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A person has to face certain situations in his/her life that he/she cannot control. These situations are called calamities. In simple language they are referred to as catastrophes and disasters. Catastrophes and disasters may be of different kind. It can either be a volcano eruption, an earthquake, landslide, mud flow (torrent), tsunami, forest fires, flood, tornado, etc. In all these cases a person has to know exactly the way to behave oneself facing the difficult situation. The rules are pretty simple:

Staying calm and patient. Many people start running from the danger that causes them. It is a wrong thing to be doing. A person is to fully analyze the situation he/she is dealing with and understand its most important concepts. Running and big crowds of people make people very nervous. Pretty often it leads to many people being trampled down. Unfortunately, many individuals resort to panic in difficult situations when they should not do it.
The disasters may not be as serious as people consider them to be. ‘Being safe is better than being sorry,’ the saying says. However, government officials also must take into account the fact that curfews only need to be resorted to when the situation itself is very serious. The same concerns opposite side of the catastrophes seriousness. Pretty often government is too careless, not taking into account the incidents seriously, when human lives are at stake.
Possessing certain knowledge helps people doing certain things other people may not be able to accomplish. During a flood certain individuals may be able to swim when there is nothing left for others other than to drown. The same concerns heavy snow falls (using a truck if the person has one), earthquakes (standing in the door apertures), landslide (contacting the multi frequency network to send helicopters if there is such a possibility), etc.

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How to find articles with graphs in them

How to find articles with graphs in them: useful for public policy assignment.
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The proper use of current articles in marketing can push you ahead in the internet marketing world. Do you know what the Gurus know out this venue? Do you use these to their full potential?  You can prosper if you understand how these can be used to learn more about the market. Among the dozens of uses, these 3 stand out..

1) Research for writing– When you are witting, you need to research the subject to keep your readers informed. There are a lot of different angles on the subject. There are a lot of articles that have already been written on the subject. Browse these first to understand more about the subject. Today’s Golden Nugget: Gleam one good point from each to use in your article. By compiling the best of all the information, your article will stand out.

2) Checking the competition – The ability to watch your competition can be very informative. Your competition will be writing some of the current articles in marketing. Their writings can be a window into what they are marketing, how they are marketing them, and even how well they are doing. You can see what kind of traffic their articles are getting and use that information to guide your efforts. Look for their style of writing. Browsing your competition’s work can be very enlightening.

3) Keeping up with marketing changes – The market changes all the time and you need to be up to speed with the world.  Reading current articles can help you keep up with those changes. You can find the best articles on the article publishing sites. They have the information bucketed by subject or by author. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds to have the information delivered straight to your inbox.

If you are looking for a shinning light to help guide you through the marketing world, current articles in marketing are it. They will always be here, offering you insights into the market. They are a great way to boost your understanding and sales. You have to understand where to find them and how to use the information once you get it. A good marketing and mentoring program will make all the difference. Take the time to get the education you need to succeed.

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Fish pills or should I say fish oil capsules? However for this article only, I will refer to them as fish pills. They are used by our body for numerous things. They are used by our brain, they are used by our heart and they are a natural anti-inflammatory. What more could you ask from an Omega-3 /DHA fish oil supplement.

As I have mentioned, fish pills are a natural anti-inflammatory. They help us to alleviate the pain and swelling often associated with rheumatoid arthritis. There is a firm that has put out an Omega-3 fish oil that has double the anti-inflammatory properties of other highly concentrated oils. But more of them later.

This has nothing to do with fish pills, but has everything to do with alleviating the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. The same firm has put out a green lipped mussel powder that has extraordinary anti- inflammatory properties. They changed the way the powder was processed and greatly enhanced the healing properties.

When used in conjunction with the Omega-3 fish pills the two of them significantly benefit the sufferers health. There have been significant advances in the anti-inflammatory properties of these two products. And both of them are produced by the same company.

Now, to the benefits to our brain. The fatty acid DHA is used in great amounts by our brain to keep us mentally fit and alert. As long as the DHA levels remain normal, then they will keep us emotionally stable. The DHA also keeps our memory up to scratch and aids our concentration.

Omega-3 supplements taken daily helps our heart by reducing the risk of heart attack. And if we are ever unlucky enough to suffer from a heart attack, then the Omega-3 will help to reduce the severity of the attack. It helps a lot that fish oil is a natural blood thinner. This reduces our blood pressure.

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The HIV home test kit which can be taken by a person sitting at home, has been debated by politicians, AIDS activists and doctors for a long period. The main apprehension was that a person detecting positive through a HIV home test might be a victim of an inaccurate result and such test might increase the risk of a suicide. However, over the years, these fears have proved unfounded and FDA in 1996 approved two home collection kits for HIV home test. People could do HIV home testing privately and get the results from a certified laboratory as also counseling by calling a toll free telephone number. Observers generally argued in favor of HIV home test which provided increased access, anonymity and privacy. With FDA’s approval, the anonymous HIV home testing was available to all and many purchased the kit. No increase in rate of suicide was reported.

There are certain advantages in conducting HIV home test. A person getting the test done in a clinic may be identified, whereas the HIV home test can be done in complete privacy. The tests can be ordered or bought through internet and is a convenience for disabled persons. The FDA approved tests are accurate and dependable. There are a few disadvantages too. When you order the HIV home test kit either on phone or through internet, your name and address must be given. A close search may reveal your identity. Another problem is that after you dispose off the testing kit, the garbage man may notice it and will know that you have taken a HIV test.

In many cases infections due to Sexually transmitted diseases are detected at a later stage and the body has already been damaged by then and it’s also late for the treatment. If early testing is done with HIV home tests, treatment can be timely done and progress of the disease to non curable state can be halted. It is true that some infections cannot be cured but there onset to lethal stage can be prevented. Late testing may also fail to prevent STD infections from spreading. In the interval between infection and diagnosis infected persons may transmit STD to others. This can be reduced through the early testing by HIV home testing.

An element of doubt remains in the minds of many about urine and saliva being the medium for the spread of HIV and if at all the home testing of these can be recommended? It is true that urine and saliva are very unlikely sources for HIV infection. Urine is not considered to be infected by HIV. Any HIV urine test is therefore unreliable and no conclusion should be drawn from the test.

In many cases STD infections are only discovered when they have progressed to a state which have caused permanent damage to the body and treatment is too late. If you don’t want to be late, it is wise to test earlier. Visit or click on HIV Home Tests for more info!