Taking Care of Newspapers

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sue Bove, paper conservator at the New York State Archives, discusses the preservation of newspapers.

This video was created for the web resource “9/11 Memory and History: What to save and how,” a web resource of the New York State Historical Records Advisory Board.
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9/11 News from Japan 9-11-01. http://911archives.webs.com/
Download newspaper covers from 9-12-01: http://bit.ly/zCBBhr
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  1. FBI says:

    Cause?: 2 planes crash into two WTC towers
    Who started it?: Osama Laden and George W. Bush
    Why they started it?: America wasn't giving respect to Osama's place
    Remains: Dust, Debris, Human Remains, Paper, Guns, Cell Phones, Plane Parts, Rubble and Metal Parts

  2. Mason Webb says:

    Thank you Japan for standing by us!!! Also you have some of the bravest news crews they were one of the only news crews actually in the field.

  3. Cody Windsor says:

    Makes me proud to live in Misawa's sister city in the US. Forever are we bound, America-Japan.

  4. YouDoBlooper says:

    Damn, I can't believe I almost forgot there are other nations that died there…

  5. al murphy says:

    The naked truth about the 9/11 attack is that it was not masterminded in the caves of Afghanistan. 9 /11 was the day that the US government got hijacked by Zionist/Neocons that perpetrated this massive attack and displaced the blame on Muslims to ferment a mindset in America to go to war!  It was essentially a New Pearl Harbor that was FAKED to evoke a patriotic fervor in America to fight!

  6. al murphy says:

    9/11 is a cover-up and World Trade Center 7 collapse is the smoking gun. Why is that so?? WTC-7 fully collapsed in a manner that resembles a controlled demolition. For 2.25 seconds it collapsed at freefall and National Institute of Standards and Technology now admits this. You need about an 80ft height free of any physical impediments for that to happen. That's like blowing out 7 floors almost instantaneously. Fire is not magic and CANNOT instantaneously do that! It takes human intervention with devices acting in milliseconds! It takes the prepositioning of demolition components that are finely timed throughout the building to accomplish this. WTC-7 had GOV agencies as part of its tenant (US Secret Service, CIA, DOD…) With tenants like that it is impossible for an outsider to get access to the building to preposition demolition components. Whoever did had to have their consent!

  7. al murphy says:

    National Institute of Standards and Technology, NCSTAR 1A Executive Summary states "This was the first known instance of the total collapse of a tall building primarily due to fires" about WTC-7. Note that they didn't say second or third…FIRST! According to this report "word for word" …"However, the reader should keep in mind that the building and the records kept within it were destroyed, and the remains of all the WTC building were disposed of before congressional action and funding was available for this Investigation to begin. As a result, there are some facts that could not be discerned, and thus there are uncertainties in this accounting." They did not do a forensic examination…WHY because of funding?? So, the richest country in the world with a sky high emergency budget following 9/11 can't afford a forensic examination with bomb sniffing dogs to sniff out potential explosive residues. This has every sign of a COVER-UP!

  8. al murphy says:

    They make it blatantly obvious in this video (See "09/11/2001 WTC 7 Demolition – Penthouse Collapse Close Up, Flashes, And Gas Ejections [WCBS2]" on Youtube.) The Penthouse goes first which is because that is above the elevator shaft which has to go first in a Controlled Demolition. Then the interior structure goes just before the exterior structure…the concave to parabolic signature was there!! The fires above was just for the pyro-show (fire insurance qualification) but the demolition devices primarily at the base took down WTC-7.

  9. Weeb Killer TYBG says:

    Top 10 saddest anime deaths

  10. aaron frost says:

    How do the Japanese sound so composed about this? Understandably, this is national television, but in all seriousness, the Japanese have a way of calmness. I can't even hear any shock in their tone when the tower came down.

  11. Insanecrusader says:

    Somewhere out there in hell, tojo is laughing his prick ass off

  12. Mars says:

    It's not a joke, please for one day please take this seriously trolls. 2000+ people died this day. Many from around the world, please this is not a laughing or joking matter.

  13. Butheadbros2 says:


  14. stanleycoleman says:


  15. Crunchburger says:

    … Remember when the Japanese flew THEIR planes into OUR shit?

  16. Hassan Joker says:

    hhhhhh yes fuck use

  17. Largo Angolo says:

    this video just made me realize that even the hour was chosen…. kinda scary when you think about that. look below.

    9am New York City was.
    6am Los Angeles.
    all of the lower 48, Canada and south America starting their days.

    10pm Seoul South Korea, Tokyo Japan.
    9pm Hong Kong.
    Westernized Asia about to watch the nightly news.

    2pm Berlin Germany.
    3pm London England.
    all of western Europe about to commute.

    the pigs knew we'd all be awake and near our radios or tvs.

  18. DrNickRiveria says:

    7:20 dude looks like hes running from Godzilla

  19. Killcard101 says:

    7:20 bitch run! ?

  20. crimsoneyes419 says:

    How were the Japanese reporters there when this happened? were they already there before to cover a different story?

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