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Banners and headers for notes and bullet journal! In this video I show you cute ways to write a title and how to draw banners. Doodle with me and learn how to make cute titles and headers. Use this ideas to decorate your school projects, bullet journal, first page, cover page..


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Aesthetic notes and tumblr notes for school. Cute titles and designs for school projects! Arts and Crafts for kids by Crafty Nica.
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Ten Best Ways To Sell Article Writing

10 Easy Ways to Ace IN Your Essay (GCE O LEVEL English PAPER 1)

This channel is going to give you different strategies to ace your GCE O LEVEL English paper. Each week we look at the different components of the paper and how you could score better marks
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3 Easy Ways to Start A Conversation With Anyone

Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression:

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say In Conversation:

One of the most common questions I get is how do I start a conversation in this situation or that situation. And so what I thought would be helpful is to give you 3 simple ways to start a conversation (aka conversation starters) that you can use anywhere. You don’t need to be a genius, they’re super versatile and I use them pretty much every day.

0:44 Being a human Google is one of the conversation starters and openers
3:27 Being a human Twitter to develop how to start a conversation

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30 More Ways To Write A Cute Title

Really hope you guys enjoyed these as much as the first 50! Let me know if you would like any more of these videos or suggest something you’d like to see in the description x

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Here’s a list of the most effective ways for searching Google to help you find anything in just a couple of clicks. Try these 15 simple methods to search Google for the information!

Either this or that 1:07
Searching using synonyms 1:57
Searching within websites 2:40
The power of the asterisk 3:21
When lots of words are missing 3:55
Using a number range 4:38
Searching for a title or URL 5:22
Finding similar websites 5:44
Whole phrases 6:11
Unimportant search words 6:58
Searching for images using images 7:17
Defining words and learning where they come from 7:51
Finding a specific file 8:35
Using Google as a spell checker 9:06
Tracking your packages 9:33
Bonus trick 10:00

Google search is not only a powerful search tool but also the best friend for millions of people. It is always there for you (except for those times when you have no Internet connection – scary), and can help you with anything.
It will find the lyrics to that song you heard on the radio but only got “you, me, forever, rain,” share the recipe for the most delicious pie and recommend the best restaurant around. Students can’t go without it, and it is the key source of information for most adults, too.
– Simply put in a couple of potential variations of what you’re looking for, and separate them by typing the “|” symbol. Instead of this symbol, you can also use “or.”
– If you need to find websites on a given subject rather than those that include a specific phrase, add the “~” symbol to your search.
– Sometimes you read an interesting article on a website and find yourself subsequently wanting to share it with your friends or simply reread it. The easiest way to find the desired piece of information again is to search within the website. To do this, type the address of the site, then a keyword or entire phrase from the article, and it should come up immediately.
– When your cunning memory decides not to let us remember that one keyword, phrase, or number we need to find what we’re looking for, you can turn to the powerful “*” symbol. Just use it in the place of the word/phrase you can’t remember, and you should be able to find the results you’re looking for.
– If it’s the lengthier half of the phrase you can’t remember rather than a single keyword, try writing out the first and last words and putting “AROUND + (the approximate number of missing words)“ between them.
– If we want to find out about scientific discoveries during the 20th century, we can write: scientific discoveries 1900…2000. Yes, it is easy like that. It also works with other numbers.

You did some hard work learning to use Google like a pro, so now it’s time to play. If you search Atari Breakout on Google Images, the famous brick breaker will start right there. Enjoy it!

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Part 2 is up! – (30 more cute designs!)

quick apology for my voice in this video, I’m currently sick but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! xx


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3 Ways To Optimize Your Stream Titles For More Clicks

If your stream was a newspaper article, what would be the headline?

For a stream, a great title can yank viewers in and never let them go. On the flip side, a bad title can ward them off like your stream and their views are two repelling magnets. So, how do you write a stream title that sticks?

I recently consulted my Twitter followers to see what they prefer to read in stream titles. Based on their responses, here are a few tips to consider.






Watch the summary video!

How To Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie

Never Eat Alone…and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi

Primal branding: Create Zealots for your Brand, Your Company, and Your Future by Patrick Hanlon



Advice for New Twitch Streamers:

How to Get More Viewers to Your Stream:

Setting Twitch Goals the Right Way:

Starting an Online Community:

What to Stream on Twitch and When:

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“5 Ways to Find Hot Topics for Article Writing”

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3 Ways to Rewrite Articles Using Secret Tools  (Step By Step Guide)  Free, Easy & Unique Articles

In This Video I’ve Shown Detailed 3 Methods to Rewrite Articles Using Some Secret Tools. I assure you that you’ve not used this method earlier at least you might not have used all article rewrite tools that I specified in this video.

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