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? DAVOS DREADS DE-GLOBALIZATION! - ?? Chinese President Says Populism is a Threat to Globalism ?


The World Economic Forum is gathered for their annual Davos meeting in the Swiss Alps. Many interesting headlines have come from the globalist controlled media outlets admitting that their plans are “under threat.” Included at this years Davos event is Chinese president Xi Jinping, who statued that populism, which is defined as “support for the concerns of ordinary people” is a threat to globalism.


Earth’s atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance system using LASERS, scientists discover


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World War 3 : The Russian Bear of Magog declares NATO a National Security Threat (Jan 02, 2016)

News Articles:

Russia reportedly names US as threat to national security for first time

Putin Lists U.S. As One Of The Threats To Russia’s National Security

Russia security paper designates Nato as threat

Putin names United States among threats in new Russian security strategy

Putin’s new defense strategy declares NATO a threat

Putin declares NATO ‘threat’ to Russian security

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