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Nutrition & Wellness in Health & Disease 2017: Top Articles on Whole Grains

Warren Thompson, M.D., discusses recent top articles on whole grain consumption. Register now for Mayo Clinic’s 17th Annual Nutrition and Wellness in Health and Disease 2017:

Nutrition, physical activity and other healthy lifestyle behaviors are vital components in the promotion of health and in the treatment of disease. This program will highlight ambulatory nutrition and wellness topics with multidisciplinary faculty. Current clinical topics will be highlighted through presentations, interactive case studies and panel discussions. Participants will have many opportunities for interaction with course faculty selected for their expertise, knowledge and clinical acumen.
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Article 9 of Japan’s constitution states “the Japanese people forever renounce war” and will never have any other military potential.
But the goverment imposed a bill allowing the country to help its allies if there was a “threat to Japanese survival”.

Using force if there’s no other way to eliminate a threat to national security, is also allowed. The bill also comes at a time of rising tension surrounding the continued presence of the 23 U.S. military bases across Japan.


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Japan, War & Article 9

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