? The answer to these questions is definitely NO!

When describing a weakness of yours the first thing to do is imagine your self in a work environment. There is no point in bringing up weaknesses that are exposed when socializing with friends or at home; these environments are irrelevant to the work one and the interviewer has no interest in them (or at least should not have…).

Assuming you are an intelligent person aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, you probably know better then anyone around you what are your weaknesses and what are your biggest challenges.

Failure and weaknesses are human – we all failed in the past and we all have our weaknesses (including the interviewer…). This is all part of life. The main distinction between those that fail and those that pass this interview question is our ability to learn from our mistakes, acknowledge our weaknesses, embrace them and show how we strive to improve them.

Demonstrate to the interviewer you can face this question head on. Name a real weakness of yours and show how you strive to improve it. Moreover, in many cases a weakness is a strength in disguise.

For example a person who is ‘talkative’ may be a very good ‘negotiator’. A person who is not very ‘sociable’ is very ‘conscientious’ and does not like to be distracted at work.

In fact, when describing a real weakness and showing how you are working hard to improve it, or better yet demonstrating how it can actually work to your benefit – you are likely to impress the interviewer.

If you claim that ‘perfectionism’ is a weakness, not only is the interviewer unlikely to be impressed; you are likely to compromise your credibility and reduce your chances of success.

When asked to describe your weaknesses – do not avoid the question and do not hesitate or be reluctant to answer it. You are expected to answer it not avoid it. Face the challenge and expose a real weakness of yours.

Do not expose a weakness which is irrelevant to the work environment or a weakness that can seriously compromise your chances of success; yet be honest and sincere. Show that you are aware of your weaker qualities and that you in fact are trying to learn from them and improve your ways; demonstrate that you are a worthy and serious candidate.

Weaknesses that you may wish to disclose at a job interview:

• Suspicion
• Criticism
• Being too demanding
• Controlling
• Lack of humor
• Being too sensitive
• Lack of assertiveness (for IT professionals such as programmers)

Think of this interview question as an opportunity to show the interviewer what you are really ‘made of’ and you are on the path to success.

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In this article I am about to reveal what is arguably the #1 most significant secret to a fulfilling and a happy and successful marriage.

First of all, let us define successful. Some consider that a couple that remains married for a long period as having a “successful” marriage. That is far far from the truth. The fact is that many, many couples remain married for the very same reasons that many, many couples get married in the first place… FEAR. That’s right, fear of separation. Fear of starting over again. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of finding someone else. Fear of not having the security of knowing that somebody is there in their life (rather they’re fulfilled or not). Fear of being yet another divorce statistic. Fear of breaking the marriage vows of staying together “till death do us part”.

So just because a couple may have been married for 31 years that does NOT mean that they have a “successful” marriage.

Success at anything can best be defined by a fulfillment of ones goals. For example if a person says that they’re goal is to run in the next marathon, and they actually run in it then they have succeeded (rather they actually complete the entire run or not). It was still an admiral goal they set and they did run in it and they should be proud of their success. It is something the vast majority of other people would NEVER do.

If another says that their goal is to complete the marathon race and they actually complete it then they were a success. They were successful at completing their goal.

If another says that their goal is to win the next marathon, they will only have succeeded if they actually WIN it. There is only one winner. To succeed, they have to come in first place. If they come in second place then they achieved something admiral… but they did NOT succeed. Again… success is the fulfillment of one’s goal and purpose.

Nobody get’s married with a goal of staying married. They’re goal is to have a happy and fulfilling life with this other person. The only successful marriages are those where both in the relationship are happy, content and fulfilled. A couple who has been miserably married for 20 years is NOT an example of a successful marriage just because neither has the gumption to get out of the hell which has become their married life, (sometimes since before the honeymoon).

So this report is not about how to stay in a bad marriage (and remain miserable, depressed, unfilled and oftentimes…unfaithful). NO, this is about the SECRET to a happy and fulfilled and therefore successful marriage.

This secret is so simple and yet so obvious that many of you may be disappointed in it’s simplicity. It is nothing profound and yet …it is profoundly simple and true.

Many couples go to marriage counselors and couples therapy trying to fix bad or even ruined and irreparable marriages. For those couples this secret isn’t going to help them much. They should have learned this secret a long time ago… before they even got married.

You see, it’s extremely difficult to put something back together that was never quite together to begin with. Often, it was broken from the onset and now you want to fix it.

There are many reasons that people get married:

* Desperation
* Insecurities
* Need
* Greed
* Free sex
* Want kids
* Lonely
* Want stability
* Getting older… “Don’t want to grow old alone.”
* Pregnancy “It’s for the kids”

All of the reasons above, 100% of them are BAD reasons to get married.

It is astounding to see the foolish thinking that is prevalent today. There are many people, once they make up their mind that they want to get married will then marry the first person who stumbles across their path and is equally determined and equally desperate. Often they set their standard so low it’s as if the only qualification is a ‘willingness’ to “commit”.

Having said all of that I will now reveal to you THE SECRET to a successful marriage. It far surpasses anything else you will ever hear or learn about this subject. THE SECRET is this… ((drum roll please)) …MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON!

That’s it folks. THAT is the “secret”, Marry the Right person in the first place… and everything else can work itself out!

The “right” person means the RIGHT person for you. And it is critical that you know that they are the right person for you ONLY if you also are the right person for them.

Fellas’ you may have a picture in your mind and an image of the girl of your dreams but you must also be the man of her dreams …or that dream may turn into a nightmare. Same for the ladies, the man whom you envision as your knight in shining amour must also see you as his Queen.

Marriage is really not that difficult at all if you followed this secret to begin with. If you marry the right person you don’t have to spend your entire relationship trying to make that person into whom you want or need them to be.

If you’re single then I say …hold out for the right person. Do not compromise on it. Set your standards high and do not deviate from them.

But I also must say that a problem with many marriages is that people only look for what they want and what and who they envision as being the right type of person for them. You must also consider that you must also be what that other person really and truly wants also. Many marriages fail because this is neglected.

Fella’s, you want a younger, sexy, beautiful woman? That’s fine…but your primary requirement must be that she…in spite of the fact that she has numerous options and will always be hit on almost daily if she’s really truly “hot”…will be content with YOU. If not… then she is NOT the right person… even if you can get her to marry you.

You women who want a guy who is popular, rich, famous… that’s your right to desire that. But you’d better make sure that you are what he really and truly wants as well.

You want him for his popularity, wealth and fame? Well women like you are a dime a dozen. There is no scarcity there, he can replace you in a heartbeat.

If you’re truly serious then take a look down the road…. consider the future. If they are the right person for you but will not be the right person for you down the road… and you know it, then they are NOT the right person for you and you are not the right person for them. Do not use marriage to fulfill your temporary needs. Look for Mr. Or Mrs Right …not for Mr. Or Mrs Right Now.

This article is only for people that are serious about love and marriage. All the game players and people that just want to use the institution of marriage to fulfill your ulterior motives… I have nothing to say to you at all other than… I wish you the worst. To the rest… the sincere folk, good luck! But rather you’re looking for true love or just want to have fun there is truly nothing like using chat rooms to find exactly the type person that is perfectly suited for you… and most people are just missing out on the opportunities here because nobody has ever shown them how to use chat rooms to find your true love online.

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