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Creating a great Textbroker writing sample isn’t necessarily a difficult thing. In fact, I’ll share my 11 best tips to create something Textbroker reviewers will love. However, I cannot guarantee your success. I can only show you the path; you still need to walk it.

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In this Textbroker writing sample video, I go over:
1. Pick Something Your Passionate About
Choosing a topic you know inside and out will make the sample easier to write. And since Textbroker gives you quite a bit of leeway in this example, the hardest part is picking your favorite. Just don’t overthink the process.

2. Try Not to Use the Same Words too Often
Using the same words too often can create a bit of an awkward read. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, such as writing a tutorial. But you should still try to use other relevant terms instead. Personally, I try not to use the same noun more than once inside of three consecutive sentences.

3. Never End a Sentence with “It”
While it might be sociably acceptable to end a sentence with “it” when talking to friends and family, you should refrain when creating your Textbroker writing sample. It’s a poor choice of words to end a sentence, and some clients may actually ask for a revision.

4. Never End a Sentence with a Preposition
Ending a sentence with a preposition isn’t necessarily a bad thing when being less formal. However, from a professional writer standpoint, you don’t want use a preposition to finish of a sentence. It simply looks out of place.

5. Never Use the Same Word to Start or End Two Consecutive Sentences
Using the same word to start or end two sentences or more in a row leads to an awkward layout. It creates issues when reading and has potential to cause confusion when a reader identifies the same word in the same location of conjoined sentences.

6. Watch the Comma Usage
Textbroker reviewers are big on tagging authors for comma usage. Learn how to add these to your writing sample by taking a few moments in Google. Learning all you can about AP style English and comma usage will save you quite a few headaches later on down the road.

7. Use Headers to Break up Paragraphs When Applicable
Add at least one header within your Textbroker writing sample. Because headers play such an important role in SEO and readability, reviewers want to make sure you know how to properly use them.

8. Try to Keep Your Sentences Below 20 Words Long
Refrain from writing sentences that are more than 20 words. This improves readability and can help you score well when there is less of a chance to screw up regarding grammar.

9. Try to Keep Paragraphs to Two to Three Sentences Long
You don’t want to create a wall of text as your writing sample. It reads poorly and can seem overwhelming to viewers, especially people who are reading the content from a smartphone.

10. Don’t Add Filler or Fluff
Don’t try to reach a specific word count by adding words and content that have no bearing on the topic. Every sentence of your Textbroker writing sample needs to support the subject matter. Using filler or fluff to expand the word count can even lead to a star demotion in Textbroker.

11. Keep the Flesch Reading Ease Score Above 60
Keeping the Flesch Reading Ease Score above 60 means the content is easier to read. It performs better in terms of search engine optimization, improves reader engagement and is far easier to write in most cases.

Writing Sample Tips for Your Textbroker Profile:

My Writing Sample Example:

Example Prepositions:

Tests Document Readability:

Grammarly’s Free Checker:

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Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Most of your articles will require some kind of formatting like h1 tags h2 tags, bold, italic, hyperlinked text, bulleted and numbered lists.

This is a brief tutorial on how to do these formats both inside and outside of the Textbroker article submission box.

You can actually do most of these basic HTML formats by hand if you write your articles in Notepad or Word first before uploading them to Textbroker, and I show you how to do that.

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

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Ready to submit your initial Textbroker writing sample? The requirements might be a bit confusing to new freelance writers. Today, I’ll try to break down those requirements to help you write a good sample article.

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In this video, I talk about:

The tone and style are pretty straight forward. Write in American English, using a neutral tone and remain objective. Now, objective means that your piece doesn’t appear to take sides. This is easy to do when you focus on a third-person tone.

As I said, you need to write the piece in third-person. So, don’t use words like I, me, you and your. However, you can use terms such as he, she, it and they…which are all third-person phrases.

Lastly, you need to follow the format of the article. Choose something you enjoy or have a lot of knowledge about. You’ll also need to know how header tags work in HTML. Textbroker wants to see the coding of these elements. If you need help with HTML, you can check out W3Schools. I’ll leave a link below this video description.

Writing Sample Example:

300 Word Writing Sample Example for Textbroker

W3Schools Header Tags:

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How to Use Textbroker & Write Articles Fast

In this video I walk you through how to:
• Use Textbroker;
• Find articles;
• Look for information to write your article;
• Avoid plagiarizing;
• Make sure your article passes Copyscape

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Format & Submit Your Article to Textbroker

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Textbroker writing samples are a vital part of your profile. They can lead to gaining more clients and team invites. In this video, I’ll share 8 tips to help you create a good sample of your abilities to attract opportunities.

Today, I cover:
1. Treat Samples Like Actual Orders – The best way you can really impact a client’s decision to send you a direct order or an invite to a team is by treating the samples as real orders.

2. Always Create Something Unique – Never copy and paste an article as your writing sample, even if it’s something you’ve created in the past. It’s always best to create something fresh specifically for a Textbroker writing sample.

3. Pick Something You’re Interested In – You have access to 20 different types of content as your writing sample. Pick three that you are most interested in creating. Also, pick topics you have knowledge of. It makes creating the samples easier and often of better quality.

4. Research the Topic – Even if the topic is something you know, always do your research. Clients want to know that you will provide the most current and factual information possible.

5. Keep It Short – If you’re creating in-depth articles, keep between 500 and 1000 words is ideal. Remember, this is a sample of your ability and doesn’t need to be a full-sized article.

6. Take Your Time – A Textbroker writing sample doesn’t need to appear as rushed. Take your time and make sure it comes out as close to perfect as you can make it.

7. Don’t Forget to Proofread and Grammar Check – Proofread, proofread and proofread again. You want to make sure the content is adhering to AP style layout, spelling and grammatical nuances.

8. Update Your Samples Regularly – I usually suggest authors update their writing samples every six months. This is because your skills, abilities and interests will evolve over time.

Should You Use Tools Like Grammarly?
That is up to you. Things like Grammarly have potential to be beneficial as long as you’re willing to learn from the system.

How Do I Create My Samples?
I use WordPress and Yoast SEO. Not only does it keep track of keywords and phrases, but it also helps you create more engaging content based on expert practices.

I also use the Proofread module in the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. It doesn’t catch everything, but it does greatly reduce mistakes after you proofread your own work.

For help on structuring the content of your writing sample, check out my 11 tips for writing the Textbroker samples:

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I am demonstrating how I write internet articles. I wrote a 150 word blog post for Priority Auto Team on Textbroker about the 2019 Toyota Camry.

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