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Yogyakarta, 24-25th of May, 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to give a first-hand coaching or mentoring to the Faculty members who are ready with articles’ draft for international journal publication. The aim is to finalise drafts’ revision and to submit the articles to various relevant journals.

The workshop consists of three parts i.e.:
• The first part is editors’ views and practical guides on how to write good and publishable article based on examples
• The second part is a mentoring process, which requires the mentor to give comments and inputs on the writers’ draft
• The third part is an individual work in between mentoring sessions where authors will revise their articles based on comments and inputs given by their respective mentors

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Wendy Laura Belcher is an award winning author, academic editor, international lecturer and professor based at Princeton University USA. Wendy is in Indonesia to deliver a one week training program to Australian Development Scholarship alumni from Indonesian universities throughout the archipelago. The program uses one of the first publication-focused writing courses for graduate students as developed by Wendy ” Writing your journal article in 12 weeks” (Sage Publishing). Listen to Wendy explain her background and objectives of the training program.