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Every month, thousands of homeless women are placed in a crisis situation when they get their periods. From dealing with infections to being unable to purchase sanitary supplies, keeping safe and clean isn’t easy on the streets.

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In this report I cover an article from the FT about how the executives and board members at the biggest US lenders by assets have been unloading shares in their own banks. I also talk about the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and how flood insurance could impact financial markets.

Hurricane Harvey Flood Insurance:

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In recent times the world has witnessed climate change and natural disasters of gigantic proportions. This is just the beginning of a 10-15 year destructive phase which will increase in intensity. The root cause behind this weird weather patterns and destruction is primarily spiritual.

In a world that is increasingly connected, natural disasters have far reaching repercussions that are felt beyond the geographic boundaries of where the natural disasters hit.

Global warming is not the only major contributing factor to climate change. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation undertook spiritual research to ascertain the actual causes of climate change and the increasing intensity of natural disasters.

1. Cyclical changes

It is the law of nature that whatever has been created is sustained and eventually destroyed. This is the law of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution and it contributes to 30% of the reason of natural disasters. For example, the Himalayan mountain ranges have been created, will be sustained and eventually will be destroyed. Thus, whenever something is created in this world, after a period of being sustained, it can be expected that at some point it will be destroyed. Only the Creator i.e. God remains steady and unchanging.

The time span of the Universe is divided into four eras. In the first era i.e. Satyayuga the subtle basic sattva component was predominant. When there is a higher predominance of sattva in the environment, cyclical changes are gentle. As the eras progressed there was a reduction in the sattva component; thus resulting in cyclical changes with higher amplitude. In the present era of Kaliyuga where the predominant subtle basic component is raja the cyclical changes in creation, sustenance and destruction are quite dramatic. Destruction is generally brought about by increased natural disasters, disease and war. We are in the midst of a destruction phase in one of the mini cycles in Kaliyuga. Each mini cycle generally lasts for a 1000 years.

2. The effect of Man on Nature

Man affects Nature to the extent of 90%. This happens in following three ways.

At a physical level (30%): Excessive cutting of trees, oil leakages, emissions from factories, etc.
At a psychological level (30%): Why do people indiscriminately add to the greenhouse effect and pollute the planet? The answer lies in the mind of Man. As Man gets more selfish and cares less about the planet and his fellow men, he indiscriminately abuses the resources of the Earth. Along with this, immoral behaviour and tensions in society, lead to a rise in the raja-tama subtle basic components. The collective psychological temperament of Man is closely related to the spiritual level at which Man affects Nature.
At a spiritual level (40%): If one digs deeper into the psychological nature of Man one will find that it is heavily influenced by his spiritual maturity. A reduction in the collective spiritual consciousness of Man results in selfishness and unrighteousness. When there is a lack of spiritual practice that conforms to the five basic principles of spiritual practice there is a rise in the raja-tama in the environment also known as spiritual pollution. 3. The response of Nature Nature responds to the need for cleansing and correcting the subtle intangible pollution of raja-tama in the form of earthquakes, floods, eruption of volcanoes, cyclones etc. which are grossly visible; hence mankind is aware of their existence. However, the increase in raja-tama has far-reaching adverse impact on the body, mind and intellect of Man. This impact being subtle and intangible is not easily recognised and mankind becomes aware of it only when this impact manifests as very gross climatic changes. Unfortunately, at this point most of the changes are irreversible. 4. Solution Hence it is imperative that we understand the basic root cause of these disasters and take appropriate steps (by undertaking spiritual practice) to eradicate this spiritual pollution of raja-tama attributes. This way we would be truly working for the everlasting and all encompassing benefit of mankind.

Is your computer crashing a lot? It is not only annoying but also a big problem as you cannot work properly. How to fix the issue? There are a lot of potential causes for which PC crashes. In this article we have discussed about some of the most common problems and their possible solutions.


Hardware conflict is a very common reason for which Windows crashes. An interrupt request channel (IRQ) is used to communicate with each hardware device and this is unique for every device. If your computer has a lot of devices and they are not installed properly, you might be ending up sharing the same IRQ number. And if both devices are used at the same time, Windows may crash. Use the Device Manager to fix this issue.


Sometimes, RAM (random-access memory) problems could be the reason of your computer crash. The blue screen of death is mostly caused due to RAM problem. May be a part of the RAM is damaged and will need replacing. Parity error messages also come due to RAM problem. Consult a computer repair service provider that offers tech support for fixing the issues.


Wrong BIOS settings could also be the reason of computer crash. The CAS latency is a very common BIOS error which occurs due to the improper RAM settings. CAS latency of the Older EDO (extended data out) RAM is 3 while the newer SDRAM has a CAS latency of 2. So, a wrong set up can lock up and freeze the display of the computer.


Over time, the information on the hard disk drive of the computer becomes piecemeal or fragmented. You should defragment the hard disk every week to prevent your computer against crash. To perform this task, you can go to Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter. It takes some time to complete the defragment process and you cannot write data to the hard drive (to save it) during this process.


If the hard disks of your computer is too full, your computer will perform sluggishly and may also crashes. You should clean your hard disk drive after every few months. Go to the Windows folder on the C drive and locate the Temporary Internet Files folder. You should delete the contents (not the folder) of this folder. It will free a lot of space. As a part of the cleaning process you should also empty the Recycle Bin every week.


If a software program is not installed properly, it may be the cause of computer crash. This is a very issue. To fix the issue, you should first uninstall the software and then reinstall it. You can also use third party software like Norton Uninstall or Uninstall Shield to remove an application from your computer properly.


These are some common reasons due to which PC crashes.

Many remote computer support providers are there in the markets that come with PC repair services round the clock. By contacting any of these companies you will get end-to-end solution for any PC issues.

Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Though children are meant to be loved, sometimes that’s not always the case with some people. While they’re meant to be cared for, sometimes parents lose sight of their role and snap. Warning, the material found in this video may not be suitable for all audiences.

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10. Gary Sherrill
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6. Justin Ross Harris
5. Michelle Kehoe
4. Lacey Spears
3. China Arnold
2. Megan Huntsman
1. Andrea Yates


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Little boy’s kind gesture at an Arizona Diamondbacks game caught on tape.
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Girl bullies are just as much an everyday occurrence in schools as boy bullies. The girl bullies make use of different methods, however. While a number of them will spread gossip about the other girls, or taunt girls about their body mass or overall look, others school girl bullies will be inclined to act as a cluster, which gives the lead bully far more power.


Furthermore, because girl bullies operate in groups, they are unsurprisingly cheered on when showing abuse to others girls. This provides them with the influence to carry on picking on others. In some instances, they will use their assemblage to swell their apparent authority which will result in after school physical altercations. This raises quite an interesting issue. Girl bullies who partake in fighting are usually encircled by boy bullies and their acquaintances. The attendance of the boys seems to almost encourage the violence.


Girls who bully other girls do so very easily. If they see a girl who is fresh to the school or seems a bit introvert, maybe wearing different style clothing, she will become a main target. So, too, will girls who are new to our country who wear their native costume, and who are helpless in grasping the terminology used in every day school life.


In comparison to boys, schoolgirl bullies are cruel in their bullying strategies as well as in their street combat. They display no regret or worry, but dwell exclusively on the achievement of popularity amongst their peers.


Most girl bullies can be rapidly identified by the amount of girls who goes around with them. In addition, their outlook, their similar way of dressing and their verbal communications are obvious indications that somebody in this bunch is a leader as well as a bully. They show a blatant disrespect for authority of any kind and will make use of whatever means necessary to cover up their deeds by intimidating those in their group to stay quiet.


Another issue is that school girl bullies frequently opt for targets who appear to get on well with teachers, those who are academic, and who do not play the game of the ‘gang-like’ values most girl bullies enforce as leaders. According to the figures on school misdeeds and safety, 26% of females have been caught up in bodily fights. In addition, the Journal of the American Medical Association recognizes schoolgirl bullies as “those who use verbal bullying and rumors to victimize other girls.” It’s hardly surprising then, that 39% of middle school girls when asked, stated they do not consider themselves to be protected at school.


Incidents of girls who bully girls take place more often in sixth to eighth grade, and the girls usually reside in built-up areas. Victims of school girl bullies are evidence of to the fact that they are emotionally and spiritually mistreated.


The bottom line is that for girl bullies, it is a passed down behavior. Proof indicates that bullying starts from the tender ago of just two years old. Schoolgirl bullies can create intense disturbing unease within their victims. For that reason it is up to the parents, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and support staff to see the signs and act to put an end to these incidents of girl bullying immediately.


copyright By Mandy-Jane Clarke

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A couple from Italy sue a hospital for a failed abortion and costs for raising their daughter who is now 14.

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