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IB Microeconomics IA/Commentaries for 2016 with Articles , Topics and Evaluation : 2016 Part 1

IB Economics IA/Commentary articles with case description , Related Economics topics and Suggested Evaluation – Microeconomics: 2016

IB Economics IA/Commentary articles with case description , Related Economics topics and Suggested Evaluation – Microeconomics: 2016

IB Economics IA/Commentary articles with case description , Related Economics Topics and Suggested Evaluation – Macroeconomics: 2016

Do you want to succeed in article marketing? If yes, then it is important to have a wide range of topics to write about continually. There are several skills needed to choose good topics, however, if you can get the hang of the formula, you will find everything quite easy.


Maybe you have written enough articles for the monthly period, but now you have found yourself at a road block as far as what you are going to be writing about the following month. Your topics not only have to be on popular topics for your readers, but you also need to feel competent writing about them.


It is a well known fact for many article marketers that if you cant come up with critical topics to write about, they how can you expect your readers to want to click through your link?


The first thing that you need to consider when choosing good topics for your articles is your website. Ask yourself what exactly is your website about and what are you trying to promote with your articles? These two questions are critical to your brainstorming process when you are trying to come up with good topics.


For example, if your website is about providing a financial service, then your topics could be “How to get A Consolidation Loan”? Or you may want to write a step-by-step guide like “Five Easy Steps To Improve Your Credit Ratings”.


The most successful articles are the “how to” guides because people like to read articles on how to or what to do. The article you write should answer a very common question that a lot of people are seeking the answer to but are finding it hard to come by information on the internet.


Here are a few of the types of articles that are popular with online readers:

1. How To Guides. These are probably the easiest articles to write because you are simply giving a step-by-step guide on how to do something. Even if you write a three step guide like “How to Build a Hen House in 3 Easy Steps”?, you will be amazed at how many people will read it.


2. What is……….Topics. A lot of people who surf the web want to learn more about things in general. These types of articles are good for people who want to simplify difficult topics that they are yearning to learn more about. If you wrote an article like “What is The H1N1 Virus”?, your reader will more then likely click through to your website to learn more about the topic.


3. Personal Experience Articles. These articles are written about the experiences that the writer has had and wishes to share it with his or her readers. However, if you are going to choose this method of article marketing, make sure that you write about an event that has impacted your life in a very significant way. Titles like “How I Became A Success With Article Marketing”, or “How I Successfully Broke Through My Weight Problem” are good for attracting readers to a common experience that they are having, too.


Finally, always remember that it is okay to try to be creative and clever when coming up with good topics for your articles, but just try to make sure that you try to stick to a general format like “How To”, “What Is”, or “How I” because your readers need to be engaged by a guide on general issues, and your articles must always lead to a point, solution, or benefit.


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One of the tasks, that may keep you from starting an online newsletter, is gathering materials and writing a regular article. Whether you plan to send your newsletter quarterly, monthly or weekly, there is that looming task of finding an article topic and writing about it.

The task will be easier if you keep in mind that your article does not have to be a long, complete research work. In fact, longer articles are not as likely to be read. If your article will be much longer than 750 words, you may be trying to cover too much material. Break it up into two articles, which will take care of your next newsletter too!

Other items for your newsletter, such as ads for your product, can suggest an article topic. Your welcome comments at the beginning of your newsletter could also lead to an article, or vice versa, your article might lead you to make some interesting comments. Questions or comments from customers are also good article topics.

You can set up your newsletter in many ways. To get ideas, go to other websites and sign up for their newsletters. Here are some examples of possible topic combinations for a newsletter to get your creative juices flowing!

Scenario: you create a product from trees that have been damaged or killed by disease, which creates very interesting wood shapes and colors. This keeps this wood from being burned in a slash pile or sent to a landfill.

Newsletter Theme: what is beetle killed wood?
Since an important part of your market lives in cities and areas where beetle kill (especially mountain pine beetle) isn’t a common sight, this could be a very interesting topic.

Welcome Comments: describe the visual devastation of the forest in many communities.

Newsletter Article: write about the life cycle of the mountain pine beetle and how it affects specific types of trees. Provide stats on the beetle kill areas and a photo of a mountainside with red trees.

Newsletter Ad: show photos of one or two of your products created specifically from a beetle-killed tree. Offer a special discount on these specific products from anyone who mentions the newsletter.

Scenario: you own a small hotel or resort.

Newsletter Theme: an upcoming event, such as a community event, like the International Choral Festival in Missoula, Montana or a natural event like a salmon run.

Newsletter Welcome: show pride in your community. Discuss how many people participated in the activity last year or some other statistics or anecdote about the event. Welcome your readers to attend and that you hope they will stop by and say hello, even if they aren’t staying at your hotel.

Newsletter Article: Write an article about the history of the event or the importance of the natural phenomenon. If your business has historical ties to the event, write about that. Or, if some expert in your community has already written an excellent article, ask them if you can send it out in your newsletter, and say something nice about that person in your comments. Every year, you can use a new angle for your article about that event.

Newsletter Ad: offer free cookies or an hour later checkout or something to anyone who registers by a certain time before the event, and who mentions the newsletter.

Scenario: you are an artist or photographer, a highly competitive field, where exposure for each piece is important.

Newsletter Theme: feature a particular piece. If you have accumulated a lot of work, you have a lot of potential articles. You could think of each newsletter as a mini-show.

Newsletter Welcome: mention a show where this work is or was featured. If another organization is producing the show, say something nice about them. (Make sure you get “good guy” points by sending a copy of your newsletter to the principles in that organization.)

Newsletter Article: discuss a particular piece that is in the show. If there is a good story connected with the piece, tell it. Or, discuss a technique you use in that piece and what prompted you to use that technique. Or, you could write about the show or venue, if that will help your cause! For example, if you are donating a piece for charity, weave your piece into a story about the charitable event.

Newsletter Ad: offer reproductions of the piece to your readers. Make a signed copy of the newsletter part of the package.

If you have a weekly newsletter, you will have to come up with 52 topics. If you start a list of topics, and add to it every time you think of a new idea, you can pull those ideas out when your mind goes blank. I frequently send myself an email when an idea occurs to me. That way, my work isn’t interrupted, but I don’t lose the idea. I have found that the more newsletters and articles I write, the more ideas I get. Over time, you will find your newsletter taking its own style and content.

This article is based on a discussion topic from the Social Networking for Business course at Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana.

if you are to write an upscale psychology research paper, you’d better think of the topic carefully. Watch this video to get some fresh ideas on the matter! Visit our website for further information:
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The Selected Topics in Internal Medicine (STIM) conference held January 25-29, 2016, covers some of the most common problems encountered in clinical practice with focus on clinical pearls and practice updates.

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Diane Birnbaumer, M.D.
Mel Herbert, M.D.
Jerome Hoffman, M.D.
W. Richard Bukata, M.D.

Using primarily the Emergency Medical Abstracts database of nearly 15,000 abstracts, and focusing on the literature primarily of the last five years, 36 presentations, each of 30-minute duration, are presented along with four 90-minute faculty panels. The topics chosen to be addressed are determined by faculty input and feedback from prior registrants. Using largely a question/answer format, the focus of the course is the new, the controversial and the provocative. The course faculty synthesize the literature and combine it with their clinical experience to provide participants with specific recommendations regarding diagnosis and therapy related to emergency care.

Online students pay the same tuition as on-campus students; online course credits are structured no differently than the same course taken in a classroom. Whether a student chooses to take all nursing courses online or in combination with on-campus study, their diploma, certificate, or transcript will bear no distinction from that of a traditional Duquesne on-campus student. However, students are required to visit the campus once a year for a period of one week, which is usually the week prior to Thanksgiving.

The sooner the nurse is involved in the case the less time is spent on the case outcome. Attorneys use Consulting services both as defense and plaintiff. Other clients that use a CLNC services include, Insurance companies, Health care Facilities, Governmental agencies, and private corporations.

Is the center or nursing home ignoring bedsores that were acquired right there in the center or nursing home. Those are questions to ask yourself when you feel like you are getting the run-around when dealing with health or financial issues in relation to physical rehabilitation centers and nursing homes in this world.

As a nurse, you have lots of experience and vast amounts of knowledge you can share for profit. Most nurses I know had careers filled with lots of unique opportunities. I graduated with a 4 year diploma and later received a bachelors’ in Nursing Administration and Community Health Nursing.

Encouraging staff participation is never easy, and unplanned topics brought up in the meeting can eat up a lot of time and digress from the real issue you wanted discussed, but it is the only way that meetings can be more meaningful and relevant for everyone, including you. Below are some tips for increasing staff participation during meetings.

There is an inverse relationship between stress and job satisfaction, as stress goes up, job satisfaction falls. As a result this increased stress could commonly results in decreased job satisfaction and decreased quality of life. This could potentially contribute to nurses leaving the profession and as an end consequence, account for the current nursing shortage.

With the hype for health care increasing everyday, the professional nurses work not only in the hospitals, but also through private practices, primary care clinics, home health care units, outpatient surgical centers, health maintenance organizations, nursing homes, school-operated nursing centers, mental health agencies, military and industrial arenas.

The material that she has come across, both through personal inspection, investigation, research and organization, is remarkable in length, content and tear-jerking memories. She hopes that you share your ideas with her as soon as possible. While her subject topics vary from radical consumerism, computers, teamwork and others, she hunts for the truth and the truth is forthcoming.

These magazines give overviews of new inventions and research into new medications and indications, as well as new techniques that can be used in hospital and in any patient care setting. There are also many magazines dealing with specific types of nursing profession for specialty nurses as well as for those working with children.

Read about universities discussion and also read iitjee exam forum and also information technology forum – Lessons in Employee Newsletter and Company Newsletters from the publisher of FrontLine Employee. Today’s free newsletter information and skills topic: “Why have an Employee Newsletter”. We discuss why an employee newsletter, company newsletter, or what I like to call a “Work-Life-Productivity-Stress Newsletter” for employees is critical to enhance employee well being, protect the bottom line, help employee develop and be all they can be for your company, and reduce behavioral risk associated with many workforce problems like absenteeism, tardiness, conflicts, difficult personality behaviors, lack of creativity, and solving problems on the job more effectively. Also, a newsletter with topics of interest to families is critical because employees do not leave their problems at the door step so employee newsletters than contain information on dealing problems with parenting and teenagers, safety, injury prevention around the home, couples communication (especially), and saving money and healthy living tips make your newsletter a sure read. I also discuss length of newsletter and show you why a 2-page newsletter sent monthly is easy and more effective, and desired by employees more than a 4-page employee newsletter that comes out quarterly. Using MS Publisher or MS Word, and creating your newsletter in this formats represent a popular approach, best practice, and state of the art in do-it-yourself newsletter that are found to be effective with employees. You want readability, and we supply you with an employee newsletter and an MS Publisher template along with an MS Word Template each month..and it comes a week early. It’s never been late in 16 years. Are you an employee assistance program (EAP) with a need to have an EAP Newsletter for your corporate customers? You EAP utilization will be high if you create an EAP newsletter that comes out monthly and contains articles that match the needs of the corporate culture you serve.
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In this video, Monika Wahi, a lecturer at Laboure College, explains how to tell the difference between objective news articles and non-articles. Next, she demonstrates how to use Google News to find objective news articles and non-articles.
Want to learn more about searching for sources for nursing essays? Read Monika’s blog post here:
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