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How To Write Great Content – Content Marketing For Your Blog, Website, Or Ads

Content marketing is one of the most effective, cost-efficient, and all around best marketing strategies to drive leads and sales.

But the key with content marketing is understanding that your results are directly tied to the quality of your content.

So in this video I’m going to cover 5 easy to follow tips for writing great content.

Tip 1: Keep It Clear, Concise, and Focused

The most important thing you can do for your content is to keep it on point. Your potential customer found this content for a reason, whether through a search engine, or spotting a link that caught their attention.

Their goal is to learn more about the subject you’ve headlined and you owe it to them to provide it.

Tip 2: Edit, Edit, Edit

Hammering out a 2,000 word article and hitting submit just shouldn’t happen. Even Hemingway was well known for disliking his initial drafts. Break up your editing into phases.

Tip 3: Make the Content Actionable

Talking about your success is fine, but what your customers really want to know is how they can do it too. By creating actionable content, you’re giving your audience things they can try immediately.

Tip 4: Add Images

Images can take a decent post and make it great. The key to shareable content is to find relatable graphics. Using stock photos for the sole purpose of using images may look better than a completely text-based piece of content, but it’s pointless if it doesn’t benefit the reader.

According to Forbes, articles with images get 94% more views than articles without. That’s too large of a percentage to pass up on.

Tip 5: Provide Answers

No one wants to finish an article with more questions than they arrived with.

Again, people are consuming your content for a reason. Remember that with your headline, you’ve made a promise to answer their question, so you need to be sure your content provides the answers they were looking for.


These tips may sound simple but that’s because they are. Writing great content isn’t reserved for the Shakespeares and Tolstoys of our generation.

It’s attainable to anyone who focuses on the basics and can get pen to paper, or hands to keyboard.

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How to write copy for your web site when repositioning your design services towards brand strategy? Copy writing tips for web. How do you drive engagement with copy?

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Do you know that it is not difficult to write articles to increase traffic to your website? Your articles can be posted in popular directories such as Ezines that can be read by many readers and as long as it stays online, there will be chances that you will find more targeted traffic to your website.

Anyone can be a writer and you do not need to be an English teacher to be able to do so. However, you need to be aware of what are important information that you need to know in order for your articles to attract in good traffic and sales for your products or service.

1. Create a Hot Title

Your goal in writing articles is to be able to attract a lot of readers who will eventually visit your site. That is the most crucial step that you should know. If you do not have a good title, no matter how good the content of your articles, you will miss a lot of potential buyers. When your customers search for some information on your product brand, they will be given a lot of search results. They are not going to read all the information that are presented to them. They are likely to scan for titles that attracts their attention or meet their needs. Use titles like “How to” format and the “Tip” format like “How to Lose Weight in 10 days” and something like “3 Easy Steps to stay healthy”.

2. Start with a Interesting sentence

Write a powerful first sentence to attract attention when you write your article so that the readers will be interested to read on. The best way to do this is to start off with a question or to state a fact. Entice them with powerful sentence so that they will be hungry for more information.

3. Main Contents in the Body of the Articles

This is where you will need to provide the contents of the articles and this will be answers that your readers are looking for. Your goal here is to provide an informed knowledge and information to educate your readers or to provide them with useful guide or advice on their problem. Your role here is to offer them a solution to their problems, and if possible, include some success stories or testimonials of the products. Organise your content and arrange them in a listing order for better organization of your text. This is the reason why you need to write articles to increase your web traffic.

4. End With An Action Plan

You should end your article with a high note to excite your reader to want take immediate action for quicker results. Entice them with some benefits if they take action now, and you should point them to your website and this is exactly what you should do.

5. Add a Powerful Resource Box at End of Articles

The purpose of article marketing is to add on a resource box at the end of your article so that when readers read your articles and likes your articles, he or she can get more information from your website. As you build up a good reputation in providing good and valuable contents for your readers, you indirectly driving a lot of traffic to promote your website.

Laura Lin

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In this video I show you how to download full text, PDF versions of online journal articles using the website:

This method uses the DOI link found when you search for online journal articles.

Sci-hub has 47 Million articles available through their controversial service. This service may be taken down or the website changed at any time, so use it soon if you think you need it.

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I hope all of you who are dealing with the adverse effects, and withdrawal from these medications are feeling better these days.

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Submitting of articles has always been what all online business people been using at some time or the other. It is a method to generate a great amount of targeted traffic to their business websites.

Once this method is done correctly, not only you can bring a continuous flow of traffic to your website, you can rest assure that visitors to your website are keen to learn more about the your opportunity or what you are sharing.

Everyone should write article that pertain to their business as by doing that, you targeted a group of niche readers or leads who are already interested in your type of business, therefore they are interested to learn more new methods and there fore visit your website more often automatically if your website give them the tips and facts they find it useful.

Project your article can indeed be a money making venture for your readers, all you need to do is to tell them what they need to do in order for them to achieve the best result in the opportunity, you will probably have lots of interested readers.

Your article must be impressive and informative for these people in generating high click-through rate for your website.

Write an article explaining what the business is about, how can people work from their home with this opportunity, how to get started, how much can they make and how to choose the right opportunity for success.

These people have a good measure of general interest on these topics therefore ensuring them to have a good readership here. They will probably read more of your article once they have read your first article, provided it is informative. Your submitted website link will be of help in this purpose.
Two very important things you have to pay attention to in order to drive in steady flow of targeted traffic to your website using article.

First, you will have to watch your keywords, using appropriate keywords in the right density for search engine optimization. Check out on the internet on what keywords are people searching for, use them in your articles. Following specific SEO rules also helps, such as adhering to the right keyword density.

Secondly, you have to submit articles constantly, one or two will do no effect in driving the traffic you desire. You can start by submitting three to four articles weekly, after so you can slowly increase your articles submission frequency.

By committing these efforts, it is almost definitely that you will get a good and steady flow of targeted group of traffic to your website. This is why most internet business marketers use the art of article marketing to further expand their business prospect in this field.

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Articles are great sources of finding concentrated information regarding any topic. A well-written article not only draws visitors but it also helps in letting others know that you are expert in the concerned domain of knowledge, products or services. And, nowadays, in the world of information governed by Internet, article writing has gained huge significance. Besides the conventional brand building, articles have also become a trusted marketing and optimizing tool. And you can frequently see websites trying to attract visitors to their sites through deft and information-rich articles.

If you have a financial website then you need to be extra careful with the presentation and authentic information in the article. Following are some tips that would help you to write financial article in attractive way.

Do not just write for search engines, write for the users
It is sad to see intelligent placement of targeted keywords instead of some genuine and interesting information in the articles. Most of them are written to influence the search engines, as posting these articles in directories with higher PRs ensures quality backlinks. However, if you do not have the quality and you do not target the users then your site might have higher bounce-rate. It is better to write informative, rich and interesting articles that are potent enough to draw the users to your site.

Stick to the topic and sub-topics
You must rise above the notion of articles as mere jumble of words. Suppose your article had a title of “ Bad Credit Pay Day Loans” then you should refrain from deviating from the topic. Try to focus on providing well- organized information about the meaning, eligibility, terms and conditions, interest and repayments of the bad credit payday loans. You have to strictly deal with the topic to keep the users interested in the article.

Avoid Excessive Jargons, Maintain the flow
Generally, the users reading your article will have little or no knowledge of the financial jargons. So, stuffing these articles with too many jargons can prove to be a deterrent. If you must use these, then briefly explain the word so that the users do not loose their continuity. You should also present the article with proper flow to keep the reader glued to the article till he finishes reading it.

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