Technological And Motor Aids

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In this article I would like to discuss about the generations which is to come and the generation which is going on today. Well all of us agree to the fact that our kids are as same as we were when we were of their age. When we were kids of some 2 to 3 years old then probably we could hardly express anything clearly and express it to our parents. We were able to communicate to our parents very well but we were not technologically smart and knew almost nothing about the wires and sockets around us.

All we knew was our mother and father and few of our friends who played every day with us. When it came to the thought to going to school or our mother sending us to school then I remember myself and my other friends in the class who used to cry because we didn’t want go to school and stay home with our mothers. This was the case in most of the children as they were not dependent and smart enough or I say are not ready to face the world. The kids who are pampered by their children are not self dependent and do not feel secured at the thought of going out and facing the world alone and without their parents.

It is the parents who are responsible for the child’s development and of the child is behaving like this. There is another fact in contradiction to what was happening in previous time. Today’s children have the capacity of staying a couple of nights without their parents ad rather than crying for not going to school, they cry because they want to go to school and love going to school. The parent has also become pretty advanced. They prefer to give technologically advanced toys to their kids rather than malebog and hand-on activities books. Technology is good for the child but later on it can create problems for the child like lseproblemer and development of fine motor skills which can have a bad effect on the kid’s motor skills. So it is highly recommended that you give both technological as well as hand on activates exposure to your kid as both complement each other and they are equally important for the development of the child. After all we are the ones responsible for our child.

Er du interesseret i at vide mere om malebog og lseproblemer?

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