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How safe is the food you’re eating? Do you know what went into it? According to a January 9, 2009 article by Sarah Hills of The Food Navigator, titled, “Food Terrorism Tops 2009 Safety Scare List”, she quotes her source, Bill Marler as saying, “Food safety will be a major concern for President-elect Barack Obama after his inauguration this month, and it is a vital part of the overall health of our country and our economy.

Mr. Maler, who is a food safety advocate and managing partner of the law firm Marler/Clark, represents the victims of food-borne illness outbreaks, and is claiming that there has been a continued rise of the potentially fatal bug, E. Coli. According to his firm, economic terrorism and deadly strains of E. Coli are among the main food supply issues that manufacturers could face in the United States in 2009.

According to this article, Mr. Maler continues to say, “Top of the list (of issues Obama will need to deal with) is the globalization of the food supply, including the possibility of economic or chemical terrorism…which is the intentional adulteration of the food supply…” He adds, “This year there will be more international recalls and outbreaks due to the expanding globalization of the food supply.” There will be more “challenges of oversight/infrastructure in developing countries, which include bioterroism, where harmful biological substances are intentionally used to create widespread illness and fear, as well as economic/chemical terrorism.” He also predicted outbreaks linked to local food and/or farmers markets and more contamination events involving the whole food chain, from animal feed, to animals, to humans. Mr. Maler goes on to say, “The new Obama administration will be facing enormous challenges.” These statements mirror another sensational statement made by Joe Biden back in October of 2008, when he said that, “Obama would have to undergo an ordeal during his first six months of his presidency. And that is would be the time of a very serious international crisis!” Although a cryptic remark, what was he eluding to? No one really knows, but the potential of a biological attack on our food supply is plausible.

According to French and Israeli intelligence reports, if America goes to war with Iran, “they” can expect a swift retaliation against the remaining American food supply by Iranian agents. The former U.S. Health Secretary, Tommy Thompson, worried about this before leaving office in 2003, when he stated, “I, for the life of me, cannot understand why terrorists have not attacked our food supply, because it is so easy to do.”

The possibility of bio-attacks upon the American food supply is becoming an all too real scenario! We must take action and prepare for these possibilities… in our families and communities. We need to be obtaining and consuming healthy foods if we’re to be fit enough to survive what may come.

In order to know that the food we are consuming is healthy food, we must know where it came from, and what went into it. Also, the more “processed” a food, the less likely it will contain any real food value. This doesn’t even take into account food which has been purposefully contaminated. Therefore, when in doubt, choose food which has been less tampered with, for example, raw food.

Another solution is to grow your own food and can or preserve the food you have raised. This way, you know exactly what you are getting. In this way, you can assure yourself and your family of getting the most nutritious food possible. Plus, you might have extra to barter with, give away, or sell.

The bottom line is this: To the degree that we can control exactly what goes into the food we are eating, is the degree that we can remain unaffected by any food contamination going on around us–whether accidental or on purpose.

So, lets get involved in becoming the fittest we can be–and not leave it up to somebody else. This way we can be assured of “surviving” come what may.

C.L. Carr has been living off the grid and practicing self-sufficiency for many years. For tips and guidelines pertaining to the issues addressed in this article and many other, please visit or

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