Tay-K Is Facing The Death Penalty With Capital Murder Charge

Monday, January 29, 2018

Tay-K Is Facing The Death Penalty With Capital Murder Charge

Article: http://kollegekidd.com/news/tay-k-is-facing-the-death-penalty-with-capital-murder-charge/

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  1. Kollege Kidd says:

    Free Tay-K or Keep Tay-K? ??

  2. Axel C says:

    under 18 when the crime was committed, constitution states he cannot be put to death or sentenced to life without parole.

  3. Duck Sauce says:

    This guy deserves to have a punishment. Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean he should get less of a penalty. He beat an old man and murdered somebody, he should get harsh punishments so he can learn.

  4. Tigger1738youngog says:

    free the bro Tay-k

  5. Kat Peroutka says:


  6. Jeffy POOPERMAN says:

    Free Tay K!

  7. Roshelle Staten says:

    Free f*** tay k my nigga

  8. Chrisgef 5 says:

    I didn't beat that case I did that race now I'm going to die without a debate got rape every single day yeah yeah

  9. Ryan Z says:

    I️ like Tay Ks music but I️ don’t like him

  10. hell everywhere says:

    thats fuckd up

  11. WO man Chill says:

    Looks like he should've just beat the case instead doing the race.

  12. jkbrkly says:

    he, like many others, chose to be a criminal, he has no one to blame but himself, execute him.

  13. Mike ferrari Ferrari says:

    get rid of him

  14. Mateo RBLX says:

    Lies he not dead they gon kill him if he guilty

  15. D F says:

    WRONG!!! AT 17 a "kid" can not face the death penalty. You need to be 18.

  16. mangle fangle says:

    Not him to just like lil pump

  17. mangle fangle says:

    Couse his songs he died???

  18. mangle fangle says:

    His famous

  19. mangle fangle says:

    Fake his alive

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