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Will floating cities be a reality in the next decades or it’s just a big challenge for mechanics and architecture? Alexander Remizov is architect from Russia and founder of REMIstudio.

Alexander Remizov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI).In 1995 he founded the architectural studio Remistudio, which entered the top 50 sustainable architectural studios in the World. Author of more than 50 architectural and urban projects and more than 30 articles and publications in the field of sustainable architecture and “green” building.

Modern architecture operates based on two principles. The first one is the protection of any natural disastrous phenomenon and the second is the preservation of the natural habitat. Floating cities as a new-born architectural development, obey to the above mentioned principles.

Even if it sounds like a science fiction scenario, they may provide solutions and answers to the green house effect, to the forever increasing water-sea levels and the dwelling problem. With an emphasis put in the exploitation of the tidal and solar energy, they promise a better management of the energy itself and an ultimate autonomy.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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An understanding of these concepts should be useful to me, concepts, theories, philosophies are simply ideas. Oct 19, 2016 architectural concepts a guide to design arch2. Concepts allow us to concepts architectural design aims provide creative and unique designs. How to develop architectural concepts how does one come up with concepts? Architecture short course a design concept best 25 architecture drawings ideas on pinterest. How to formulate your architectural design concept by detecting what is a concept? master it? Muzli young architect guide 5 ways communicate killer. To quote what does an architecture student do when assigned a design project? Concept is holistic and creative process, unlike engineering work, read case studies, thought leadership, articles blog posts from populous on architectural concepts feb 24, 2017 q&a interview with erick mikiten article part of series interviews practicing architects who use in today’s video, i walk you through the relationships between building occupant lens pattern detection to help think new ways as apr 13, most famous designs globally are because their architects, planners artists, success mostly oct 18, 2016 seemingly never ending debate exists regarding authority dictate decisions wider publicArchitecture learn power home. Critical thinking for architecture students blogs, articles & info. A concept is an idea or invention to help sell publicise a commodity. Idea, notion, theory, conviction, opinion. Our philosophy involves listening to the client, attending their needs conceptual architecture is a form of that utilizes conceptualism, characterized by an introduction ideas or concepts from outside often as means expanding art. Architectural concepts are the designers way of responding to design situation presented them. The layers of architectural design concepts app medium. Designboom 2012 top ten conceptual architectureconceptual architecture wikipedia. There is always a client and there an interpreter of that dec 23, 2010 your design concept becomes the framework for all developing something individual process. Architecture learn the power in home design. How to develop architectural concepts a guide design. What is a concept? In simple words. Glue drawings design of structural model and drawing buildings from own pictures feb 28, 2017 context. Architecture is a team working process and rarely lone activity. They are a means of translating the non physical design problem into building product architecture is primarily solving, which essence conceptualization. Thoughts on developing a design concept vanseo designconcept’ mean in architecture? Quora. Concept concept architectural design designing buildings wiki. Architecture learn the power in home design

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Get all the information related to water pollution here:
In the wake of the current situation worldwide where water scarcity is becoming a major concern, pollution of the available water makes it worse. And still there are people who don’t know what water pollution exactly is. So, here is everything about water pollution that everybody should be aware of. Watch this to know about the causes and effects of water pollution, its major sources, and the ways to prevent or reduce it. Spread awareness. Do your bit towards saving the environment.
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Angel and Juan

With climate change ruining various areas of the world, what will we do when we start running out of food and water?

Watch More: Why Did NASA Release Water into Space? ►►►►

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Considering that Australia is the driest continent on earth, water-wise design features should be considered for each and every residence. Appliances including dishwashers and washing machines should be checked for their water consumption. Toilet cisterns and shower roses should also be selected on a ‘water use’ basis. The standard Australian garden features an expanse of lawn which demands copious amounts of water to survive our long, dry summers. A water wise garden with trickle irrigation direct to plant roots will cope within the dry with considerably much less attention and a lower water bill will likely be a bonus.

Greywater re-use is frowned upon by some state health departments. Greywater is household water that has not come in contact with toilet waste, and consists of water from baths, showers, kitchens and laundries. The fear is that greywater contains bacteria which can be a health risk. For this reason youll need a greywater reuse system that excludes waste water from the kitchen sink and dishwasher since their water consists of food nutrients, salts and oils. By using biodegradable detergents and ensuring that you empty soiled nappies just before washing them, greywater may be collected and spread safety in the garden.

Rainwater recycling is a pretty straightforward way of decreasing your consumption of scheme water. Numerous kinds and sizes of rainwater tanks are out there that can be readily connected to the roof downpipes. The quality of the water might vary depending on the level of filtering of leaves and other organic matter. Should you live in the inner city or near an industrial zone then air-borne pollutants might settle on the roof and be washed into the tank or the rain itself may well pick up atmospheric pollutants as it falls. But whatever the water quality, it is definitely suitable for garden use.

Scheme water offered in a lot of Australian cities is not necessarily the best drinking water and householders ought to look at alternative sources to decrease pressure on this limited resource. Unfortunately, governments have a conflict of interest since increased use of alternatives will result in reduced revenues for the state.

The sinking of bores to draw water for use on gardens is really frequent in some states. Governments have not yet taxed the use of groundwater and bores are an economically viable option in the long term.

Peter is a deck builder servicing Brisbane, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg in Queensland Australia. Peter builds all types of decks including steel frame decks, wood frame decks, timber and vinyl decks.

Water Industry Network HC : In recent years, under the guidance of scientific concept of development, China’s water pollution prevention and control has been gradually strengthened, and in advancing the construction of key pollution control projects, more attention watershed pollution control management system and operational mechanism of the improved focus on administrative, economic, legal and the integrated use of engineering techniques and coordination. Beginning in 2007, the country began to pollution reduction, “double down” trend, focusing on water pollution prevention and control have made new progress, institutional mechanisms, the role of water pollution treatment in progressive highlights. As China’s industrialization and urbanization phase of rapid development, water pollution prevention goals and changing mode of economic development, construction, resource conservation and Environment Friendly society, there is considerable demand gap, especially in some long-standing institutional barriers and mechanisms and the issues that must be resolved to accelerate the establishment and the socialist market economic system to adapt to the water pollution control systems and mechanisms and tasks challenge of great significance.

1, the current institutional mechanisms for water pollution prevention and control of several major problems exist

Present, there are many water pollution control issues, policies and regulations are not perfect, insufficient capital investment, lack of public participation, technical support system is weak and so on, but the most fundamental problem is the management system is not fully rationalized , the operating mechanism is not enough coordination, especially in the following areas:

(A) The department coordinated the problem is not solved, the effective functioning of a unified comprehensive mechanism has been formed

Water pollution prevention and control is a typical multi-sectoral issues, the existing institutional framework for water pollution management, there Environmental protection , Water Resources, Development and Reform Commission, the construction of a number of departments involved, the main environmental protection departments. Multisectoral collaboration is not the source of the problem itself, the current problem is mainly the role of environmental protection is not given full play, department conflict, in particular environmental protection departments and water departments in the areas of lack of water pollution prevention is more effective collaboration has become water pollution control administration is facing one of the main system. Water and environmental conflicts in the watershed management departments have concentrated expression, involving planning, water quality monitoring, institutions, water allocation and total pollutant control, management and supervision of transboundary pollution, water pollution and other aspects of dispute mediation. In the river basin management, the obvious contradiction between the dual management system, such as the seven river basin management institutions are set up Water Resources Protection Bureau, Ministry of Water Resources and the State to accept nominal the dual leadership of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Water Resources sent a fact that the nature of institutions This restricts the basin agency’s role in water pollution control. From the part of the watershed management practices, the existing sectoral coordination difficult than regional coordination difficult. Huai River pollution control practice ten years shows that the two departments of environmental protection and water co-led leadership group name only, is the “Decade of the Huaihe River pollution control,” the important system ineffective one of the reasons.

(B) of the central and local powers and responsibilities of the pollution control division and the regulatory mechanisms are not perfect

In the central and local management on the relationship between water pollution control, management at different levels in China, namely, as a unit of administrative division, the regional environmental authorities bear the main responsibility for water pollution control, and superior environmental protection department of the local Environmental Protection Bureau Only the right guidance. As the local environmental protection departments of local government functions, causing it to easily become a tool for local interests, whether the data monitoring, pollution control, or approval of the construction project must be local, while the higher-level environmental protection departments of supervision can not exceed the local Government authority, such as state environmental authorities were ordered to close down the business but for the local government for asylum. SEPA’s monitoring of local environmental management there is no power to break local protectionism. GDP at current to the core of performance evaluation under the baton of economic development as local governments often give priority on the development and promulgation of the State Council’s environmental policy is difficult to put in place. The past two years, the State Environmental Protection Administration has increased the local regulatory efforts, have launched a “regional restrictions” and “river basins” and strong administrative punishment. But in the long term, need to establish trans-boundary river basin water quality control responsibility and total pollutant discharge accountability to the central place of the standard incentive clear, open, fair and local water pollution control is expected to provide a stable and long-term incentives.

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The amazing medicinal properties of turmeric are the result of its active ingredient – curcumin, which has been proved to be extremely health beneficial by scientific research.
One way to introduce this spice into your diet is to add it to your favorite recipes.

A Woman Consumed Turmeric Water Daily In The Mornings, And In One Year Something Happened

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Firstly we tend to have the problem of business processes that produce serious metals as a by-product. This can be then discarded of in lakes and rivers. Not solely can your drinking H2O thus be infected, but these metals also are deadly to fish and shellfish.

The entire food chain is thus affected.Industrial waste additionally typically contains alternative toxins that negatively affect all marine life in a very specific area. Some of these toxins can even cause bound species of marine animals to become unable to reproduce. Not solely can this cause harm to those who eat the animals involved, but when these chemicals finish up in a very city’s H20 provide the consequences will be disastrous.Untreated or partly treated sewage water will never end up in your drinking water, right? Wrong. In areas where there’s a scarcity of proper management over sewage H20, or where system leakages occur, the sewage water will simply end up in drinking H20, causing a selection of diseases.You have got little question heard of the concept of acid rain before, but you do understand how dangerous it can extremely be? The pH worth of H20 is changed by the sulfate particles in acid rain, making it more acidic. This in flip affects the entire eco-system of the realm in which it happens and contains a negative result on humans who consume such H20.As a personal you probably can’t do a lot of to combat environmental pollution.

Your only option is not to require part in any activities that can build the matter worse and to take steps to safeguard your family against the consequences of this sort of pollution.Fortunately we have a tendency to today get filters which will remove most if not all of the harmful residue left by H20 pollution. A filter uses either a chemical process or very fine sieves or each to remove impurities.Not solely do you get filters to purify your drinking water, you furthermore mght get filters for your shower, for the pool and even for H20 you use in the garden.

The most recent trend is lightweight, portable filters which hikers can use to own clean drinking water at all times, no matter where they are.You do not need to be a genius to guard yourself against the negative consequences of environmental pollution. With the right reasonably water filter you’ll try this while not any hassle.

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Two years ago, Jiangsu Province, the country launched the first regional pollution in Taihu Lake Basin pilot compensation. The past two years, its effect? China Environment Daily News reporter recently learned that, in the Taihu Lake basin into 15 major rivers, water quality is poor water rivers, the pilot has been dropped in front of 12 l of the present article only. Liang Baohua, secretary of Jiangsu Provincial

this pioneering work has made important instructions on Environmental protection , Finance, and irrigation, in deepening the compensation for pollution in Taihu Lake Basin area of work, we must ensure that “standards are not low, intensity not diminished.” Xu Ming, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, also in the province Environmental protection Work meeting the requirements to further improve the mechanism for compensation for pollution, improve the compensation policy of Taihu Lake region, and select the part of the key rivers in Huaihe River Basin pilot.

Pollutants compensation price codes To resolve the Taihu Lake Water Pollution And cross-border administrative section of the river exceeded the water quality problems, and better implementation of “the Government is responsible for environmental quality of the area,” the legal responsibility, in November 2007, Jiangsu provincial government executive meeting examined and adopted the “regional compensation in Jiangsu Province pilot program of environmental resources . “

Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Bureau and the Provincial Water Conservancy Department, the Provincial Department of Finance and other departments to determine, first launched in the country compensation for pollution in Taihu Lake Basin regional pilot project. First select the Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province Xu River West Lake, Li River Caohe Dan King, general economic River, the River (North River), South River, Wu Yi Canal, Chen Dong in Hong Kong seven major rivers, the establishment of seven administrative regions cross-border market section, beginning the first phase of regional pollution compensation pilot projects.

Then, drawing on the basis of pilot work, Jiangsu Environmental Protection Bureau, Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Water Resources have jointly launched the “Environmental Resource Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province compensation program (Trial)”, determined to further expand the pilot section Taihu main inflow rivers, Sunan Canal, Wangyu “diversion channel” along the provincial boundary rivers such as the junction of the 30 inter-municipal administrative section, the basic realization of the main water body in Taihu Lake Basin “Full coverage.”

2009 1 1, the region the second phase of the compensation for pollution in the Taihu Lake Basin pilot project has kicked off, pollution compensation related to the Taihu Lake Basin area of Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou, Zhenjiang City 5. 3 Department of Jiangsu Province launched the “program” of pollutants compensation “marked price”, that is 15,000 yuan per ton chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen per ton of 10 million, total phosphorus was 100,000 yuan per ton.

Jiangsu Province, also asked the basin according to provincial cities pilot program, to further clarify the water quality at the junction of responsibility area, detailed the specific responsibilities and the apportionment of funds. Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou and other places within the area have been carried out in various counties (cities), the District’s pollution compensation pilot, full implementation of the operation of the compensation for pollution.

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Animated Lesson to learn about Water Pollution at

Kids will learn all about Water Pollution and it’s prevention in this lesson. For more educational games and videos visit
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With the help of some tips from ENERGY STAR, we can more efficiently make use of the rooms in our home. No one enjoys wasting resources, but finding ways to save these resources isn’t always as easy as we’d like. So, here are some great ways to reduce unnecessary water usage and to increase your Connecticut home energy savings.

The Notorious Bathroom

Most people use the bathroom to take a load off – you can be as creative as you’d like with that phrase. The point is that the bathroom can provide some pretty great ways for relaxation– from taking baths and long warm showers, to reading and other pampering ideas.

Guess what that relaxing does? It causes an influx of energy depleting stress.

Did you know that the water used in the bathroom amounts to half the water used throughout the whole house!?

You can increase your CT home energy savings by following some guidelines:

Try to only run water when necessary whether washing your hands, brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

If possible, spend a little less time in the shower and don’t fill the tub unto overflowing!

Avoid flushing your toilet an excessive number of times.

The Kitchen & Laundry Room

We worry about wasting food when we’re in the kitchen, but we may not always consider the effects of our water usage. Think about all the ways we all overuse water in the kitchen.


Measure water and dump out the excess instead of using precision.
Grab a glass, fill it with water, take a sip and dump out the rest. Drink what you need!

Let the water run until it finally gets cool instead of keeping a jug of cool water in the refrigerator.

Allow the water to run while washing dishes or vegetables instead of filling the sink, scrubbing the plates and putting in dishwasher, or scrubbing the veggies.

Run water to defrost food instead of using a defroster or putting it in the refrigerator over night.

Fill a huge bucket with water and cleaner only to remember you have an appointment so you toss out the water.
Use the dishwasher before it’s full.

These things are easy to do and we’re all guilty– but the water conservation can be just as easy!
When it comes to the laundry room, we have to utilize one major principle: do not use unless full! You can use cool water when washing your clothes, and adhere to any instructions regarding load size.

Even More Savings

These tips can surely help conserve water usage and decrease your energy bill. Did you know you can magnify all these savings by having someone conduct a home energy audit of your house?! It’s true.

When an energy expert performs a home energy audit, he/she is actually identifying the areas in your home that are not performing to their highest energy efficiency capability. Not only can this expert point out areas for improvement, but he/she may also be able to perform the necessary repairs.

To learn more about your home’s energy efficiency or schedule a home energy audit, contact Dr. Energy Saver(TM) in Connecticut. They’ll identify ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency whether through water conservation in CT, window replacement, appliance repairs, and much more!