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Feb. 26 — Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis discusses what the new deal means for the Greek people. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on “Countdown.”
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Who treats you the best? Who provides the best customer service? No matter which company you chose, at the end of the day you are already making a great decision by choosing to obtain a medical alarm. Obviously, this article recommends medical alert devices for seniors too because they provide the best protection money can buy for the independent senior.

This article may encourage seniors to get medical alerts but that doesn’t always mean the seniors are excited to wear a medical alert. Sometimes the hardest part of this process is getting the seniors to accept the help. Many seniors mistakenly view the medical alert device as a leash and loss of independence. Often times, loved ones of seniors will call medical alert companies asking them the best way to jump over these hurdles when talking to their elderly loved ones about wearing a medical alert pendant daily.

When it comes to a medical alert device, it’s easy for seniors to immediately think of what they are losing and not what they are gaining. First of all, the only thing they are really “losing” is the ability to shower completely naked J. Now, they will have to wear a medical alert pendant transmitter in the shower or tub. What else might they be losing? Not a thing. But the very idea of a medical alert system can make a senior feel like they are losing their freedoms. This is just simply not the case. An elderly person does not need to give anything up to use a medical alert service. Their only responsibility is to wear their medical alert pendant around their wrist or around their neck. That’s it.

And what exactly is a senior gaining? For one, it is important to realize that by getting a medical alert system a senior is getting to keep their independence, not lose it. If a senior needs a medical alert device but refuses, chances are they will end up having to go into assisted living or take some type of measure that actually does take away their independence. Wearing a medical pendant transmitter can allow an elderly person to stay in their home alone and independent for years more.

This lifeline to emergency help also provides seniors with peace of mind. Sometimes just knowing that a first alert medical signal to 911 is there when they need it can make all the difference. No one wants to live with the anxiety that they may not be able to help themselves. A medical alert system eliminates this worry. Not only do the seniors gain peace of mind, but their loved ones get peace of mind too. So often we worry more about our loved ones than ourselves. In this case, any elderly person who has a life alert type device is undoubtedly helping their loved ones to worry less. And that in itself is a wonderful gift for everyone.


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