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Some say that “Captain America” and “Superman” were little more than symbols of American patriotism, calling citizens to accept the call of duty for their country and do something larger than life. Superman fought the Japanese during WWI and Captain America punched Hitler in the face during WWII. However, today’s political news resounds through the comic graphic novels world in an entirely different way now. Some dark comics came out of the Reagan years, but superheroes have been plunged into all-out civil warfare against their own governments.

On October 8th, 2008, just before the November elections, John McCain and Barack Obama starred in their own comic books published by IDW Publishing, only it was nothing like you would think. Even though “Savage Dragon” publicly endorsed Barack Obama in a recent issue, the IDW publications were presented as objective, illustrated, political news biographies of the two nominees. It has been described as “heavy on the facts, light on opinion.” The McCain book featured art by Stephen Thompson and writing by Andy Helfer (who also did “Road to Perdition” and “A History of Violence”) and the Obama book was illustrated by Tom Morgan and written by Jeff Mariotte (who has done Superman, Spider-Man and Star Trek comic book series).

“We didn’t do anything that is sensational here,” said Scott Dunbier from IDW. “We’re stuck to the facts.” Dunbier added that graphic novels have proven extremely effective in reaching and educating people. “We’re not in the business of doing textbooks,” he clarified, “But I think comic books really do have the great potential to inform and teach and do more than just standard superhero comics.” Fans can pre-order the books through their website or visit Uclick to view the comics over their cell phones.

Political news isn’t always so directly reported through comic book art, though. Sometimes, events in modern life are paralleled through events in the comic book heroes universe. For example, Marvel Comic’s “Civil War,” released in 2007, introduces an epic battle following the passage of “the Superhuman Registration Act” (much like the Patriot Act in our world), which asks that people trade in some of their liberties for security.

The Registration, more specifically, requires all costumed heroes to be licensed and trained, disclosing their secret identities to the government. While some characters in the DC Universe, like Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards and Iron Man support the registration, others like Captain America develop an underground resistance. Spiderman initially supports the idea so much he unmasks himself on live television, but later recants when he sees the Abu Ghraib-like prisons. Whether these obtuse allegories are an effective way of making a political statement or not remains to be seen.

There are also political news people like K. Thor Jensen and Jenny Gonzalez who focus on war stories. In “House of Twelve Goes To War,” the depictions focus on little-known aspects of the War on Terrorism. “Some sad, some action-packed, some unfathomable, but I promise you each and every one is 100% true,” the website declares. “Team 12 was drafted by the government and forced into working towards its war effort. When we returned, we decided the truth must be told in the most effective way possible; auto-bio comics! These are our stories of our experiences during the Great War.”

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Press articles are important in a music press kit because they show the reader that the artist in this package has been recognized in the entertainment industry enough to have institutions talk about them. Learn how to create your own music press kit and stand out from every other artist with this free video from a professional musician.

Expert: Peter Nevland
Bio: Peter Nevland has spent five years performing his mixture of writing and rock ‘n’ roll, which he calls “Spoken Groove,” during his travels to every continent except South America and Antarctica.
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Novice years considering blogging is practiced. But it is just not long ago that it has been considered as among the addicting trends. Many teens have resorted to blogging for outlet for emotions, somewhat online nook where they can blurt away whatever just bugs these individuals or whatsoever makes them feel elated. Savvy marketers can see that blogging belongs to the best Website marketing methods that will won’t hit you up for a brass razoo.

What just is blog? Blog may be the widely applied term that looks at web wood. Basically, a blog is definitely an online paper. A blog could be set approximately no cost in the least, and work extremely well for simply for the interesting of the item or pertaining to business explanations.

Blogging for ones Internet internet business is a single surefire solution to boost the visibility of your respective offerings. Here certainly are a few approaches to boost a person’s internet advertising thanks to a web site:

1. Make ones clients or maybe customers abreast on your own website’s modifications. Your innovative products in addition to affiliate websites may possibly also be publicised through the blog.

2. Keep track of the business objectives and blueprints through available writing. Your blog content might be easily saved through a drawer filled. What may very well be better as compared with searchable information that is certainly easily seen by anyone browsing the internet, right?

3. Air your own opinions, advice or maybe reviews upon specific providers or products which have been related to your business. Publishing is an extremely easy practice with blog.

4. Include links that will fetch back links and subsequently transform your ranking on search engines like yahoo. This might be better accomplished through putting well-written articles as part of your website. Affiliate links may possibly also be included in your weblog to generate more further income.

5. Collect response with the ability with blogs to be able to fetch comments through your blog readers. You could learn and transform your offerings through with the feedback out of your readers.

6. Connect without difficulty with other bloggers. When other bloggers notice that you have a thing good in your blog, they are going to put you into their favorite lists which will automatically link you to definitely their blogs.

So, how do you set upward a weblog? Here are most of the options you can create use associated with to reap the benefits of this fun route to advertise your Internet business.

Either people load your blogging software program or allow a posting hosting service exercise for people. Host services like LiveJournal as well as Blogger. com are the most popular in this particular field. Those serves will offer you easy guidelines on easy methods to put in place your web site.

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After years in the SEO field, I still believe in the power of article marketing and the effect it has on website traffic. It has never failed to produce the results that I need – and even in the earlier days, it was still considered as one of the most effective forms of marketing and website promotion. Ezine is proof of this.

Internet marketing, in a nutshell, is all about article marketing and syndication. The whole point of it, apart from building up your website, is about publishing useful information on the Internet that is fresh and up-to-date for the people who need it.

However, not everyone has been able to see, value and appreciate the usefulness of article marketing and syndication. Not everyone knows how powerful a tool it is in link building and driving more traffic and exposure to your website.

Article marketing and syndication is great for link building because writing content and submitting them to different directories allows you to link back to your main website, which increases the chances of your website being clicked on by people who desire to know more.

A word of caution, though – while this is a great marketing strategy, this alone will not fully support your website. It doesn’t mean that you should rely solely on article marketing and syndication to promote your website. What you should do, however, is create new and fresh content regularly.

There are two reasons why doing this is so important. First, it increases your reliability and credibility in the midst of countless SEO-driven websites, where most of them are only articles overstuffed with generic keywords or paid links. Second, search engines will LOVE you, as you are playing by their rules and creating topics that are well-written and relevant.

As long as you follow the rules and do things properly, article writing and syndication will boost your marketing efforts and can get you positive results. They are great complements to your overall strategy.

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