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How to Use Articles ( A/ An/ The ) in English |Easy Way To Learn Articles |Free English video Online

In this video,You will learn how to use Articles A/ An /The correctly with Examples. Easy ways to learn Articles in English. This video also explains different rules of using Articles A/An/The.


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Hi friends, I am shweta
today I am back with a very interesting yet confusing topic—ARTICLES.

There are two Articles in English — Indefinite Articles & Definite Article.
Indefinite Articles consists of ARTICLE “A” & ARTICLE “AN” whereas Definite Article consists of ARTICLE “THE”.
In this session, we will learn all the three ARTICLES one by one. So lets get started with the first one——

Article ‘A’ used with Consonant sound words( व्यंजन – यदि किसी शब्द में व्यंजन का उच्चारण हो उसके साथ ARTICLE ‘A’ का use होगा। )
a pen ( पेन में ‘ प’ का उच्चारण है )
a university ( यूनिवर्सिटी में ‘य ‘ का उच्चारण है ) though this word University starts with VOWEL “U” ,it gives a consonant sound.
a European (यूरोपियन में ‘ य ‘ का उच्चारण है )
a one-eyed person ( वन में ‘ व’ का उच्चारण है )

Article ‘ AN’ used with Vowel sound words.( स्वर – यदि किसी शब्द में स्वर का उच्चारण हो उसके साथARTICLE ‘AN’ का use करते हैं। )
an apple ( एप्पल में ‘ए ‘ का उच्चारण है )
an honest man ( ऑनेस्ट में ‘ आ ‘ का उच्चारण है ) in this word, HONEST, “H” is silent letter, so we start our word with “onest”
an hour ( ऑवर में ‘ आ ‘ का उच्चारण है )
an orange ( ऑरेंज में ‘आ ‘ का उच्चारण है )

Article ‘THE’ used with specific/unique things
Before the names of—-
1. Mountains- The Himalayas, the Mt.Everest , The Alpes
2.Rivers – The Ganga, The Nile, The Yamuna
3,Holy Books – The Bible, The Gita, The Quran
4.Post – The Principal, The Director, The Postman
5.Super-power countries- The USA, The UK, The USSR, The Republic of China, The Republic of Japan.
6.Superlative Degree – The Greatest, The Highest, The Smallest, The Best
7.Historical places- The Taj mahal, The Red Fort, The Great Wall of China
8.Universal Truth- The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Universe

That was all about the use of ARTICLES.
Thanks for watching.



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