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They make eye drops too big — and make you pay for the waste. This is our first installment in our collaboration with ProPublica. Check out the full piece at for their in-depth reporting, and stay tuned for more stories in this collaboration!

Correction: At 2:17 the graph should read “Total US Spending” and not “US government spending.”

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For over 15 years dangerous and deadly bioengineered NanoFood has been taken over our commercial and corporate food supplies.
Unregualted, untested, Nanotechnology was a $ One Trillion dollar market in 2014 while Engineered NanoFoods was said to be at .8 Billion in 2012.

The nanotechnology in foods has been found in studies to cause entry into the tissue, blood and brains due to its subatomic particle size.

In rats it was found to enter lungs, liver, kidney and spleen as reactions at the nano size cause unknown reactions due to their incredibly small size.

Shelf life extension on beer, milk, etc. taste bud alterators that trick taste buds, biochps in the food and soil with rfid antennas to track food inside your body as well many sensors in biosolids (waste) used as fertilizer are just some of the applications.

The USDA/FDA/WHO are silent as to any oversite and strictly are action as advisors as corporate instituions work hard to keep the public uninformed.

The few industry polls taken show a whopping 75% are grossly and completely uninformed while only 7% said they had fairly good knowledge on this most critical silent invasion into our food supplies.

Another huge wake up call. Know a farmer, grown your own. Send this around.

(Correction: At 29:30 I meant to say %75 instead of %85.)

Why Do We Need to Know What the Public Thinks about Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology – the new threat to food

Nanotechnology – the new threat to food

Are you ready for your nanotechnology engineered wine?

Read more: Are you ready for your nanotechnology engineered wine?

Welcome to the world of nano foods,,1971266,00.html

Nanotechnolgy in Agriculture and Food Workshop

Nanomaterials in Soil

Nanotechnology offers disturbing parallels to GMOs

Nanomaterials In Soil: Our Future Food Chain?

Eating Nano


NIA ~ Nanotechnology Industry Association

How Nanotechnology Is Entering Our Food Supply

How Nanotechnology Is Entering Our Food Supply

Industry Video showing how Nanotech works. (of course not showing NanoFoods!)
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Science for the Public, September 27, 2016. Sameer Sonkusale, Ph.D., Professor Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tufts University; Principal Investigator, Tufts NanoLab.
The Sonkusale Nanolab does cutting-edge research in several interdisciplinary areas, including nano-devices that benefit medicine and the life sciences. Dr. Sonkusale discusses one nano-sensor, “smart thread,” designed to transmit direct information from surgical sutures about any danger signs following surgery. Dr. Sonkusale and his team also work on zero-cost “do-it-yourself” diagnostics for the developing world. See the SftPublic website page for this event for articles and other information.

Low Self Esteem – A deep look at why women tend to have more self-esteem issues than men.

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career:

Leo’s Top 140 Self Help Books

Full Video Transcript Here:

Video Summary:
Women often suffer from low self-esteem. While their issues are perhaps more visible than men’s because of their willingness to own them, there are cultural differences that contribute to this sexual disparity.

The two components of self esteem are self-efficacy and self-respect. Self-efficacy is one’s feeling of being able to trouble-shoot and control one’s life. Self-respect refers to one’s belief in one’s own self-worth and right to happiness. If either of these factors is deficient, self-esteem will suffer.

Cultural norms play a major role in eroding female self-esteem via undermining self-efficacy. Boys are encouraged to aggressively act upon the world, to take an active role in their life. Girls are more often conditioned to be nurturing and conciliatory in anticipation of future family life. The boot camp of life tends to teach and cultivate boys’ power in the world. Girls don’t typically have such an arena to hone their life skills, so they are more easily dominated.

Biology reinforces these roles. Feminine energy throughout nature tends to be more nurturing and conciliatory, while masculine energy tends to be more aggressive and dominant. But self-actualization is equally important to women as it is to men. Women need to learn to embrace their feminine energy while remaining true to their unique direction. By maintaining self-efficacy and therefore their self-esteem, women will be less likely to fall into the trap of co-dependent relationships.

Disclaimer: All personal development advice and information is provided as-is and may not suit your specific circumstances. It may also contain errors or omissions. Neither, nor any of its employees, nor Leo Gura is liable in any way for any potential damages that may be incurred from this information. By listening to this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for your life!
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Girls Guide To… TV is a talk show brought to you by the creators of This week is all about how to love yourself and how to have self-esteem! The girls will talk about the power to positive affirmations, how to stop comparing yourself to others, and more! How do you cope with stress? The girls talk all about it!!

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Episode 5 – Self-Esteem!


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We often respond to questions on Yahoo! Answers. The article below is adapted from one of those responses.

Question: Can Someone Check My Grammar?

“There are several factors account for cultural diversity in Europe such as geographical, historical, and religion that prevent the growth of any single homogenous style in the region. The geographical distribution has formed boundaries within the different ethnic groups. Separated by their identity and ideologies, their music has become a signifier of their distinction.”

Answer: This passage is a mess, but the problems go beyond grammar. Let’s look at the sentences one at a time and see how they can be improved.

First, here is the summary of problems we will fix.

Sentence subject
Excessive words
Word choice
Dangling modifier
Number agreement
Sentence One

“There are several factors account for cultural diversity in Europe such as geographical, historical, and religion that prevent the growth of any single homogenous style in the region.”

Spelling: Homogeneous
Subject: “There” always makes a crummy subject for a sentence. Avoid it. Instead, start with “Several factors account….”
Punctuation/commas: The expression “such as geographical, historical, and religion” is a disruptor, i.e., it interrupts the main idea you are communicating. It needs to be separated from the main sentence with commas: “…in Europe, such as geographical, historical, and religion, that prevent….”
Excessive words: “Single” and “homogeneous” are redundant. If the region has a single style, it has a homogeneous style, and vice versa. Choose one. We prefer “single” because it is a simple word.
Parallelism: “Geographical” and “historical” are adjectives. The third item in this series, “religion,” is a noun. All three need to be the same part of speech to make this series parallel. Because you are using these as examples of “factors,” which is a noun, use nouns for the series items: “geography,” “history,” and “religion.”
Sentence Two

“The geographical distribution has formed boundaries within the different ethnic groups.”

Word choice: You can’t have boundaries “within” groups-you have boundaries “between” groups. (Note: “between” is correct here, not “among.” Each boundary is between one group and one other group.)
Excessive words: The word “different” is unnecessary. The use of the plural for “ethnic groups” already indicates that multiple, i.e., different, groups exist.
Sentence Three

“Separated by their identity and ideologies, their music has become a signifier of their distinction.”

Dangling modifier: The implied subject of “Separated by their identity and ideologies” is “they.” The subject of “their music has become a signifier of their distinction” is “music.” Because the subject of the introductory phrase isn’t the same subject as the main sentence, the introductory phrase is a dangling modifier. Both need the same subject. You could use “they” for both, as in “Separated by their identities and ideologies, they have distinct musical styles.”
Number agreement: Each group has its own ideology, so you correctly used the plural for “ideologies.” However, each group also has its own identity, so you also need the plural “identities.”
Final Result

When we take care of all these issues, we get the following revision:

“Several factors account for cultural diversity in Europe, such as geography, history, and religion, that prevent the growth of a single style in the region. The geographical distribution has formed boundaries between ethnic groups. Separated by their identities and ideologies, they have distinct musical styles.”

David Bowman is the Owner and Chief Editor of Precise Edit, a comprehensive editing, proofreading, and document analysis service for authors, students, and businesses. Precise Edit also offers a variety of other services, such as translation, transcription, and website development.

The concept of life has come across a colossal shift with the emergence of HIV testing in the arena of medicine. It has truly been a big challenge for the medical specialists to find a means to counter this disease. It has till date proved to the disease that has spelled death for any individual who has been affected by it. The treatment for this terminal disease has not yet been discovered. Therefore the only way to stop this death agent is to be careful enough and try and prevent the infection from spreading. The HIV testing acts like a marker that signals the imminent danger in case it has already arrived. The HIV testing does not give the individual the assurance of a fresh lease of life however it does warn the individual regarding the stage of the disease in which it has been detected.

The HIV testing is required to detect whether an individual is HIV positive or not. The different ways by which the HIV virus gets transmitted are as follows:

The first way that an individual may be exposed to the virus is through that of unsafe physical communion.

The second way an individual may be exposed to the virus is that of an infected syringe. This is in fact one of the primary reasons why the syringe once used is immediately disposed off.

The third way could be the transmission from the infected mother to the baby in the womb.

The fourth way could be that of the transfusion of infected blood. It is one of the precise reasons why any blood that has been donated for the purpose of transfusion is checked well to ensure that no such virus is existent in the sample.

The HIV testing is therefore done not only for detection but also for precautionary measures.

The various reasons as to why an individual should opt for HIV testing are as below:

An early detection of the disease enhances the life expectancy of the individual. The modern medications help to delay the imminent end as much as is possible in case of a timely detection.

Since the HIV virus targets the immune system of an individual, therefore an early detection can in the least slow down the pace of the virus if not eliminate the disease completely.

Moreover if an individual is aware of the infection then he or she can at least take the adequate measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Moreover an early detection can with the aid of required medicine, prevent the disease from being transmitted from the mother to the unborn baby.

Therefore the HIV testing can actually stop the transmission in certain cases if the detection occurs at the right time.

The different ways of HIV testing are namely the enzyme linked immunoassay or the ELISA and the Western Blot test. Once both the HIV testing results turn out to be positive it can be said without a shadow of doubt that the individual has been affected by the virus.

The HIV testing can sometime show a negative result even if the individual has been affected by the virus. The reason of it being so is that the detection depends on the HIV antibody produced by the body. It is therefore advised that one conduct the HIV testing at regular intervals and not become complacent with just one report.

Angel Brown works in forensic department and have sound knowledge in HIV testing. For more information he recommends you to visit


Most customers today prefer the content huge variety of topics such as travel, health, fashion, beauty, finance, real estate, food and the list goes on. They are just annoyed vast content with keywords or phrases and do not pay much attention to quality. This is done to improve traffic and better ranks in search engine results pages. These customers tend to be guided by the misconception that their business thrives when it can integrate the content of huge websites. In the race for better positioning, the essence of the content of writing is often compromised or overlooked.

The thing to remember is that your website has more relevant content and content quality rather than bulky waste or that adversely affect your online business. In this article, you will be enlightened as to the importance of quality content. I’m not saying that the amount does not matter, does it, but it should be the beginning and end of all the written content of the website.

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Make your content look like resources: You can improve your content through the creation of matter, which acts as an important resource for its visitors. Its content should not only talk about his business alone, but also make visitors feel the usefulness of their products or services. Make your content more informative, providing information at the click of a mouse, avoiding repetitive and irrelevant content.

The balance of its content is difficult to maintain an appropriate balance between quality and quantity. Think simple. Doing good research on articles, blogs or service page to be written. After collecting the required information, gather their ideas in complete and attractive content that attracts visitors online. Finding the right balance between quality and quantity and type in a unique style that draws the viewer’s attention. Remember that the online audience has a very limited attention span. Emphasize its strong business by using bullets. That makes its contents not only short but also captures the attention of visitors as it can easily find the essential elements of your product or service without further pages. Adopting a technique that saves time for reading, providing readers with the most useful information.

By now there must be deciphered to balance quality with quantity is an art that few can excel. Therefore, writing the actual content is the key component to improve their online business.

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