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PCM’s Erica Olsen sits down with Rick Hermann, Director of Education for Intel, to discuss the digitalization of the American education system and what technology vendors are doing to help schools to make headway for the future.
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Kids these days don’t know how good they have it. Ellen proved exactly that when she asked these kids to give their opinion of some outdated devices.
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Technology is revolutionizing the way Americans communicate and conduct business; yet, it has been slow to really take foot in our schools curriculum’s. Up until recently, technology has been introduced to students as an elective versus a complete integration and redefining of the way students are taught. The fact of the matter is, today, children are growing up in a world much different from what their parents and grandparents experienced. It is a world of computers, software, and wireless access to information on-the-fly. It is a world that requires a different set of skills to succeed; thus, it may be worth your while to investigate the role technology plays in your child’s schooling.

Studies show that the use of technology in the classroom is highly beneficial to students and teachers. Not only does it prepare students for the “real world,” it improves many skills that might not otherwise be fully cultivated. Because technology is so highly valued in America, students that become familiar and quite good at using it feel a sense of accomplishment, which improves self-esteem. When using technology, students are more likely to share their experiences with other students, promoting peer-to-peer tutoring and reducing the pressure teachers feel when being the only source of student assistance. In addition, students learn that there are numerous ways to solve problems and identify with how what they are learning actually applies to life outside of school.

Of course schools are limited by time and money, making it difficult to introduce anything new, especially expensive technologies that need constant maintenance and upgrades. However, if schools look at their overall program and revaluate how to accomplish the same tasks while utilizing technology, there may be more room to maneuver than originally thought. A parent’s best bet is to figure out how open the school is to change and how actively they are perusing these changes. Thus, when the opportunities arise to incorporate technology, the school will be more likely to embrace them.

Following are a list of questions that may be helpful in evaluating the technology initiatives at your child’s school:

o Is the use of technology in the classroom a school policy or an individual decision made by the teacher?

o What computer and technology skills are teachers expected to know?

o Are teachers provided training on popular and new technologies on a regular basis?

o What type of projects will my child be required to complete that promote the use of technology?

o Does the school have a computer lab or does each class have a single computer students are expected to share?

o What precautions are taken to ensure student safety when surfing the Web?

While it is important for schools to have an open mind about the use of technology in the classroom, parents need to support the efforts made by the school. Ask your child’s teacher and principal about the roadblocks and challenges they face in implementing the changes that would encourage the use of technology. There may be some things you can do on your end to spread up the process, be it educating other parents on the issue, donating money, or expressing your concerns to the school superintendent. Whatever you do, stay realistic about your expectations and keep the lines of communication open.

Dana Matas is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit School Rankings – Private and Public

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MISY427 video debating the main points of Nicholas Carr’s article “IT doesn’t matter.”

Martin Giancarli debating for the advancement of I.T. in business.
Joel Dixon debating against the advancement of I.T. in business.
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CNC or Computer numerical controlled technology is a sort of a pc manufacturing technology that makes use of computer know-how to automate production procedures. To get the specified output of production process a pc aided design (CAD) have to be generated. The CAD design is then fed into a computer and is linked to the CNC machining unit. The CNC machine then outputs the design onto the raw materials. The output may include cutting of the raw materials, joining of the parts, welding pieces of the raw materials, curving, bending or any other desired output. More recent technology such as the Optimation nesting CNC software enable more optimal use of raw materials. By calculating and computing the best possible way of outputting the design onto the raw materials, such CNC software enables maximum use of the raw materials and minimum wastage.

The Origin Of CNC

The initial forms of system aided production was started around the early 19th century. But, this was at a really primary level. Over time, the technology was augmented to incorporate other extra complex procedures of production by world war I, the computer aided technology was in a more complex state. The use of Numerical controlled manufacturing was started by John T. Parsons in mid 1940s when he used stamped metal processes in manufacturing helicopter parts. In later years, MIT university sort to advance this technology and used advanced machining to achieve more accurate numerical control. In the years that followed, use of the NC on automated manufacturing became a standard in advanced manufacturing. The advent of the computers led to further automation of the process. CNC software enabled more complex designs to be fed into the CNC machines and achieve very complex outputs that were otherwise not possible. Today, advanced CNC software such as the optimation software not only enable the output of complex designs but also enable an optimization of the raw materials to ensure least wastage and highest possible productivity.

Reasons Many Love CNC Machining

One is going to benefit a lot when one uses CNC machining and nesting software particularly. Because the techniques of slicing and joining raw material is now partly automatic, 1 is going to have a thorough and nearly excellent finish in the final products. Furthermore, you get to predict the amount of raw materials that you will use and therefore there is less wastage as opposed to other manufacturing processes. The automated way of manufacturing also ensures that there is more human safety in the manufacturing process, here is faster and more controlled output of manufacturing products and the computerized outputs also ensure that there is a more superior and uniform output attained.

What Is not So Nice About CNC Machining

Despite the fact that the CNC know-how has multiple benefits for the manufacturing sector, most of the small and medium size fabrication outlets might not afford the CNC machining and the CNC software like the optimization software. What this implies is that quite a majority of fab shops still carry out these jobs manually. They have handheld machines they utilize in cutting several supplies when producing. In most outsourcing manufacturing units in the far east nations, there is reduced use of CNC machinery and CNC software as labor is cheap and they avoid spending on the expensive optimation software and CNC machines to keep their costs low.

Optinest is a leading supplier of CNC Software among other CNC machining supplies. Our Optimation software has been rewarded for being one of the most ideal for output optimization and increased productivity. You can find out more on the software by following the links to our website.

How has technology influenced how people watch, play and officiate sports?
This is a project for Introduction to Information Studies at the University of Michigan
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Areas of Technology: Biotechnology

This video is an assignment from my online computer class CIST 1001 at Gwinnett Technical College. My sister Xiomara performed the filming.

I do not claim copyright over any of the information that I transmitted in this video. This is a research assignment and the links below are the sources of information I compiled in order to create this video:
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This will be the future technology that will blow your mind,
Is it really possibe?
Is this true?
Will it be possible?
To know the reality we need to wait and watch..

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Some people might say that art is dying. Art has changed completely over the course of time. It is a rare breed to find a portrait artist that can make a living from his work. Portrait painting is just not as popular as it once was which means that great portraits are hard to come by. Others would argue that art is just as popular, but not in the same forms as the past. People have changed from making marble statues and sculptures to graphic designs and movies. Art can take many different forms. It is all just a matter of how you view it.

Technology has changed a lot over the course of art history. Certain things can only be as nice as the tools that you have to use. Making a sculpture with outdated tools will seriously limit your capabilities. So in a world where many devices are so readily available, it is easier for those who do sculpt to have the best technology. Another way in which technology has changed art is developing new forms. The best example of that is graphic design. Now in the modern world of computers, people can create images through different programs that are truly captivating. Some would argue that it is not really art because the programs can give so much assistance. You do need to have that creative mind and eye to develop any type of art, whether it is by hand or computer.

Movies are a much debated form of art. Many movies can be classified as great works of art because of the different filming techniques and special effects that are used. The way that films can evoke such emotions makes them truly something special. If you or someone you know is skeptical of films as art, indie films or older movies usually serve as great examples. These are all about the true art of film making, not about making money like many of the major Hollywood movie companies. Sometimes you see how the whole public can appreciate the artistic nature of a movie. On special occasions an indie film will breakthrough and have popular success across the nation. These are the types of films that really reach the people.

One thing that is hard to argue is the importance of art. It speaks to the culture of an era. Art shows not only how the human mind thinks and works, but how the world has affected the people at that time. Art is full of feeling, whether it is the pain or happiness in a person’s heart. It is a way for future generations to get a feel of the people that had come before them. There would be something seriously wrong with humanity if we let art die.

Connor R. Sullivan has been searching for the perfect portrait artist to give to his wife a portrait of their children as an anniversary gift. His love of portrait painting extends to when he was a young man and painted historic portraits of wartime in America.