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Find more than 1500 education videos available at Punctuation marks are the important parts of sentences because it helps expressing and linking thoughts. There are many punctuation marks including comma (,), Full Stop (.), Exclamation(!), Apostrophe(‘) etc.
These are important part of English Grammar as this helps you to write correct English.

This is a free bonus video to the Spanish Quickie, “How Prepositions Work”.

Watch that video here:

The original article that I’m reviewing in this video is here:

My full, English translation is here:
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head to to read the full long ass article about the Prophet 12 and Novation Ultranova.
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Takes any Article then makes it into your very own video

This is a sample taken from the beginning of the public domain book, “Think and Grow Rich”. With Google’s new algorithm, article marketing is less effective and YouTube video marketing is more effective. Reasonable rate available for converting your marketing articles and other articles into videos like this one. E-mail
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Updated version for the new syllable available now:

This is an example of school newspaper article for Exercise 7 where you have to write approximately 150–200 words of continuous prose, in response to a short stimulus (which may take the form of pictures) and/or short prompts printed on the paper. The question includes information on the purpose, format and audience.

The video is set at an upper intermediate English B2 Level and above.


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This channel is designed for students, teachers and anyone wanting to learn English. You don’t have to be a non-native English speaker to learn, as they are aimed at all speakers of English.

My videos are grammar and vocabulary-based for all levels of learners. They can be used to introduce a grammar point at the start of a lesson or used as a review.

We are upgrading and making improvements in the quality and design of our videos to allow students to practice on their own or for teachers to get their class to practice together as a group.

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This video will show you everything you need to know about How to write a Unique Article for your Blog Post in 2 Minutes. Content for a blog. Video

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