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What if you discovered today in three simple steps how you can do better article marketing? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Title should be well thought out.

Step 2 – Decide on content after extensive research.

Step 3 – Make sure you satisfy all the frequently appearing doubts.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Title should be well thought out.

An appropriate title is very important as it is the first thing that the user may see. This may sound like a cliche but it’s true that “first impression is the last impression”. Hence the title may be the thing that can either make it or break it for us. Also this title must be well thought out. If the title is attractive but has nothing to do with the content that follows then still it’s not what we want. Hence the content that follows should also be added after extensive research only.

Step 2 – Decide on content after extensive research.

The content of our article may set a benchmark for us. Hence it is important for us to understand each and every technicality related to our field and accordingly decide on the content of our final article. For us to achieve this we may need extensive research. It’s also important from our side to resolve each and every query faced by our clients.

Step 3 – Make sure you satisfy all the frequently
appearing doubts.

Conduct doubt solving sessions via webinars or just leave a simple faq (frequently asked questions) section on your webpage. This is a brilliant way to increase confidence about you in the minds of the customer. Once the clients start finding solutions via your content, they will indeed gain more trust in your ability to find solutions to their problems and on the other hand will also help you gain higher profits.

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Article writing and publications are becoming very popular, so it is important for those who write and those who do not write, to become more creative in their thinking and writing. There are many ways for writers to get their articles noticed and the process is very easy. First we want to take a look at some of the mistakes that people make when trying to submit to article directories.

1. There are at least three important benefits to why you are promoting your articles. You are generating leads, you are the top in that niche, and you are trying to promote your product. Most people write articles to inform the audience, but sometimes articles are not written with this in mind. If the articles are not written specifically to inform the audience, then no one will be interested in reading the material. You need to understand and know how to promote in order to get people interested in your article enough to read it. The best way to do this is to write good content.

2. The second is when you fail to get the most out of the article market by promoting. Now you know that if your content is good, then you can get more visitors to your site and you can get a better rating when your article searches better. Specific keywords are used in articles to make them more searchable. The more keyword rich your article is, the higher the search rating and the more that it will come up in searches. Do not overuse the keywords in the articles. Sometimes when you try to use the keywords more than necessary, it tends to make the article sound robotic and uninteresting. It is not all about how many people search for your article, but the quality of your content work. That is what makes people want to read the article and will come back to read more of what you have written.

3. Third, you do not want to write content that will not help the reader. Sometimes writers are much more focused on getting people to their site, they forget about what is important. A lot of directories have specific guidelines that you must follow when trying to submit, and they most certainly do not accept just anything. The directories want to share written articles with other people, but the article must be written very well. You should write the kind of articles that publishers will want to share. Good content consists of well written content that is without mistakes. Also in order to write good content, you must research what you are writing about so that you will sound like you know what you are talking about. Another way is to hire a writer that can write good content for you.

The choice is yours. You can just write articles just to get people to click on your link, or you can do it the right way and write quality content that everyone wants to read and share. When you learn the difference, then you will be able to write and submit great articles with quality content.

Three Systems of Government

The American people have had three systems of central government since 1775. The first was the wartime Continental Congress, appointed by the thirteen individual colonies, governing the general affairs of the Union for six years.

The second began in 1781 shortly before fighting ended. The Continental Congress governed under the Articles of Confederation, the first written constitution of this nation. And the third is the Constitution that this nation is governed by today, the Constitution of 1787, put into effect 1789.

Continental Congress

The Continental Congress drew its power from two things, the united determination of the people and the Congressional power to print money and make treaties. The paper money carried a pledge that it would be redeemed in gold or silver. With Congress unable and the states unwilling to levy taxes, Continental currency began to slide down hill, prices soared, more money was printed and inflation swept the nation. In late 1789, Congress quit printing money and called on the states to pay for the war. That did not solve the financial problems, but it did end Congress as a powerful governing body.

Before the money presses were shut down, James Madison wrote, “Congress had the whole wealth and resources of the continent within its command and could do as it pleased, but when the power was given up, it has become as dependent on the states as the King of England is on the Parliament”.

Articles of Confederation

Meanwhile, the Articles of Confederation were before the state legislatures for ratification. This new form of government had three weaknesses. The most serious was the absence of taxing power, leaving Congress completely dependent on the states, coupled with this was the inability of Congress to regulate commerce. The second defect was the voting procedure by which things were passed into law by the states, which paralyzed Congress. And third was a declaration that each state retained every power not expressly delegated to the Confederation. James Madison and others tried to wipe out these defects unsuccessfully, thus leaving a weak central government through the Articles of Confederation.

Framing The Constitution

The Articles of Confederation brought so much confusion and strife that if something was not done to form a stable government, this nation would most likely be broken into pieces. Thus a handful of men led by Hamilton and Madison pressed Congress to form a constitutional convention to revise the federal government. So the framers of our present Constitution gathered in Philadelphia in 1787, and for three months, worked in utter secrecy. Then their work was submitted to the state conventions for ratification. Much effort was put forth by men such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, in writing the Federalist Papers. In Virginia, James Madison won a timely debate with Patrick Henry to help ratify the Constitution.

All men wanted a strong government for America, but wanted no tyranny of any sort, so the government was divided into three branches. They separated the executive from the legislative branch and form them they set a strong and independent judiciary. The framers desired to protect property and they trusted the federal government, leaving it free, later adding the Bill of Rights to protect individual and property rights from government interference.

It was James Madison who put a solid foundation under democratic self-government. He said, “The abuses of democracy were at their worst in small republics (states). The only remedy was to enlarge the sphere of government that would divide the community into so great a number of interests and parties that it would be difficult to organize a majority for the oppression of the minority. State governments, being inclined to oppress minorities, must be held in check by federal authority and the federal authorities held in check by different branches of government.” His view was accepted and is built upon to this day. James Madison truly is the Philosopher of the Constitution.

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Articles writing can be a life-long career. The more articles you write, the more earnings you get. Therefore, if you choose writing articles, learn how to accelerate your speed.


Want to write fast? Here’s how.


1. Know What You Want to Achieve: Create Goals and Plans


You’ll write faster when you know what you want to achieve. Start by creating some goals for your article writing business.


Writing as a second job? If you’re a writing articles to generate a second income, creating goals is vital.


Decide how much income you want to make, but also decide on how you want to expand your business over the next 12 months.


Create your goals in this format: “I …”.


For example, “I make 250 from my article writing this week”. Or: “I find five new clients this month”.

Notice that the goal-setting format includes “I”, and that it’s written in the present tense. If you’re thinking that your goals written in this format are affirmations, you’re right.


Be careful of writing your goals as “I will”, or “I want to”. The danger here is that these goals have no deadlines, which make them meaningless — they encourage procrastination.


2. Keyword Inspiration: Use It Every Day


When you’re writing articles, you know that your articles will be found by searchers using keywords. It’s great inspiration to generate a list of 20 or 30 keywords, and then generate titles from those keywords.


Once you’ve generated the titles, you now have a list of articles to complete.


3. The Simplest Outline Ever: Create a List


Each day, decide how many articles you will write, and then expand your titles by making a list of points you want to cover under each title.


Work on your articles until you get them done, or if you are writing as a second job, take your list of article titles with you to your primary job and work on your articles in your lunch hour.


Writing you articles quickly is a skill which develops over time. If it takes you two hours to write your first article, then you’ll be amazed that within a month you have cut that time in half easily — without any sweat at all. Within two months, you’ll write each article in ten to 20 minutes.


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Articles related to marketing strategies are a good way to market for free. 75% of marketers are missing out on traffic because they do not focus on the important factors of the article marketing processes. Are you writing articles for you business? There are many things you must master to be effective.

Her are 3 fantastic tips for improving your articles related to marketing strategies.

1) Targeted Subjects- Your readers were very specific when they typed a problem statement into the search engine. The least you can do is to stick to the topic of their problem. There are many ways you can write you article, but it is most effective if you can focus right down to the readers’ problem and stay on task. Figure out what they want to read about and be specific in your answers.

2) Hold Back- We all want to get to our best stuff as soon as possible. The art of writing articles related to marketing strategies includes holding back a bit. While it is important to inform the reader, you must leave a little out there to create desire. For instance: “These are 3 fantastic tips, but I know of 2 more that are even better! The type of guru stuff that is rarely spoken about but used for awesome results…” Even if you give away your best stuff, wait till you get to this section of the article to do it.

3) Call to Action- The entire reason for writing articles related to marketing strategies is to get clicks. You want to drive traffic to your websites in order to continue the relationship you are building with your customers. The best way to accomplish this is a call to action. Tell the reader what you want them to do at the end of the article. Lead them to the information they are looking for. Don’t waste your time creating an article full of great stuff without offering the reader an opportunity to see more.

Creating articles related to marketing strategies is more of an art than a science. Try a few things like using targeted subjects, holding your best stuff back for a bit, and using an effective call to action. There are so many angles to the article marketing game. Take the time to learn the best techniques for your business and you will do well.

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