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At the Donmar we’ve been working with writers and people from our community to explore what human rights mean to them in a project called Writing Wrongs.

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Technical Article Written for Publication

Technical article written for publication that is an example of my business and technical acumen. The article transforms complex/dull subjects…into organized, informative, and engaging content…that is easily read and understood by technical / non-technical communities.
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Regarding sports enhancement of our country sports, health pamphlets, manuals, principles of the football game, athletics guidelines booklets, cybercrime awareness booklets.
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Writing Warriors novels with artificial intelligence? What could go wrong?

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Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash:

Special thanks to Max Deutsch for outlining the steps needed in this article:

Special thanks to Sung Kim, who created the code that read/wrote this beautiful mess of a garbage fire.

Thanks to soundbible for the cat meow sound, provided under CC Attribution 3.0 license.


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