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If you are planning to travel to Mexico, then this article may be useful for you. It will give you some good tips to have a perfect trip.


1) Research your destination, but DON’T over plan

It is always good to know what your options are while you’re there, and if there are any particular concerns and security issues related to your destination. Part of the fun of travel is letting things loose and unfold and being open to opportunities that come up.


2) Practice general safety precautions

As a tourist always be aware of thieves and pickpockets. Always be aware of your belongings and you loved ones, don’t trust anyone and don’t at any point share all the details of your travel plan.

3) Learn a few phrases in Spanish before you go

It is good to know some Spanish phrases like Gracias (Thank you), Por favor (Please) and in resort areas you’ll find most people speak at least some English. Always be prepared! Learn a few essential phrases in advance.

4) DO not drink water from the tap

Check for a sign in your hotel proclaiming that the tap water is purified, until then don’t drink it. Buy bottled purified and mineral water to drink – it’s available on virtually every street corner and inexpensive and safe. Most hotels and resorts provide bottles of water for your consumption in the hotel.

5) Use sunscreen

Sunburn early in your trip can make you trip uncomfortable for the duration. Sun is usually very strong in Mexico, so it is advised to use sunscreen on any exposed skin, even if you’re not on the beach. It is said that, you can get a sun burn even on an overcast day.


6) Beware of scams

In beach resort areas there are chances that you may be approached with offers of attending a timeshare presentation. Some of these are legitimate (genuine) and others are not. Unless you are really interested in a genuine timeshare, skip the free meal or excursion offered along with a timeshare presentation. It is always to know everything before you commit to anything, so think twice before committing whatever be the offer.


7) Keep the open mind of a traveler explorer and go with the flow

Try new things; make sure that it is safe before you go for it. Explore all must visit places, do some adventurous stuff as well you will remember it for a long time and you will surely enjoy it.

Enjoy your time there and have a good trip to remember.


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