Taxi Drivers in Japan Report ‘Ghost Passengers’ in Tsunami-ravaged Area

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Taxi drivers in Japan claim to have picked up the ghosts of those killed in the 2011 tsunami.

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  1. Dustin hook (demolitionman) says:

    nice poop pillow

  2. Scandalous Donut says:

    Wait how come I hadn't heard of this earthquake before

  3. Bowl Rays says:

    I'm dead and I'm watching this

  4. TheGizzy12 says:

    pretty wrong about japan man…

  5. Glanza akr says:


  6. Mashiro Heart says:

    Hey man, don't wanna creep you out but I have to say this: 4:23 There is a face right next to you man (It's actually just part of your chair but whatever, that totally looks like a face)

  7. Martín Gonzalez says:

    Who else came here after seeing the video of the ghost entering the taxi in Japan?

  8. Abrack Acanoi says:

    I can understand why the drivers weren't scared. The ghosts were all victims, young and scared. They all got into the taxi because it was the best thing they had around in order to do what they wanted to do before they passed. They weren't killers or rapists, just civilians. Didn't have any kind of harmful aura or whatever.

  9. MetalCraft Gaming says:

    can u imagine driving back

  10. Fireangel666 says:

    One if my friends sent me a report of this.
    They say people get in the back of taxi and the passenger gives the driver and after what seems like driving forever the taxi driver finds them in the middle of nowhere and they turn around to find that the passenger is not there only to drive back and find themselves driving of a cliff and being found dead.
    There is also another story about Japanese ghost stories
    People have got popups on computer or anything like that and it just has a picture of a doctor and it constantly repeats "do you like" multiple times even if the add is closed you can still here it and it finally finish the sentence saying "do you like the red room?" And the people are found dead and the room painted with their own blood…

  11. Rainbow Puppy says:

    That was on my birthday when that happened and I seriously hate to think of that birthday just because of how many people got hurt. I know both have nothing to do with eachother but I don't like thinking about it.

  12. adamissaucy y says:

    how do you not know that your ded

  13. Colleen Posley says:

    Anyone else feeling sympathy for those ghosts? I mean…if a ghost asks "Am I dead?"…that's just fantastically sad.

  14. James Vander Vegt says:

    This was uploaded a nearly a month prior to the 5th year anniversary. Dang. That's crazy.

  15. Jasmine Evans says:

    I wanna hug the girl who said "Have I died ?" like that's so sad 🙁 I hope the taxi driver made an offering to send her soul to the afterlife

  16. Rudra Ganesh.D says:

    well most ghost stories are made up there so I guess it is creepy

  17. RandomVlogger Georgia says:


  18. ash clash says:

    00:45 there was no writing

  19. MellowStar says:

    Taxi drivers are like the best actual ghost busters xD

  20. Aric Yael says:

    Am I the only one who got distracted by the beautiful researcher? xD

  21. TJ says:

    who would be foolish enough to actually buy and use an echo o.O seriously…

  22. Pat Barrow says:

    best world news coverage as always thankyou again brad…hoorah keep your eyes and ears open and keep your head down…peace and much love

  23. rls303 says:

    Thanks for the update.

  24. Optionsaregood says:

    Thanks Brad, that Echo thing needs to go.

  25. See Canon says:

    It's here! Now wiping out the elderly, infirm, young and addicted with spraying for Zika is downright murder. Thanks guys for all you do.

  26. Heather McCormick says:

    Thanks to you!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  27. caitgems1 says:

    Thanks Brad. Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

  28. Reality Survival says:

    Good stuff man. Echo creeps me out!

  29. casey dalen says:

    funny, my kid was talking about buying an echo. thanks for the info sir!

  30. Rick Hunter says:

    thanks for the great info as usual be safe always stay aware

  31. mightymizzar says:

    Good evening my friend I'm wondering if you would be open to making a longer news update using this same format I struggle to listen for a full hour in the vlog format but would love to see a 10-15 minute news section Mabye one or two times a week.

    Yours sincerely
    Jordan :)

  32. Larry Cauthon says:

    Fish die offs, tectonic activity, and many other things can be explained by the recent polar shifts. The world is out of alignment and there is nothing we can do about it.

  33. twowitnesses says:

    Thank you Brad, stay safe!

  34. Neftaly Pena Bencosme says:

    Down here in PR is uncertain if locals will be able to afford all the austerity ahead lying from a Mr. Obama gov control joint to take over the Island and everything is getting expensier.

  35. barbara mcintosh says:

    ty, Brad…shared…have a good weekend all…

  36. Rik Thomas says:

    Thanx, Man!

  37. Michelle Underwood says:

    love this channel…????

  38. FullSpectrumSurvival says:

    Good morning all. Stay safe everyone!

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